Weekend Party Highlights (Costco Cookies Overload)

As another week and weekend of parties comes to a close I'm sitting here tired and happy, reflecting on everything. As usual there's been laughter, odd comments, funny children and lots of food. What's not to love? In no particular order I'd like to present my favourite moments of the weekend.


1. When I arrived at Charles' 5th party yesterday morning he was running around the hall like a crazy person (how most boys do really). I tried to say hello but he just flew past me in a blur. He showed no sign of slowing down so I started setting up. A few minutes later I tried again but this time he hid behind behind his mum. I sat on the floor and gently asked if he could look after my battery for me, (I had a load in my pocket). He took it and then I started talking to him. Every 30 seconds or so I'd take the battery back and give him another one so I was able to have a proper chat with him and by the time the party started he was fine we had a great time. 


2. After Charles' party his very generous mum gave me a couple of Costco giant cookies. On remembering I have two girls she gave me another 2 for them. I don't think I need to explain what happened next do I? Fine, I will. I ate one right there, one in the car, one after the next party and the last one on the way home. I didn't mention them to the girls but felt a tad guilty (and sick) last night. Having a large Dominos pizza for dinner along with a whole portion of garlic pizza bread, chicken dippers and 4 packs of chocolate buttons probably didn't help.     


3. Relaying all of the above food related gluttony to the children and adults mid act at Isabella's party this afternoon to awkward laughter and a lot of silence.


4. Having a 5 year old girl say to me, "I love you Mr Banana Head." Her friend next to her then says, "Mr Banana Head, I like your hair." I wouldn't of minded but it looked a right state, toothpaste in it and everything.


5. Sitting with the children during the food break. For some reason they normally find this hysterically funny, especially when I take one of the sandwiches or crisps and start eating them. 


6. Having an argument with Alfie this afternoon in the middle of the show about which one of us can see the smallest pieces of dirt under the couches at home. Don't even ask. My final comeback was "I can see smaller pieces infinity plus one", which makes no sense at all. I just panicked as he was so relentless and wore me down. 


7. During one of my magic tricks I run round waving a big magic wand over the children whilst singing songs by Kate Bush. During a nursery party Friday I had a blinding on the spot idea. I decided and told the children that I'd be running around, waving the big magic wand whilst singing my favourite Christmas songs in the style of Kate Bush. As soon as I started singing I realised it wasn't a blinding idea. It was in fact the worst idea any human being has ever come up with. Unfortunately I'd started so I had to finish and it was met with complete and total silence. It won't be repeated, EVER AGAIN.


8. Singing I'm Still Standing by Elton John with Isabella before her party started. Proper tune.  


9. Sofia proudly bringing all her friends over to introduce me to them as they arrived. Sofia and her family were without a doubt the most helpful people I've ever met. They all (including the grandparents) offered to carry in my equipment, asked if I'd like a drink every ten minutes, offered me food, asked if they could help put everything away, take it back to the car. Seriously, I think if I'd asked them to do the party for me so I could have a rest they would have been absolutely fine with it.


10. Isabella not rubbing all the colours out in my colouring book because I'd told the children I'd cry like a big baby if they did. She said to me afterwards, "I didn't want you to cry becuase it might make you sad so I didn't rub the colours out." How cute is that?


I love being Mr Banana Head and every day I recognise how lucky I am to be doing something so fun and where I can totally be myself (a big kid). Until next time everyone.         


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