Ways to contact Mr Banana Head - 07968 510007 / info@mrbananahead.com / shout very loudly.
Having got two little Banana Heads myself, I know that life is normally very hectic and can be difficult to get more than seven minutes a day to do everything you need. If this sounds familiar then this page is for you. Below is a quick tour of the website and a lot of the basic info you need. To fully immerse yourself in the full Mr Banana Head experience though, do try and find a few extra minutes. Right, must dash, I've got a Barbie tea party to go to. 

  • You have the choice of a one, two hour party (90 minutes entertaining), or something in-between.
  • Parties can include Mango the monkey, very silly magic, games, music and dancing. Extreme silliness is standard.  See more details here.
  • Elements of the party are personalised to help make it extra special and unique for your son, daughter or pet flamingo. These can include magic, games, music and Mango along with the fantasmagorical Mr Banana Head special certificate. 
  • I have a testimonials page so you can get an idea of how my parties are and what I'm like. You can see the latest testimonials here.
  • All the children can go home with cool party bags filled with lovely presents, see more here.
  • Alongside all the jibber jabber there is some serious stuff here.
  • I have full public liability insurance.
  • You can contact me via email or phone here.
  • I live in St Albans with Mrs Banana Head, Little Banana Head 1 & 2 and Mango the monkey. Mrs Banana Head is the boss! (She told me to say that.)