Party Extras

Party Extras

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Hello and welcome to the party extras page. Please think of it as the “how I can help you save money by supplying quality goods at a reasonable cost” page. Under no circumstances should you see it as the “how much money is this odd man trying to get out of us” page.   

The party bags were gorgeous and went down a storm with the children. One of my friends told me how the magic wand helped to re-enact most of Mr Bananahead's tricks. Fun times! I'm sure we will be seeing you again in the future at other friends parties and we will be spreading the word. Thank you so much for making it such a magical and happy event."

Holly (Kitty's mummy)


Party Bags

Mr Banana Head kids party bag

Party bags are funny, and I don’t mean they do stand up on a Friday night! It's always nice for the children to have one to take home after the party but it can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive finding something decent to put in them.

kids birthday party entertainer mr banana head with birthday boyWhen Little Miss Banana Head’s 1 and 2 went to parties, the bags were normally filled with little plastic toys that broke or got lost in the Banana-Mobile before they even got home.

The good news is that I’m here to help, (only with supplying party bags, no ironing I’m afraid). When you have a Mr Banana Head party, you have the option of the standard or super-duper deluxe party bags.


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With the standard party bags, you can select any four items from the eight listed below.

With the super-duper deluxe party bags, you get all eight items.

1. Jungle / Pirate Treasure Island / Princess / Fairy Activity Book (A6) *

36 pages of colouring, stickers, dot to dot, puzzles and word searches. Boys generally have the Pirate Treasure Island and Jungle, and girls have the Princess and Fairy books. If you want them arranged differently, just let me know.

* Each party bag can contain one sticker activity book. If you were expecting all four, that's just greedy!

2. Mini Doodle Pad (A6)

48 pages of lovely patterns and doodles for you (or your little Banana Heads) to colour in.

3. Modelling Clay

A pack of six colours of clay (a bit like plasticine but without the funny smell). Little Miss Banana Head 1 made a beautiful butterfly out of it today and thought it was really cool.

4. Pack of 6 Mini Pencils

Pencils that you can use to make lovely colours with. I'm afraid I can take no responsibility if you use them to draw silly faces on your pet llama.

5. Magic Wand

A 25-cm wand to help the little Banana Heads practice their magic. Just make sure they don’t learn how to turn you into cabbage heads!

6. Yellow, Stretchy Man

It's yellow, it stretches, it can stick to walls and other exciting surfaces. It's been on our ceiling for six months!

7. Monkey Rubber

I love these, they come in four colours and look amazing. They are also cooler than an ice cube in my humble opinion.

8. Mini-Pack of Haribo Sweets

Nice sweets to eat, especially if you get the hearts or fried eggs which are my favourites. I can also switch them for something else if they're not suitable for religious or any other reason. (they contain gelatine).


The standard party bags are ‎£1.50 each and the super-duper deluxe party bags are £2 each. You also only pay for what you use on the day.


Please note that the party bags are only suitable for children aged 3 and over. Please don’t give them to any brothers, sisters, 5th cousins, boys called Bob, or co-workers who are under 3. Finally pay extra caution to armadillos as they love party bags and are unbelievable at magic!

"This is the first time we have used Mr Banana Head and we were so impressed with him in every way... The party bags he provided were also some of the best we have seen and all the kids loved the balloon swords. We will definitely use Mr Banana Head again."

Laura (Elias' mummy) 

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Balloon Models

Mr Banana Head birthday party extraThe birthday boy / girl always gets a balloon model during the party. Before I go any further please lower your expectations. It won’t be a seven-foot high Elsa from Frozen model or a life-size model of Captain America or Stuart from the Minions. It will normally be a pirate sword or a flower. They are nice though and might become their best friend and instant favourite toy.

You also have the option of all the children taking one home with them. Boys get pirate swords and girls get a mixture of (mainly) dogs, butterflies, flowers, giraffes and parrots on a swing. All the animals have faces artistically drawn on by me and they make nice presents. They go nicely with the party bags or are good on their own. I make them at home before the party and will give them to you in bags when I arrive for the party. You can then give them out to the children as they’re leaving.

The balloon models are £1 each.

"I cannot praise Mr Banana Head enough, we are all - children and adults - still raving about him a week after my son's 4th bday party... Oh and look no further for going home presents: the model balloons and party bags are amazing! Thank you Mr Banana Head for being such an amazing Banana Head and making our son feel so special on his 4th bday! Believe it or not he sleeps with his little banana certificate! See you soon and all the best!"

Audrey (Samuel's mummy) via Netmums


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