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Goodbye, and welcome to the ever so slightly bonkers world of Mr Banana Head, the multi award winning* and ridiculously silly children's entertainer. That's me by the way, just in case you thought this was being written by my sister, Ethel Cabbage Brain Head. You'll find lots of helpful information here on what I do at parties as well as completely useless but fascinating information like where Mango the monkey's been recently on his exciting adventures. One place he hasn't been to is St Albans in Herts as that's where he lives! By the way, please don't think I just sneakily sneaked that in to help with my search engine stuff, that would be terribly impolite!

You can also see testimonials and photos from previous parties. Finally, you can transport yourself to the Mr Banana Head Facebook page where you can become a fan and follow me, you may even win a hard boiled egg!! Please contact me if you have any questions at all and see you at the party.



As I'm so generous, kind and a bit hairy, the birthday boy / girl / Panda at all my birthday parties now receives a beautiful card and present. They will either get a bubble gun or a Beanie Boo monkey called Coconut. Please note this unfathomable gesture of loveliness is in no way a sneaky way to curry favour and bribe children so they want me for their parties. 


I'm deliriously happy and ridiculously proud to let you know about my two greatest achievements since I ate seven Filet-O-Fish burgers and three apple pies at Jason Portman's McDonalds birthday party in 1979. Firstly, I was named runner up for the East of England in the netmums awards to find your favourite children's entertainer. I haven't let this go to my head but I do now require a dressing room at all parties complete with dancing baboons.

Secondly, I was crowned the Watford Association of Magicians Children's Entertainer of the year for 2013. I was then invited along to the Blackpool Magic Convention where I competed along with five others for the title of UK Children's Entertainer of the year. You can read a lovely article about the win and see me grinning like a slightly confused hyena here.


"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head. We were recommended to you and at first I was unaware of how much kids entertainers costs this day but you were worth every penny. Our 4 year old son had a great party and we can highly recommend you to any readers.

Your communications via email and phone were highly informative as to how the party would play out and there was very little for us to do on the day as you took care of the kids.
The kids (including the older ones and the parents ) found you very funny and entertaining and you kept the kids under control the entire time which was very impressive

You met and bonded with our son before the party to set him at ease and played his favourite songs which was a very nice touch and that gave us time to set up the party room without having to worry about the birthday boy. Thanks again a true professional.

At the end our son gave you a cuddle and said he loved you and that's good enough for us. The biggest compliment you can get . Big up to Mango the monkey as well."

Gary (Oliver's daddy) 8/10/17

For the rest of this testimonial and lots more click here. You can also read some more lovely comments on netmums.
With every child being unique, a Mr Banana Head party is personalised taking into account the birthday boy or girl's personality, favourite films, characters, likes etc. This means there will be elements of the party that are completely tailored to your son, daughter or pet camel. I can talk to you before hand to discuss exactly what I can do along with your various options and you can read more about the parties here.     

Memorable themes have included Frozen, Arsenal, (very difficult for me as I support Liverpool and still haven't gotten over Michael Thomas' goal in 1989 that snatched the league title way from us), Spider Man, Tangled, Star Wars and Scooby Doo. The last two are among my favourites as I do unbelievable impressions of Yoda and Scooby that have to be heard to be believed. Unfortunately this is not in a good way! I have also been told that my singing and dancing are breathtaking, moving and unique. This unfortunately isn't a compliment as I sing and dance like a wobbly baboon but it's still very entertaining.

Parties have a mixture of Mango the monkey, very silly magic, games, music and dancing with bubbles. That's the floating fun kind, not Michael Jackson's pet chimpanzee. Most importantly there is total buffoonery throughout. 

You can also add wonderfully splendiferous extra touches like the Mr Banana Head party bags or balloon models. Both are given to you when I arrive at the party all ready for you to hand out when the children leave. 

All this is to help ensure that your son, daughter, school, nursery and even your cousin Eugine Felsnick has the party they've always wanted and will never forget, even when they are 103 years old.

* Awards include 1st place in the 1983 Edgware and District under 14's table tennis competition (true), hairiest nose of the year competition 2014, (slightly untrue but if it actually took place I could have been a contender) and many more equally steller achievements.  

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