A Few Words To Change Your Life (Or Possibly Not)

          They Needed A Bigger Airing Cupboard.


I've been doing a lot of reflecting recently and as a result wanted to share my thoughts with you. In the words of Jerry Maguire, "It's not a memo, it's a Mission Statement." Actually, it's neither, it's just the rambling thoughts spilling out of my 49 year old mind. You can heed the words wisely, you can wag a finger and shout, "Shut it nostril head" or you can ponder the question that these words will no doubt make you ask yourself, "Has Nando's got air conditioning?" The list will be added to over time as more quality thoughts enter my head.     


  1. Unless they're complete gits, don't fall out with your family over anything stupid and minor. Life's too short for grudges. If they are complete gits, just pretend you've emigrated and change your name to Rahul Herring.
  2. Is someone hurts you, don't spend the rest of your life feeling angry, you'll be the one who suffers. If they've physically hurt you, call the police and get them thrown in jail for 29 years. If that doesn't work, leave a large cod at the back of their airing cupboard and wait for the smell.  
  3. If one of your children accidentally sets fire to the living room rug when they're eight years old, go easy on them. Oh wait, that's Marty McFly's advice to his parents in 1955. BTTF stuff always pops into my head at inopportune moments. 


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