Daddy Goes Bananas (Parenting Unpeeled):

Part children's entertainer, dad, husband, socially awkward man and child living in an adult's body

The Unbridled Heartbreak Of Team Umizoomi (King Of Sobs)

By Mr Banana Head | December 6, 2018 | 4 comments

Recently at Charlie and Georgie's party I witnessed total, unbridled heartbreak....

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Paul's Birthday Hugs Were The Best.

Remembering Phillip Bloom Part Three (What Happened To My Trouser Leg)

By Mr Banana Head | November 29, 2018 | 8 comments

So we've come to the final instalment of this emotional and tumultuous journey...

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Remembering Phillip Bloom Part Two (Bob Geldof and Kind Eyed Nurses)

By Mr Banana Head | November 22, 2018 | 4 comments

First thing's first, I'd like to make a correction. This post is NOT the equivalent of Kill Bill: Volume 2....

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Remembering Phillip Bloom Part One (Goodbye Moseley, Hello Bricket Wood)

By Mr Banana Head | November 20, 2018 | one comment

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog post and it's not because I was kidnapped by emotional baboons outside Nando's....

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Pixar’s Coco Revisited (Who’s Been Peeling Those Onions?)

By Mr Banana Head | August 7, 2018 | 6 comments

Pixar, makers of mostly great films that normally cause a strange affliction; spontaneous leaking of the eyes....

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Why Skyscraper Is The Film Of The Year (Said Absolutely No-One, Ever)

By Mr Banana Head | July 29, 2018 | 4 comments

This week we all went to the cinema and I came out so aggrieved I had to share my feelings and vent a little....

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