Ways to contact Mr Banana Head - 07968 510007 / info@mrbananahead.com / shout very loudly.
I get asked lots of questions at parties and wanted to put the most common ones here for all you little Banana Heads.

  • Is your real name Mr Banana Head?
  • Yes it is.
  • What's your wife's name?
  • Mrs Banana Head
  • Where did you learn your magic tricks?
  • The Guggenheim & Banana Head school of magic.
  • Can I go there to learn the same tricks?
  • I'm afraid not, you have to be a genuine Banana Head.
  • Why does your magic always go wrong?
  • Because Mango secretly sabotages it when I'm not looking.
  • Why do you dance like a demented baboon?
  • How very dare you, I've worked very hard on my unique dancing style. I learned from the best, Betty the batty baboon from Basingstoke.  
  • Are you related in any way to Ben Stiller, Pete Sampras, Danny Wood  from New Kids on the Block or Ruud Van Nistelrooy the rather spiffing ex Man Utd player?   
  • Not at all, although I have been mistaken for all of them in the past along with Frankenstein and a Spitting Image puppet!
  • What's Mango's favourite food?
  • He loves bananas, Marmite crisps, gazebos and flowers.
  • Who's really in charge, you or Mango?
  • Mango's the boss, just like Mrs Banana Head. (She told me to say that too.)