Mango’s Adventures

mango the monkey puppet doing comedy magic with mr banana head 2


Oh, I do love going to parties with Mr Banana Head. I’ve found a new cool way to trick him that makes me laugh so much. I keep making red sponge balls appear in my mouth and he doesn’t know where they are coming from. He thinks the children are doing it and it drives him crazy.



I got to clean Mr Banana Head’s teeth five times this weekend and every time I brushed the toothpaste all over his face instead. It was so funny I could have crushed a grape with my friend Stu Francis. Oh hold on, that was Crackerjack, wasn’t it. It’s hard to concentrate when I’m watching my great great grandfather Cheetah in the old Tarzan films.



When I was supposed to be asleep I crept out of my cage and saw Mr Banana Head dancing to Mama Mia with all the children at the party. He really does dance like a demented baboon overdosing on chocolate fudge brownies.



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