Pixar’s Coco Revisited (Who’s Been Peeling Those Onions?)

                 Coco, Inducer Of Tear Mountains.


Pixar, makers of mostly great films that normally cause a strange and unexplained affliction; spontaneous leaking of the eyes. After discussing the debacle that was Skyscraper last week it’s got me thinking about films in general. I’m going to post some reviews shortly but for this week I just wanted to share my experience of re-visiting Coco. I don’t know about you but how I feel about a film can depend on the mood I’m in when seeing it. Some films definitely need a second viewing to illicit a true opinion. 


This wasn’t actually the case with Coco, it’s just that we missed the first ten minutes of it at the cinema. This was due to Vue deciding to start the film early and miss out adverts and trailers. Bizarre and very thoughtless of them. Anyhow, it didn’t stop us understanding what was going on and we all loved it. There was crying, especially from me and mainly when you saw Coco (the Great Grandma) at the end of the film holding hands with her parents.


              Me And My Lovely Grandma.


This time around it was a little bit different. Did I say a little, I meant HUGE. My tears started flowing as soon as Coco appeared and kept going til the end when I was blubbing like a baby. Then something strange happened. I started howling and felt a searing pain rise up inside of me. If this sounds like the transformation scene in An American Werewolf In London don’t worry, it wasn’t. It was just a massive release of emotion that I had kept trapped deep inside me. Kind of like a big bom bom (fart to you and me) but much more satisfying and freeing.  


Initially I thought it was all about my Grandma Mary whom I was very close to. She died 15 years ago and I’ve never cried for her, which for me is unheard of. I cry at anything, including when Dot and Jim danced together in a hotel bedroom in EastEnders! I also cry every time I see Wreck It Ralph destroy Venelope’s car which no one understands. It was brutal and it destroyed her, what’s not to understand?


This crying though was really sorrowful and felt all about loss. On reflection it was also about Grandma Esther who died a couple of months ago and again, I didn’t feel able to cry at the time. Great Grandma Coco reminded me of both of them and seeing her managed to release the block I had to cry and really mourn them.


Dot and Jim, Bring On The Tears.


It got so bad Katie burst into tears as she hadn’t seen me cry like that before. That made me cry more and then it all got a bit messy with tears everywhere. To conclude this tale of Great Grandmas and tears here’s some helpful advice. If you have any blocks stopping you from releasing emotion just browse the Pixar back catalogue, find your “Coco” and have a good blub. Crying is good, crying is cathartic and always welcome in this house. Thank you Pixar.   

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