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kids at Mr Banana Head magic showMr Banana Head parties do get booked up very quickly especially at weekends. Mango says this is because he's the main attraction and got all the talent and that if we were WHAM! I'd be the Andrew Ridgeley to his George Michael. I don't think that's fair and anyway, I was a fan of Andrew's debut album, "Son of Albert!"

Anyway, what I'm saying is try and book me as far in advance as possible and before confirming a venue. This will help ensure you don't get stuck with inferior entertainers such as Mr Waffle Chops, Mr Turkey Neck or even worse Mr Guava Leg. He just sits on his head and reads pages from his local 1973 phone book whilst doing an impression of Phil Mitchell from East Enders fused with Cheryl Cole. It's funny for about 3 seconds and then you just want to cry and eat your left arm for fun.


“A huge thank you to Mr Banana Head for doing such a brilliant job at my daughter’s 5th birthday party. All the children were absolutely captivated by his show and loved his silly games, magic tricks, bubbles and disco. The adults also loved him and commented afterwards about what a success he was. I would absolutely recommend him. Thank you!”

Nicole (Eva’s mummy) via Netmums

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magic show for kids

Another reason to try and book me before the venue is that there are a small number of venues that unfortunately I can't come to. It's not because I'm scared of them or anything, honest guv. It's either due to parking issues (ie a 5-day trek to the room) or because they are the size of a small slice of toast. Feel free to ask me more details when you get in touch. Please be aware that the above examples may be slightly exaggerated.


“Mr Banana Head – you rock! The funniest children’s entertainer I have ever seen – you should be on television. You had the children spellbound and gave the grown-ups nearly as many laughs. A true professional, you had everything worked out in advance and I felt completely confident that our son’s party would be a runaway success. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such amazing memories and so much joy. Recommendation to other mums – book Mr Banana Head!!!”

Zoe (Jonathan’s mummy)


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