The Night Captain Marvel Made Me Cry (Animal Noises Rock!)

Captain Marvel Signalled The End Of An Era.



Watching Captain Marvel last night with Rach and the girls was an important landmark in my parenting journey. Ok, maybe a slightly overblown statement but right now sitting here it felt massive. I've been a parent now for over 15 years and just writing that makes me feel old! I've lived by and heard all the clichés; "Treasure every minute", "They grow up so quickly" and many more. I've always felt that every age is special; from the start when they mainly puke on you and stink out their nappies to the current day when you get constant attitude and the occasional "I'm sorry." 


Every time I look at old photos and videos of the girls I feel a bit sad. The way that young children see and comment on the world around them is truly magical and I miss that. As I said, every age is special in it's own way and I wouldn't change anything, I just like to reminisce. About 6 years ago I introduced the girls to the Star Wars and Marvel Universes, it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Together we counted down the days to the next big releases and spent days afterwards dissecting the films and replaying our favourite parts.


Then without warning, things started to change. We saw Rogue One and Jade hated it. This was like a slap in the face, it was a good film and didn't deserve the scathing verdict she gave it. It wasn't as simple as just a different opinion to mine. This seemed bigger than that, not a seismic change but a definite shift. The vitriol continued: Solo, "Absolute rubbish, so boring". Avengers Infinity War, "Terrible film". By the time we got to Black Panther she didn't even bother seeing it. Outwardly I smiled, inside I wept. This was our special connection. Not the only one but it meant a lot to me.



A Simpler Time Complete With Animal Impressions.



Katie was still with me thank goodness. Massively excited about every film coming out and she enjoyed them all with abundance. I still had my little girl and I wasn't letting her go yet. Ever since Nick Fury paged Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War last year we've both been patiently waiting. Last night at 7.30 was the moment we finally met Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Rachel and Jade weren't exactly enthusiastic about going but they came so there we were in a jam packed screen at Cineworld.


I'm not exaggerating in any way but within two minutes of the film starting both of them turned to me and said, "I don't know what's going on, it's so confusing." Two minutes!! It went downhill from there and before long both of them were asleep. Jade was snoring too which is never good in a packed cinema. By the time the film finished me and Katie were enthusiastically recapping our favourite bits and looking forward to Avengers Endgame next month. As for Rachel and Jade, their comments included, "That was the worst film ever" and "I've never seen a more confusing film in my life." The fact that they slept through most of it surely gives them no right to pass judgement in any way.



                 Daddy Pig Was Such A Hoot.



I guess I have to finally accept that Jade has moved on. It was similar when she announced that Peppa Pig was too babyish and she wasn't watching it any more. I wept that day. Katie has promised me that she'll never change and will that we'll always be together for everything Star Wars and Marvel. Maybe even the occasional DC film that isn't pants. I find it difficult to listen to Jade's conversations about boys at school and other grown up stuff. Life was simpler when all she did was make funny animal noises. I'm sure Katie would still make them if I asked.


Please don't get me wrong, I'm eternally grateful for what I have. Both girls are everything we could ever wish for and we're so proud of them. I'm just not ready for the day when asking for a hug is met with, "Daddy, you're so embarrassing." Even worse will be when they call me dad instead of daddy. That really will seem like the end of an era.

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