Ways to contact Mr Banana Head - 07968 510007 / info@mrbananahead.com / shout very loudly.

Please don't be alarmed, I do have other facial expressions apart from the strange cheesy one above.

Party Time!!!

There are two and a bit options when you book a Mr Banana Head party.

The Two Hour Extravaganza of Silliness

The most popular option is the full two hour party. This has an hour show with Mango the monkey and very silly magic followed by a break for food. After the children have eaten and are completely hyper we have half an hour of games, music and dancing with bubbles to finish. All my games are all inclusive so  everyone can join in the fun and no one's ever 'out'. The only thing you need to do is put the food out and relax, I'll take care of the rest.

The One Hour Jamboree of Crazy Heads

The one hour party has Mango the monkey, very silly magic, Mr Banana Head musical statues and then music and dancing with bubbles to finish. Both options come complete with total buffoonery throughout the whole party.

The Inbetween Festival of Battenberg

The "and a bit option" is more for the non birthday parties. This might be school fairs, fetes, christenings, weddings and annual meetings of the Hi Di Hi fan club, Sidcup branch. I might do a show for approx 30-45 mins then walk around acting like a Turkey Head blowing balloons up for 30-45 mins. What I'm trying to say is that where I can, I'm as flexible as the double jointed bendy flexible world champion, my sister Ethel Cabbage Brain Head.  


Mr Banana Head parties do get booked up very quickly especially at weekends. Mango says this is because he's the main attraction and got all the talent and that if we were WHAM! I'd be the Andrew Ridgeley to his George Michael. I don't think that's fair and anyway, I was a fan of Andrew's debut album, "Son of Albert!"

Anyway, what I'm saying is try and book me as far in advance as possible and before confirming a venue to make sure you don't get stuck with inferior entertainers such as Mr Waffle Chops, Mr Turkey Neck or even worse Mr Guava Leg. He just sits on his head and reads pages from his local 1973 phone book whilst doing an impression of Bianca from EastEnders fused with Joey Essex. It's funny for about 3 seconds and then you want to cry and poke yourself in the eye for fun. 

Your Party Venue

Another reason to try and book me before the venue is that there are a small number of venues that unfortunately I can't come to. It's not because I'm scared of them or anything, honest guv. It's either due to parking issues (ie a 5 day trek to the room) or because they are the size of a small slice of toast. Feel free to ask me more details when you get in touch. Please be aware that the above examples may be slightly exaggerated.  

The Last Bit On The Page

Please let me know if you would like anything specific included in your party. Below are some typical things you might see at a Mr Banana Head party:

Mr Banana Head!

Mango the Monkey 

Interactive and ridiculous magic (I need lots of assistance as things always seem to go wrong.)

Games (Mr Banana Head musical statues and bumps, pirate and princess adventures, parachute games, the crazy race, stuck in the bananas and more.)

Balloon models (Most requested are dogs, pirate swords, parrots, butterflies, flowers and giraffes.)

Buffoonery beyond the belief of a baboon called Basil.

Music and funky dancing. I have a unique dancing style, not to be missed and am always happy to take requests for any favourite songs you'd like included, especially Kate Bush!

All the children going home with a balloon made up into something cool and special or an amazing Mr Banana Head party bag.