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"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you for a fantastic party on Saturday - Evie was buzzing all evening! She's not normally one for large noisy groups but she loved being involved and being a major part of the action - her favorite bit was when you got her to wear the snazzy glasses! I really appreciated how you took the time to chat with both of the girls and also how you tailored things to suit them.

We're still not quite sure how you manage to hold the attention of 35 5 year olds for all that time and to have them quiet as mice one minute and shouting their heads off the next! Thank you for making the whole booking process so straightforward and for your flexibility.

Lots of Mums and Dads have told us how enjoyable the party was and how good they thought you were so it's a big thumbs up from the grown ups too! Finally, Evie says a huge Banana Head thank you for her bubble gun - she loves it! Very best wishes, and we will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks!!"

Helen (Evie's mummy) 31/10/17


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for making our Daughters 7th Birthday party on the 1st October 2017 so special! She had a fantastic time and all of her other 34 friends did too, you even had the adults laughing as well! Cannot believe how glued that many children were for 2 hours! I would highly recommend you to anyone, you are the best entertainer by far that I have seen in my time of children's parties. Look forward to seeing you again. Thanks so much Sarah, Tony and Saskia"

Sarah (Saskia's mummy) 9/10/17 via netmums


"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head. We were recommended to you and at first I was unaware of how much kids entertainers costs this day but you were worth every penny. Our 4 year old son had a great party and we can highly recommend you to any readers.

Your communications via email and phone were highly informative as to how the party would play out and there was very little for us to do on the day as you took care of the kids. The kids (including the older ones and the parents ) found you very funny and entertaining and you kept the kids under control the entire time which was very impressive.

You met and bonded with our son before the party to set him at ease and played his favourite songs which was a very nice touch and that gave us time to set up the party room without having to worry about the birthday boy. Thanks again a true professional.

At the end our son gave you a cuddle and said he loved you and that's good enough for us. The biggest compliment you can get . Big up to Mango the monkey as well."

Gary (Oliver's daddy) 8/10/17


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for a fantastic party. From the ease of booking you to the final blow of the bubble gun, everything worked well. I particularly appreciated the time you took to get to know my son when you arrived early as well as adapting your musical playlist to his taste. You made him feel so special on his special day. His friends had a great time too. Many thanks. "

Emma (Adam's mummy) 17/9/17

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"Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for coming along to Jared & Lucien's party today (even if you did make me look a little bit silly 😂) the boys had a blast, in fact all of the children did!! It takes a special kind of person to keep 30 5 year olds entertained but they were all absolutely transfixed with you! And all of the parents commented on how great you were.

So glad I found you on Google when I was searching around, you completely took the stress away from throwing a kids party as we didn't have to deal with anything. Will definitely be recommending you to local friends. Have a fantastic weekend! I'm now off to put my feet up and have a takeaway!"

Olwen (Jared and Lucien's mummy) 16/9/17 via Facebook


"We booked Mr Banana Head for my son's 4th birthday party. We had around 22 children, mostly 4 year old boys, but also a few girls and older brothers and sisters. They all had a great time, with the jokes and the magic which kept them engaged for a full hour before a break for food, followed by more entertainment, dancing and bubbles. Mr Banana Head asked beforehand what my son loved, and made sure to include his favourite characters and interests in the show.

Mr BH was also very good at not overwhelming my son, who is not very extrovert and is often reluctant to be centre-stage. Some of the Dads were included in the show which made everyone laugh. The set-up was totally fuss free, and the running of the party was very smooth thanks to Mr BH keeping things moving along. Everything was very easy and I definitely recommend booking Mr BH. Thanks - we had a great time and Alexander was so happy with his monkey."

Sophie (Alexander's mummy) 2/9/17 via netmums


"Thank you also for the fantastic entertainment at Teddy's birthday - all the children (and their parents!), but especially Teddy, loved it and had a brilliant time. It was great to see how they were all completely engaged for the whole time. We also thought that it was really good that you spent some time before the party started to chat to Teddy and Julia - as quite a shy boy, it really helped him to feel at ease from the beginning.

We also really appreciate the extras, such as the card with Teddy's favourite things on - Teddy really likes that! So, a massive thank you for making Teddy's party so enjoyable for him and his friends (and us!)"

Emma (Teddy's mummy) 29/8/17


"Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for making Mili's 4th birthday so brilliant. Everyone commented on how fantastic you were! For us, as parents, watching both our kids roar with laughter was absolutely priceless. I can't recommend you highly enough!! Thank you again."

Kelly (Mili's mummy) 28/8/17 via Facebook

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"We booked Mr Banana Head for our daughters birthday and he did not disappoint!! We had children from age 3-13 and kept them entertained the whole time even the adults were impressed. My daughter loved Mr Banana Head and is still talking about him, we have been to parties before where the kids have just lost interest in the entertainer but there was no risk of that with Mr Banana Head!!! We had an issue with space because of the weather but he managed to put on a great show in the limited space! Thanks for making our daughters birthday one to remember!!"

Kiran (Aariya's mummy) 7/8/17 via netmums


"I'd already seen Mr Banana Head at another kids party so knew he'd be fab at our Preschool graduation party. He certainly lived up to expectations and from the moment he arrived, he held the full attention of 24 kids, a feat in itself self. They thought he was the most hilarious person they'd ever seen and long after he'd gone, we overheard them talking about Mr Banana Head and they couldn't wait to tell their parents when they arrived. I'd 100% recommend him, worth every penny & best kids entertainer I've seen."

Michele (Smarties Pre-School) 29/7/17 via netmums


"I saw Mr. Banana Head at a party 3 years ago and was so impressed that I hired him for my son's 4th birthday party this past weekend. He was worth the wait and every penny - he kept my son and his fifteen 4-year old friends in hysterics for 2 hours, and not only them, but the parents as well, which can't be said for most entertainers. He was absolutely brilliant and made the party fun for all.

Mr. B. was very conscientious about making my son feel comfortable with him beforehand and personalising the party to include his favourite characters, and also made sure to include my older daughter. We got to relax and enjoy watching our son have a super birthday. Can't recommend him highly enough!"

Robin (Charles' daddy) 26/6/17 via netmums


"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head for such a fantastic party for my daughter's 4th birthday. I was worried that the whole thing may have been a bit overwhelming for her but the time you spent with her before the party made her feel so at ease and she loved every minute of it. We had such positive comments from parents and children alike. You were a real hit, thank you!"

Leanne (Amelia's mummy) 7/6/17 via Facebook


"We had Mr Banana Head for our 6 year old boys birthday, he was an absolutely amazing, funny, friendly man and the kids loved him and so did the adults! , lots of jokes, magic tricks, music and bubbles. The kids eyes were glued and what I also liked is he got the adults involved too . His party bags and balloon were fab, definitely worth the money and less hassle for us mums, would highly recommend him and well worth the money and stress free ! Thank you Mr Banana Head for an amazing day ! X"

Hazel (Alfie's mummy) 4/6/17 via netmums


"Mr Banana Head entertained 25 children at our son’s 6th birthday party. He kept both kids and adults busy and captivated for the entire time. He arrived early to meet our son, which put him at ease as he is a very shy little boy. Both kids and adults loved him. I would definitely recommend Mr Banana Head to anyone. In fact our 3 year old is already talking about having Mr Banana Head at her party next year."

Marcella (Adam's mummy) 30/5/17 via netmums


"Thank you for a brilliant 4th birthday party for our son. All the kids (and adults) were thoroughly entertained by the performance, which meant that it was relatively stress-free for us. We just sorted the food, cake and a few balloons for the hall, otherwise Mr Banana Head did everything else. We've had lots of comments from people who came to the party about how good it was. We had around 30 children so it could have got out of hand without someone to grab their attention! I would definitely recommend Mr Banana Head as a great option for a birthday party."

Lauren (Zac & James' mummy) 9/5/17 via Facebook


"Just a belated thank you for entertaining at Austen’s party. He had a really brilliant time, (he still finds monkey brushing your face with toothpaste very funny).  A lot of the parents commented on how well organised the party was, and I think that was mostly due to you managing somehow to keep control of 20 5 year olds.

I’ve seen the kids at other parties and that's the first time everyone has behaved and enjoyed themselves for the full two hours - so that's about the best compliment I can give. Other than the fact you use ‘Cloudbusting’ as your outro music - which is great. I’m sure you’ll get a few more calls from the parents of Gerrards Cross!"

Steve (Austen's daddy) 9/5/17


"We were so pleased we picked Mr Banana Head for my husband's 70th birthday because we had our 14 grandchildren with us! Mr Banana Head had a wonderful affinity with the children and they were completely mesmerised by the entertainment. We will always remember his professionalism and talent."

Lilian (everyone's Grandma) 8/5/17

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"Mr Banana Head was absolutely great at my daughter's 5th birthday party. He kept 25 children completely entertained for an hour and a half and the kids all had a brilliant time. I was really impressed by the way he spent some time getting to know my daughter before the start and he was very good at making the children feel at ease. He was extremely professional and organised and the party bags and balloons were great! All in all, a fantastic addition to any children's party - our daughter is already asking whether he can come to her party next year!"

Sarah (Gracie's mummy) 2/5/17 via netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for entertaining at Lochlainn's 6th Birthday party - I especially liked how you engaged with Lochlainn and his brothers and cousins before the party started - the little touches like finding out about his favourite music and his favourite things made him feel special. Several parents commented how good you were, how you kept all the children engaged throughout the show - and getting the parents to take part was great fun too!! I will highly recommend you! Thank you again."

Sinead (Lochlainn's mummy (28/4/17)


"My daughter had Mr Banana Head for her 4th birthday yesterday. We booked him for one hour and he arrived to set up and was interacting with the children (the ones that arrived early before he was scheduled to start). He was very funny, my daughter's shyness disappeared within 5 minutes after her favourite songs came on. There were 22 children and at least 20 adults and he had everyone laughing. I received lots of positive comments and people who had heard of Mr Banana Head through reputation, though never seen him were very excited when they realised who we had booked. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him or booking him again."

Emma (Constance's mummy) 9/4/17 via Facebook


"Mr Banana head entertained A LOT of children at my son's 5th birthday party. It was a joint party with a friend, so there were a lot of children, adults and siblings etc.. he was fantastic, the children had an amazing time and were engaged for the whole party. He made my son feel real special by talking to him before hand about things he was interested in. After his birthday my son wanted to keep his card from Mr Banana head and put it in his keep sake box with his close family and friends cards- so Mr Banana Head was definitely a hit with him! Definitely recommend."

Hannah (Josh's mummy) 4/4/17 via netmums


"I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to Mr Banana Head for making my son's birthday party so special. My son can be quite shy sometimes but had such an amazing time and still talks about helping Mr Banana Head do magic in front of all his friends! He totally captured all the kids attention (from 2 to 8) and made the party go very smoothly! All I needed to do was the food and drinks! Thank you!"

Sarah-Jane (James' mummy) 4/4/17 via Facebook


"Dear Mr Banana Head, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did at Tabitha and Rosie's party. The girls had a fantastic time and Tabitha is still talking about it. It was wonderful to see all the kids having such an amazing time and I'm highly impressed at how you managed to keep 34 kids totally enthralled for the whole party. Several parents whose children attended have been in touch to let me know that their kids have requested Mr Banana Head for their next birthday party!"

Laura (Tabitha's mummy) 28/3/17


"If you are looking for an entertainer that will make the youngest to the oldest in the room laugh then look no further Mr Banana Head is funny amazing and seems to really enjoy getting to know the birthday boy and girl. We can't thank him enough for making our twins party so amazing and they can't stop talking about him"

Sarah (Rocky and Adriana's mummy) 20/3/17


"This is the second time I have used Mr B for a party. Definitely a 10 out of 10, the children loved it and my daughter was so happy with her party. I think the adults liked it too which was great. I can't recommend him enough, hassle free party and all I needed to do was the food. Thank you Mr B from all the Welch's (even Nathan 😊)."

Natallie (Elliette's mummy) 19/3/17 via Facebook


"Yesterday we hosted a party for our 5 yr old daughter Phoebe starring special guest Mr Banana Head and Mango the Monkey. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Banana Head who made entertaining 30 5yr old children seem effortless.

The show was tailored to Phoebes favourite things and she was made to feel very special. Phoebe and her friends were amazed and laughed throughout the show and the parent's could help but laugh at the silly antics of Mr Banana Head too.

We would highly recommend Mr Banana Head and have received many glowing reports from both parents and children. One mum said her son absolutely loved the show and hasn't stopped talking about how funny Mr Banana Head was all weekend. Thank you once again Mr Banana Head we couldn't have asked for more."

Marie (Phoebe's mummy) 19/3/17 via netmums

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"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head for keeping over 40 children entertained plus parents, who engaged & laughed throughout my daughter and her very good friend's party. 😉
Everyone had a lovely time and we would highly recommend you. My daughter was only smiles the entire afternoon and the bday card from you it's still on the table. 🐒"

Argentina (Rosie's mummy) 18/3/17 via Facebook


"Mr Banana Head is a fantastic children's entertainer who we booked after attending a couple of his parties before. When you are booking him he answers his emails quickly and the process is very straightforward. He's a complete professional and managed to transfix a room full of 35, 3-4 year olds. His tricks are great, he involves the audience, and his jokes even kept the parents laughing.

He does a hour of jokes and tricks, then leaves 30 minutes for food and then does another 30 minutes of dancing, games and joking around. He gets adults up to participate which the children loved. He has a great way of relating to the children and our kids loved him. I would totally recommend his parties they are guaranteed to be a success."

Chris (Casper's daddy) 5/3/17


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for doing such a fabulous job at Leo's 5th birthday party. You kept 33 children entertained and laughing for the whole party and made by little boy feel very comfortable standing up in front of his friends. I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting a fun, energetic entertainer."

Katharine (Leo's mummy) 5/3/17 via netmums


"My husband and I were so relieved to sit back and enjoy our daughters birthday party as Mr Banana Head entertained all the children. I loved watching all the kid’s giggles turn to bursts of laughter and I loved watching them completely immersed in the magic and fun of the show. To top it off, Mr Banana Head knows how to react to all potentially tricky situations with fun and laughter and more jokes. I would recommend Mr Banana Head as the best kid’s birthday party entertainer I have seen. All I can say is I think he is ace, but more importantly, all the kids think he is awesome."

Briony (Annabelle's mummy) 28/2/17


"Mr Banana Head was the perfect entertainer for my daughters 5th birthday party. All the children, and adults too, were captivated by the hilarious magic tricks, funny dancing and puppetry. Mr B clearly has a lot of experience as he had thought of everything we needed for the party so we were able to join in and watch the show ourselves. We would definitely recommended Mr Banana Head for a fun filled kids party!"

Amie (Maya's mummy) 23/2/17


"Thanks again for such an incredible party on Saturday for Halle & Thandie. The girls absolutely loved it from start to finish and I am still completely shocked by just how confident and involved Halle was with the show. Certainly a winning formula the time you spend before the party chatting to the kids and getting to know them in your own special way, to really make them feel at ease.

Halle said that evening she was "so excited she could burst" after such a perfect party and she is still talking about how happy she is after her party and seeing Mr Banana Head for the second time. Thandie is still tearing around with Coconut the monkey and loudly shouting 'Mr Nanahead' at anyone that will listen."

Lisa (Halle & Thandie's mummy) 14/2/17


"Mr Banana Head, what fun we all had at Jackson's party today. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to watch him laugh and enjoy himself - and his friends too. Loved the magic show, the dancing & the thoughtful personalised additions. Great booking, I'm sure we'll see you again."🐒🐵🍌
Lisa (Jackson's mummy) via Facebook 12/2/17


"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mr Banana Head for Matthew and Leo's 5th party today. All 31 of the children there had such a great time. It was wonderful to hear their giggles and laughter throughout the entire party. I think the adults enjoyed it as well! Matt asked if you will come to his next birthday too..."

Alex (Matthew's mummy) via Facebook 12/2/17


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for a fantastic job keeping 20 energetic 5 year old boys thoroughly entertained. Each act (and some were quite silly) was received with a lot of laughter from both the boys and the parents. Arriving early and getting to know the birthday boy, we were pleased some of the acts put him at the centre (and his sister) making him feel very special. It is a good sign when talk of Mr Banana Head is still being discussed by the boys the next day at school. I would highly recommend for any child entertaining event."

Anita (Caiden's mummy) 9/2/17 via netmums




"Mr Banana Head was at my son's 5th birthday at the weekend, and he was absolutely amazing! He had the kids completely mesmerised, and a lot of the adults too! He was very attentive and made them all feel special, and got the adults to join in too. My son had "the best party ever" thanks to him! Would definitely recommend him to anyone!"

Karnika (Nikhil's mummy) via Facebook 8/2/17

"Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing time that Joe and all his friends had with you at his 4th birthday party. Joe talks about his party all the time and spent quite some weeks after the party talking to his birthday card from you and asking when he would see you again!

I also had lovely feedback from many of the other parents, many of whom whose kids had not been to a party with an entertainer before. They all thought that you engaged wonderfully with the children and I was not the only one to notice how they gradually got closer and closer to you until they followed you around like the Pied Piper! It was a joy to see and certainly made the job of hosting the party a breeze for my other half and me. "

Lisa (Joe's mummy) 4/1/17


"Mr Banana Head is clearly very passionate about what he does and really takes the time to ensure each party is personalised and unique to each child. He kept all of the children thoroughly engaged, in fact they looked entranced by him! Everyone had the most wonderful time and he kept the fantastic party atmosphere going! We are so grateful to have found him for our daughter's fourth birthday. Thank you for a wonderful party!"

Dominique (Ava's mummy) 18/12/16


"Mr Banana Head entertained at our son's 5th birthday party this morning. He arrives early to get to know the birthday child & this really helps put kids at ease. He engaged with all the children from the moment they arrived and has a wonderful rapport with them. The format was great and was enjoyed by kids and the adults alike. Our son was still talking about Mr BH this evening and the fun he had. We would without hesitation highly recommend Mr Banana Head if you're looking for a party entertainer who is funny, down to earth and won't disappoint."

Jackie (Noah's mummy) 18/12/16 via Netmums

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"A huge thank you to Mr Banana Head for doing such a brilliant job at my daughter's 5th birthday party. All the children were absolutely captivated by his show and loved his silly games, magic tricks, bubbles and disco. The adults also loved him and commented afterwards about what a success he was. I would absolutely recommend him. Thank you!"

Nicole (Eva's mummy) 22/11/16 via Netmums


"This is probably the first time you have seen a review from a Dad on Netmums! Anyway, on behalf of me & my wife we want to say a BIG thank you to Mr Banana Head for a FAB party for our 6 year old son. We had over 30 kids at the party and Mr Banana Head kept them all laughing and having fun for the whole time. The preparation, attention to detail and the tailoring of the party to suit our little boy's likes & music preferences etc was superb.

Our son has epilepsy, gets tired very quickly and has a short attention span but Mr Banana Head handled him beautifully and all the kids & adults were raving about the party afterwards, we even received a text from a mum saying this was the best day of her daughter's life! We would not hesitate in recommending this first class entertainer to anyone."

Jez (Jack's daddy) 20/11/16 via Netmums


"I booked Mr Banana Head for my daughter's 5th birthday party. He was FANTASTIC! The kids all had an amazing time (as did the adults!). My daughter loved getting up in front of her friends and helping him (he very quickly built up a rapport with her before the party). He is worth every penny. I haven't seen a better children's entertainer, which will make living up to the expectations set by this party in future rather tricky!"

Helen (Charlotte's mummy) 18/11/16 via Facebook


"I first saw Mr Banana Head at my daughter's friend's party, and it was clear straight away that he was in a league of his own. It was funny and entertaining not only for the kids, but for the parents too! So when it was time for my own daughter's party, I didn't think twice about who the entertainer would be. I'm so happy to say that it was a hit with all the kids. He kept them mesmerised the whole time. There was lots of laughter and excitement, and never a dull moment. My daughter was so happy. I highly recommend Mr Banana Head."

Shankari (Krishni's mummy) 14/10/16


"Mr Banana Head - you rock! The funniest children's entertainer I have ever seen - you should be on television. You had the children spellbound and gave the grown-ups nearly as many laughs. A true professional, you had everything worked out in advance and I felt completely confident that our son's party would be a runaway success. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such amazing memories and so much joy. Recommendation to other mums - book Mr Banana Head!!!"

Zoe (Jonathan's mummy) 10/10/16 via Netmums

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"I very rarely write reviews but just had to after today! Mr Banana Head was just unbelievable today at my sons joint 4th birthday party. All the adults were raving about him and the kids loved it! I've never seen my little boy laugh so much, he was literally rolling around the floor in stitches! I will definitely be booking him again! Thank you!"

Nadine (Jamie's mummy) 9/10/16 via Netmums


"Thank you Mr Banana Head, for a fantastic 6th birthday party for my son and his friend at the weekend! They both loved it, and their friends did too. And I'm in awe at your ability to get 30 5 & 6 year olds to sit still for a whole hour! If anyone is thinking who to book for a forthcoming party, I would recommend you without hesitation. Fantastic!"

Sarah (Matthew's mummy) 4/10/16 via Facebook


"We've seen 15-20 children's entertainers at various parties over the years, and Mr Banana Head has easily been the best. He has a natural manner with kids and kept a group of 26 rapt for the entire duration for us. He doesn't boss them around and he isn't 'Look at Me' like some, so they were never bored. He's a nice guy, and children just love him. He also puts together good party bags and gave ours some great bubble guns and cards to take away. Fully recommended!"

Nicholas (Peter and Evie's daddy) 4/10/16 via Netmums


"My daughter had seen Mr B at a friends party and harped on and on about him for weeks so we booked him for her 5th birthday party. Absolutely perfect. I wish I had even a slither of talent Mr B has to keep kids attentive and engaged! If you are looking for an all rounder to entertain the children (and engage the parents too!) then please book Mr Banana Head - on the day we had 6(!) mums and dads saying he was the best childrens entertainer they've ever seen.....totally agree. Our daughter will never forget having Mr Banana Head at her 5th birthday - building amazing memories of fun times - thank you Mr Banana Head!!!"

Kira (Mara's mummy) 26/9/16 via Netmums


"First time user of Mr B and I couldn't be happier. Very professional and I would say a must have ingredient to a hassle free party. It was my daughters 7th birthday party with around 25 children. All the children had so much fun and the laughter was so lovely to hear. I would not hesitate to recommend him."

Natalie (Tayah's mummy) 11/9/16 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head. Thank you for doing such a great job at William's Party yesterday. William's smile & giggles show just how much he enjoyed the show. Lots of parents have told me how great, funny, and bonkers you are! All the children loved the party and you manged to keep them all engaged & entertained. Hooray, you made my day stress free! I loved that William, who can be a is a little shy, slowly became more confident & felt as ease with you. Thank you, The Mayes Family."

Sarah (Wiliam's mummy) 5/9/16 via Facebook


"Energetic and funny! Mr BH certainly kept our party of 4 and 5 year olds engaged. He made a special fuss of our birthday boy and spent time chatting to him before the party which I think made a difference. He also added a number of thoughtful extras - a bespoke certificate for our son which included pictures of all his favourite things and a Mr BH card and special gift. The modelled balloons also went down a treat at the end. I would fully recommend him!"

Claire (Barney's mummy) 5/9/16 via Netmums


"Pretty much full on belly laughing for a whole hour! my 4 year old son had a blast and at points was literally rolling on the floor with laughter. Mr Banana head had the children's full attention solidly for a whole hour. Lots of fun tricks, silly antics, bubbles, music and dancing and of course Mango the monkey. Appreciate the time spent with my son on his own before the party started, a good plan for those children who are a little more shy. Providing balloon models was a fun addition, the other mums were very impressed with those. I would recommend Mr Banana head to anyone, always worth the money if the kids have such a good time. Thanks!"

Natalie (Zach's mummy) 22/8/16 via Netmums

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"A massive thank you to Mr Banana Head for an amazing 5th birthday party for our daughter! She and her friends had such a brilliant time and it was lovely to see them all laughing so much. I've received many messages from parents this evening saying how much their children enjoyed the party. I was worried about their attention span in the middle of the summer holidays but Mr Banana Head kept their attention brilliantly for the whole 2 hours and even sat with them at tea time!

I've used many entertainers over the years for my children's parties and I can't recommend Mr Banana Head highly enough!"

Libby (Edie's mummy) 20/8/16 via Netmums


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for making my 4 year old son's and 5 year old daughter's birthday party so fun and memorable. I have never seen them laugh so much. I also caught the adults having a good old giggle. Mr Banana Head kept the kids attention throughout the party and I appreciated that he took time before the party to speak to the kids and have a bit of fun with them one on one. My kids have already asked to have Mr Banana Head for their birthday party next year."

Anthea (Alaia and Leo's mummy) 1/8/16 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head did my daughter's 5th birthday party yesterday and I was very impressed as to how he managed to get 30 five-year-olds completely enraptured for a whole hour. The 'show' was very well planned and kept them all giggling and jumping up with answers throughout. Mr Banana Head made a huge effort to get to know my daughter before the party started so she didn't feel uncomfortable going up and helping him with his magic.

He personalised sections of the show so that it was focused on characters and themes she was into, which she loved. He also included some of the parents in the show which kept the adults very much entertained and the children thought it was brilliant. Overall, he was engaging, energetic and very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Liz (Cerys' mummy) 25/7/16 via Netmums


"Having been to a couple of friends' Mr Banana Head parties Martha knew she'd like one for her Birthday. It was fantastic; all the kids were engaged and having fun from beginning to end. With magic, music, dancing and games there is something for everyone. Thank you for a great party!"

Katie (Martha's mummy) 19/7/16


"Amazing entertainer… Excellent with the kids, keeps them engaged for the duration of the party. Very professional before, during and after the party. Would definitely recommend."

Charlotte (Gracie's mummy) 12/7/16


"Thank you so much for an excellent party for Edmund's 5th birthday on Saturday. He and his friends had a brilliant time and I had never before seen them all so captivated by your act. Edmund loved taking part and thought it was hilarious when you got his Dad dressed up and made him look silly for your trick. You managed to keep them fully entertained for the 2 hours and it was great to hear so much laughter and absolutely no whingeing! Will definitely recommend you."

Felicity (Edmund's mummy) 5/7/16 via Facebook


"Mr Banana Head came to my son's 4th Birthday party last week and everyone had an absolute blast including the adults! This is my third party using Mr BH over the years and each time he has been professional, efficient and so funny. Great humour, magic and tricks! The children loved him and he makes the effort to personalise the party to your child's likes which is great. I've asked my son what he liked most about the party and he said "All of it!" He's my favourite children's entertainer that I've seen. Highly recommended! Do not hesitate to book Mr BH :-)"

Lorraine (Zack's mummy) 20/6/16 via Netmums


"Thank you Mr B for yet another amazing party for Claudia's 4th birthday. All the children had a wonderful time and you also made Claudia feel really extra special on her big day. It brought back some happy memories too for Ellen who's party you did some four years ago. The children were all engaged for the whole time and it could not have been any more perfect. Thanks once again."

Sarah (Claudia's mummy) 19/6/16 via Facebook


"Hello Mr Banana Head! ???????? I would just like to say thank you so much for coming to Olivia's party on Saturday. She had the best time ever!! I was so surprised she joined in as she is normally so shy but you made her feel really comfortable and made her party loads of fun! Thank you again and I hope to see you in the future at parties.x"

Catrina (Olivia's mummy) 19/6/16 via Facebook


"I booked Mr Banana head for my daughters 5th birthday a few weeks ago, and I can honestly say he was just amazing!! With 27 children to entertain he did such a fantastic job. Not only were the children captivated by his shows and magic tricks, the parents were too. I find children's birthday parties to be quite stressful, but not with Mr Banana head around. He took all that stress away, giving me the time to enjoy the party myself. I purchased his party bags too, and animal balloons. Definately worth doing and so much value for money. Would highly recommend booking this guy, best children's entertainer I've ever seen and we have been to a lot of parties!"

Kelly (Lilly's mummy) 11/5/16 via Netmums


"We booked Mr Banana Head for my twin girls' 4th birthday party last weekend. I can honestly say- it was fantastic. He had 20 kids eyes glued to him for his whole performance. My girls absolutely loved him. Kids were belly laughing at his performance. Well worth it! We got loads of compliments from parents about how good he was too. You won't be disappointed."

Kristen (Josie and Myie's mummy) 3/5/16 via Netmums


"We had Mr Banana Head come and entertain 30 kids for our daughters 4th birthday. From the minute he arrived he made her feel totally special and a real birthday girl. He then kept all the children captivated with his brilliant show and the parents loved it too. If you want a great entertainer who is reliable, engaging and very funny but also a brilliant judge of children's characters, I would highly recommend Mr Banana Head."

Caroline (Arden's mummy) 28/4/16 via Facebook

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"Thank you Mr Banana Head for Aurelia's 5th birthday party at the weekend - she and her friends all really enjoyed it and so did the mums and dads!! We had some great comments on how good your act was, how engaged the kids were and how tired they were after bouncing around to music and bubbles!"

Louise (Aurelia's mummy) 12/4/16 via Facebook


"I was pretty anxious about my son's fourth birthday party - it was the first child's party we'd ever held, it would be at home, there would only be about 10 children, they wouldn't all know each other, our son can be shy sometimes ... ahhhh!!

Booking Mr Banana Head was the best decision. He advised us to book just an hour slot (although less profitable for him) because of numbers/ages. He arrived early and put our son at ease straight away. His act was the perfect start to the party - all the children were laughing together and they (and we) quickly relaxed. The parents were full of compliments and our son was delighted and excited about his fantastic party. We absolutely recommend Mr Banana Head."

Katherine (Joseph's mummy) 7/4/16 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, hope you're having a well earned rest. Thank you for another brilliant party. Matthew had a fantastic time and loved your act. He really is very taken by you. I love the memories it creates for the children. That is why I think having the (right) entertainer for a birthday is one of the most special events in a child's life."

Niki (Matthew's mummy) 3/4/16


"Mr Banana Head impressively entertained 30 children at my son's 4th birthday yesterday with effortless ease - keeping their interest was admirable, and not only did the children have a great time, all of the parents were laughing out loud and were thoroughly entertained too! Not only was he a great entertainer, he was also exceptionally professional and organised and really made the party for my son. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending him."

Nicola (Ben's mummy) 30/3/16 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head is the best children's party entertainer I have seen. He not only manages to keep a large group of children enthralled for 2 hours, but he is also brilliant entertainment for the adults - I don't think I've laughed as much in ages! i was particularly pleased that he managed to get my usually quite shy 5 year old daughter out of her shell completely and she LOVED it... She wants the same party again next year and the year after - praise indeed! Don't hesitate - book him - you won't be disappointed."

Esther (Florence's mummy) 23/3/16 via Netmums


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for Jude and Oscar's great 5th birthday party and your thoughtful presents. You successfully caught their full attention and co-operation. Very well organised, friendly, funny and colourful. We all really enjoyed your show. Jude thinks you are HILARIOUS and he said that was the best party ever. Keep shining and we hope to see you more often. Love from all of us."

Nadia (Jude's mummy) 14/3/16 via Facebook


"Thanks so much Mr Banana head! We chose the date and time for our daughters 4th birthday based around your availability and it was well worth it! You really made the party - all 30 children were laughing constantly for two hours, you made the birthday girl and equally their sisters feel special and we couldn't be happier!"

Keeley (Layla's mummy) 13/3/16 via Facebook


"We booked Mr Banana Head as an entertainer for my daughter's party. She has just turned 6 today. He is absolutely brilliant, very professional dealing with the parents and very thoughtful for the child. All the children are absolutely amazed by him, he has a really nice way with them. He sends a form beforehand asking about what your child likes and just before the party he engages with them which makes them really at ease. He involves other children and parents, everyone has fun! Thanks Mr Banana Head!"

Aline (MIllie's mummy) 22/2/16 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head recently entertained at my daughter's 5th birthday. We were incredibly impressed with how well he managed to hold the kids' attention. He was funny, well prepared, arrived in good time, took the time and effort to get to know the birthday girl beforehand and is a genuinely lovely man with a monkey! Would gladly recommend him for that age group."

Sandra (Natalia's mummy) 22/2/16 via Netmums


"We chose Mr Banana Head for our son's 5th birthday with his friend. He came on recommendation and did not disappoint. He was fantastic from the phone call before the party to check what the boys liked to arriving early so he had a chance to build a relationship with the boys and their sisters (3 and 7). Our party of 30 had a fantastic and memorable afternoon. He had the boys helping him out with lots of his magic tricks despite the fact they can sometimes be a bit shy and not want to be involved. They loved it and have been delighting in telling everyone all about Mr Banana Head. I would absolutely recommend him for children's parties - brilliant!"

Nicola (Harry's mummy) 31/1/16 via Netmums

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"Another fantastic Mr Banana Head party. I can't recommend him highly enough. He has the kids enthralled from the moment they walk in. He's a top class entertainer. Thank you."

Giselle (Jake and Millie's mummy) 16/1/16 via Facebook


"Thank you so much for Kai's amazing party today. You did a brilliant job with the kids, keeping 35 children entertained, plus adults. Kai said it was the best birthday party ever and wished that you and Mango could've come home with us.

When you first arrived it really helped that you got to speak to Kai and Mia as this made them feel at ease and also gave me a chance to set up which made a huge difference. I really like the way you got to know Kai and all his favourite things making it very personable. I would highly recommend you."

Ming (Kai's mummy) 20/12/15 via Facebook


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much. You were wonderful and I have been inundated with messages telling me how much fun the kids had and complimenting you. I have no doubt I will see you again at other parties around here now. You made the day completely stress free, you are very talented! I have never seen an entertainer have children in the palm of their hands like you seem to do, lovely to watch!"

Heidi (Luca's mummy) 13/12/15


"Thank you very much for an amazing party, Kacie and her friends had a lovely time at her 6th birthday party. Kacie said it was the best party ever. All the adults enjoyed being part of the show even daddy,  thanks again. Highly recommend Mr Banana Head"

Kath (Kacie's mummy) 13/12/16 via Facebook


"Hi, thanks for entertaining the children so brilliantly at James's birthday party. I was a little nervous about having so many 6 year olds in the house but they were all transfixed and had no chance to get up to mischief! Was great to have so much laughter in the house, and the personal touches were very much appreciated by James. He loves his special picture with all his favourite things on it. Thanks again."

Ella (James' mummy) 27/11/15 via Facebook


"Mr Banana Head was the entertainer for my son's 4th joint birthday party with his best friend today. From start to finish Mr Banana Head was extremely professional, responding to emails, giving full details on everything we needed to know about the running order of the party and most importantly turning up to the venue on time. He put our minds at rest from the outset!! The kids were absolutely fixated by him and the party was very controlled and actually hilarious!

Adults and kids were involved in the show and all the added little extras that Mr Banana Head provided for the boys was an absolute bonus, from balloons, to certificates, to cards to even a present at the end of it. Fun, colourful, brilliant props and a fantastic day all round!!! Thank you so much for making it such a special afternoon for all of us!! I would 100% recommend Mr Banana Head."

Jodi (Maxwell's mummy) 18/10/15 via Netmums


"We booked Mr Banana Head for my little girl's 4th birthday and he had 19 children to entertain for 2 hours. How he does it I don't know, but the children absolutely loved him and were completely enthralled for the whole party. The party is a varied mix of showtime, jokes, magic, games, dancing and bubbles . One of the Mums who came said her son described the party afterwards as 'magnificent' - high praise from a 4-year-old!

My daughter is quite shy and I wasn't sure how she would get on but Mr Banana Head took time before the party to get to know her and literally within seconds she was laughing and completely at ease in her new friends company! He is a pro. The props, entertainment and party bags are all fabulous. Highly recommended - book early!"

Carol (Charlotte's mummy) 18/10/15 via Netmums


"I booked Mr Banana Head for my son's 5th birthday party in August having seen his show at a previous party. He is professional, hilarious, and enormously entertaining. Without exception the children were enthralled, and even now two months after the party they still talk about him and some of his tricks. Mr Banana Head took time before the party to find out my son's favourite songs and characters so the party was tailored to him, and he put my rather shy son at ease and built rapport within minutes of meeting. I don't think the children stopped laughing throughout the entire party. A resounding success and I cannot recommend Mr Banana Head more highly."

Rebecca (Harry's mummy) 4/10/15 via Netmums


"My daughter recently had a 6th Birthday party where we hired Mr Banana Head. We had previously been to 2 parties where he was the entertainer and my daugther thought he was amazing. On booking I found Mr Banana Head very professional as soon as I made the call. Everything was explained in detail and follow up calls/emails were made by him to check everything was running smoothly leading up to the party date.

On the day he arrived earlier to set up and spent the time making my daughter and her sister laugh, which i thought was a really nice touch. All the children loved him and there was a great atmosphere throughout the whole 2 hours of the party. I also asked him for his £2 party bags which I thought were really good value and I only had to pay for what i used on the day, this saved me hours of trawling the internet for party bag items. I would definitely recommend him."

Charlotte (Poppy's mummy) 29/9/15


"We recently hired Mr Banana Head for a joint 5th birthday party for my son and his friend, and he was absolutely brilliant! All the children were enthralled, we had about 35 at the party and there wasn't a single moment of chaos, Mr B is a true professional. He's great at what he does and the children just love him. It's really good that the show is varied so you get comedy, a bit of magic, games and dancing, and the boys loved being junior Mr Banana Heads and getting their personalised certificates.

Mr B also took time to chat with the birthday boys and their siblings while we were setting up the hall so they were entertained right from the start and put at ease, and he ensures that elements of his show are personalised to reflect the birthday children's favourite shows/music etc. He also supplies excellent party bags. My son says it was the best party he's ever been to, and you can't get much higher praise than that!"

Victoria (William's mummy) 27/9/15 via Netmums

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"I've had and seen a number of entertainers but have to say none as good, as funny, or as well organised as Mr Banana Head (I will say BH for short!). The Birthday party was for both my girls who were turning 6 and 4. Mr BH entertained children ranging from 3 years to 11 years old and they were all hooked and glued to him! My girls are very shy usually but prior to the party he asked about them, their likes and dislikes and what they were into. He met them, laughed and joked with them before the party began so they were very relaxed with him once the party started.

I could hear roars of laughter throughout the show and even the shy kids that I know were really participating. He even had some parents participating and all seemed to be having fun! The pizza for the children was 10 minutes late to arrive and as soon as I told Mr BH, without a moment's hesitation, he put music on and got them dancing until their food arrived! Don't hesitate to choose this entertainer, You won't need anyone or anything else for the party, no face painter, no bouncy castle, no balloons, just Mr BH! Really wish I could have him as my nanny! My kids would be laughing all the way home!! Thanks Mr BH!!"

Zeina (Mimi and Deena's mummy) 20/9/15 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, we just wanted to write to say a huge thank you for today. Bea and Alice had a fantastic time as did we. You were exceptionally organised and really helped us all the way through to ensure everything was well planned and catered for. You were highly organised and very professional from the start. I was especially impressed with all of the little touches that you put into the party such as the personalised certificates and having the girls favourite music. This really set the scene. Both girls thanked us after and said it was the best birthday ever. We can't really ask for more than that so thank you again for all of your help in making the day so special for them both."

Liz (Bea and Alice's mummy) 20/9/15


"Mr Banana Head was brilliant! My little boy just turned five and Mr Banana Head was right up his street. He was so organised with my booking in the run up to the party, his booking form and process was straightforward and easy and he took the time to ask questions and get to know Leo in advance - with the intention of making his party extra special. The children were hooked from the moment he addressed them. And so were the parents. It was a party to remember and Leo will especially remember getting up and being 'Little Banana Head' - Mr Banana Head's special assistant. Mr Banana Head comes highly recommended from us."

Claire (Leo's mummy) 16/9/15 via Netmums


"I rarely write reviews as I never seem to have five minutes, however I just had to write this as our Mr Banana Head party was too good not to shout about. From the moment he arrived, Mr Banana head had the children captivated. The grown ups were busy decorating the hall whilst my three little ones just sat chatting and laughing with Mr Banana head. He got to know them and made them totally comfortable so by the time the guests arrived there was no shyness. The party itself was fantastic, he had the children and parents in stitches. Everything ran to time. It was like taking the kids to see a really great show!

I would recommend mr Banana head to anyone. He does his research before he arrives based on what you have told him about your child and can tell you just as much about their favourite programmes as they can! He remembers names of the key people in their little lives like their siblings and best friends. I am so happy that we booked him and so are the kids. A party we will never forget :)"

Sascha (Andreas & Alex's mummy) 24/8/15 via Netmums


"We had Mr Banana Head for our daughter Annabella's fourth birthday. Having had entertainers before for my elder daughter, I really must say he was simply the best. He thought of everything and was beyond prepared. Annabella and her friends had a ball and I would highly recommend the two hour experience as it was well worth it.

He made her feel special whilst still including all with games, magic, jokes and bubbles. I am a right fussy mother so the fact I did not have one single compliant is testament to the brilliant experience he and Mango gave us. Warmest regards Marie, AKA Mrs Happymum x"

Marie (Annabella's mummy) 6/8/15


"Hi Mr Banana Head, a huge thank you from our whole family for such a fabulous party. You are a real professional and very, very funny. I really appreciated all the communication prior to the party, it was all helpful and easy to understand.

You are a fabulous entertainer, both for children and adults. Naiya had a brilliant time, she has been talking about you all week, as have her friends and their parents. This is the first party we have had for Naiya where she has really enjoyed herself, so thank you for making a little girl's birthday party so special."

Manisha (Naiya's mummy) 2/7/15


"Thank you so much for a wonderful party, it was truly brilliant. Isabelle really enjoyed herself and I appreciate the time you spent with her beforehand and during the party to make her feel comfortable and completely at ease. Everyone I have spoken to thought it was excellent and it was lovely seeing so many children laughing so much ( and the adults too!). Planning children's parties can be quite daunting but you made the process really easy, from start to finish. A big thank you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you."

Sara (Isabelle's mummy) 17/6/15


"I'm just relaxing with a glass of wine after a most fabulous day celebrating my little girl's birthday with Mr Banana Head. He is, in short, the best children's party entertainer I've seen (and the grown ups love him, too!) He's the only entertainer of this kind who I've seen entertain young children for two hours without anyone getting bored or distracted! I absolutely agree with the previous poster when they say you can tell he genuinely enjoys what he does. The party personalisation, greeting early and the little extras for the birthday girl/boy all add to the occasion. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Banana Head to anyone and everyone!"

Jenny (Flo's mummy) 14/6/15 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head is a true professional! We had to change our booking as during half term only 7 kids could come on our original date. Much appreciated! And as setting up a party as we all know is all consuming, it was FANTASTIC that Mr B kept our twins enthralled and engaged to get things organised. The show was as much for the adults as it was for the kids and Mr Banana Head was a joy to work with. The party was today and we have already had feedback from parents to say that Mr Banana Head is definitely the BEST entertainer that they have seen! High Praise. Thanks Mr B xx"

Frances (Eve and Felix's mummy) 31/5/15 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head has entertained the children (and adults!) at both my sons' 5th birthday parties. We've seen lots of party entertainers over the years, and there's no question Mr Banana Head is the best we've seen. He is extremely funny, the kids were captivated and my son and his friends still talk about his show several months on. Lots of parents said they were going to drop off and collect, but they ended up staying as Mr Banana Head is really funny and entertaining for grown-ups too. Its also worth knowing that Mr Banana Head is very professional - he is completely reliable, arrives early to set up and brings excellent equipment, so you can just relax and enjoy."

Loveday (Theo's mummy) 31/5/15 via Netmums


"We hired Mr Banana Head for our child's 5th birthday party. He was fantastically entertaining for both children and adults, and he kept a large group of 4/5yr olds mesmerised. He takes the time to find out about your child interests and tailors the party accordingly and spends time talking to them before their party. The small present he gave at the end of the party along with their certificate makes them feel extra special. Would definitely hire again!"

Zoe (Olivia's mummy) 31/5/15 via Netmums

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"Our whole family loves Mr Banana Head! Not only do the children enjoy their time with him during the show, they continue to talk about him for years afterward. As parents planning a party, Mr Banana Head is professional and thorough from beginning to end. We've been fortunate to have Mr Banana Head at two of our birthday parties and I'm sure we'll book again for a third. You really can't go wrong with him!"

Ashlee (Archer's mummy) 17/5/15 via Netmums


"Our 5-year-old boys had a fantastic time with Mr Banana Head and Mango the monkey. He took the time to find out about the boys and their interests and tailored the party to them and made them feel very special. He certainly got their sense of humour and had them captivated and giggling for the whole session. We’ve had so many positive comments from other parents who watched him in action and would definitely recommend him to anyone needing an entertainer. He was very prompt and professional to deal with in the planning stages also and incredibly reliable."

Hannah (Henry's mummy) 12/5/15


"A big thank-you to Mr Banana head for Leon's 5th birthday yesterday! It was a pleasure to see all Leon's classmates giggling away and their smiling faces, you had a captive audience and they loved you! Every parent I spoke to praised you, you were a massive hit and they were impressed with your magic! ( Leon is still trying to produce milk by pumping his Dad's arm up and down. Highly recommend the services of Mr Banana Head and he does brill party bags!

Jo (Leon's mummy) 26/4/15 via Facebook


"Thank you for such a wonderful party! Jonah had an absolutely fantastic time as did all his guests - even the shy ones. Highlights for me included how you got to know Jonah before the party, how silly you were, how you made the adults genuinely laugh, how you dealt nicely with the more 'enthusiastic' guests, how Seth still found you so hilarious even though he 'is in Year 2, don't you know', and Jonah dressing up in a mini Banana Head waistcoat and specs. I've had a good few messages from parents also giving very positive feedback. Definitely a party to remember! Hopefully see you at another party before too long.

Ella (Jonah's mummy) 4/4/15


"Would highly recommend Mr Banana Head! We booked him for my 4 year old daughter's shared birthday party after she had seen him at a friend's party the year before and was still recalling all the funny things he had done. He did an amazing job at our party and the children (and the adults!) have been talking about him ever since. He really seems to get a child's sense of humour and kept 35 four year olds and their parents very well entertained - there was lots of laughter going on! It's great that he finds out as much as he can about the children's likes/dislikes/personalities and adapts his 'show' to suit them.

On the organisational front the booking process was very easy with all the necessary information provided. He responded promptly to queries and overall left me feeling very confident that all would go well throughout the whole process."

Sarah (Holly's mummy) 27/3/15 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head entertained at my 5 year old son's party today. It was a shared party and he made both boys feel special. My son was on Cloud 9 for the rest of the day. For me it was also lovely to see how he also got ever other child happily participating in the party and I felt everyone went home having had a wonderful time. Mr Banana Head was a true professional through out and I would strongly recommend him as a great children's party entertainer."

Joanne (Jamie's mummy) 15/3/15 via Netmums


"Thank you so much for making my son and his friend's party so wonderful yesterday, all the kids had an amazing time and it was lovely to see them all laughing and enjoying themselves so much. In the words of my son "it was totally epic mum". One very happy birthday boy, thank you so much!"

Tara (Alex's mummy) 8/3/15 via Facebook


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for making it a memorable party for Winnie. We have never had a party entertainer before but from the moment you met her and put her at her ease beforehand she felt very special about her big day. There were children ranging from 3 - 6 but you managed to make them all feel at ease and engaged with all the jokes and the games and the magic.The parents loved it too and enjoyed the banter. The timings worked perfectly and the bubbles at the end were perfect! It was great fun having the adult participation too.

I have been to parties where children have been distracted and not engaged with what is going on but at my daughter's party you managed to keep their attention the whole time. Thank you so much."

Jenny (Winnie's mummy) 1/3/15


"We booked Mr Banana Head for our son's 6th birthday party last week and he did not disappoint. From the moment we made our first enquiry he was totally professional, very quick to respond and answer any questions. On the day he had 30 children aged between 4 - 6 completely transfixed! They loved his silly tricks and laughed non-stop from beginning to end. Even the grown ups couldn't stop watching. If you are looking for someone to come along and make your child's party a huge amount of fun and stress-free, then look no further."

Holly (Lucas' mummy) 22/2/15 via Netmums


"If you’re thinking about booking Mr Banana Head for your child’s birthday, don’t think just do it! He was brilliant at our son Luke’s 6th birthday party. He was so good with the kids. They were captivated from start to finish and enjoyed all the party games. He got some parents involved for a few of the games which was fun. I would highly recommend him."

Martin (Luke's daddy) 20/2/15


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for such a wonderful party. Isaac said to me as I put him to bed that it was his best birthday ever and could Mr Banana Head come to his 6th birthday too. He has had two birthday parties since his party and each time he said to me "mummy, I mustn't miss the party in case they are having Mr Banana Head!" The dancing at the end was a real treat and even my older son and his friends absolutely loved it - I have some fantastic videos to treasure. Thanks again for making David and Isaac's party so happy. All the best and look forward to seeing you again."

Lucy (Isaac's mummy) 29/1/15


"Mr Banana Head did his thing at my son's 3rd birthday party. He kept 25 3 yrs and younger entertained for a hour!! They all had a blast. I've never seen some of them giggling so much!! He was also incredibly professional in all dealings; very thorough and clearly really experienced in what he does. My son really took to him and keeps talking about some of the funny things he did. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others for parties."

Rachel (William's mummy) 25/1/15 via Netmums


“Mr Banana Head came to entertain my twins and their friends at their 5th birthday party and he was incredible. He is a consummate professional and asked all about their preferences and interests before the party and made my twins (who can be quite shy) feel comfortable and at ease from the very start. He then had 20 kids hanging on his every word from the moment they walked in. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for kids parties – he really knows his bananas!”

Giselle (Jake and Amelie's mummy) 23/1/15


"Mr Banana Head is excellent, very organised & professional from the moment of booking, to the end of the party and after. He takes lots of time to get to know the birthday children and parents before the party, and is friendly and funny throughout. His experience and expertise is very apparent - he can engage a group of 30 + 5 year olds and keep their attention with his fun games, magic tricks and partying - we had a couple of teachers among our parent guests who were in awe!!! Also gets the adults involved, which is great fun! A fabulous 'natural-born' entertainer. Would highly recommend"

Natalie (Jessica's mummy) 19/1/15 via Netmums

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"We booked Mr Banana Head for my daughter and her friend's fifth birthday party yesterday and couldn't be happier! He arrived early and started entertaining and getting to know the children right from the start, even while trying to set up. He managed to keep 41 children entranced and laughing hysterically for two hours! The kids can't stop talking about him. After the party he told us how much he had enjoyed it and said some very lovely things about all of the children. He is an excellent entertainer who obviously really enjoys his job. I cannot recommend him more."

Seanna (Lena's mummy) 18/1/15 via Netmums


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for giving my son a brilliant 5th birthday, the children's faces as they watched you were such a lovely sight and I heard from some of the other mums that many were still raving about you and waving their magic wands at bedtime. I particularly liked the way you got down to their level and started off gently - so many entertainers seem demented the way they whip the children into a frenzy and get them to shout louder and louder. You seemed to have a genuine affinity with the kids and they loved you, Hugo was really sad to see you go! Lots of parents were asking how I found you and saying how good you were… many thanks."

Lucy (Hugo's mummy) 15/1/15 via Facebook


"Mr Banana Head was amazing for my 5-yr-old's party! He took time before the party to get to know my son & really made sure he clicked with him & learnt about what he was interested in. A massive success with all 35 children, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone. He was a great entertainer, very professional & organised. He made the kids roar with laughter from beginning to end."

Carly (Jack's mummy) 3/1/15 via Netmums


"I hired Mr Banana Head for my son's 4th birthday party and he was brilliant. Funny, full of energy and with lots of gags and magic, he thoroughly entertained 20 4 year olds. I was particularly impressed with his pre party preparation - asking lots of questions about what my son liked and arriving early to make sure the birthday boy knew who he was. It made the party feel very personal for my son and he had a fantastic day!"

Jenny (Tom's mummy) 3/1/15


"We just hired Mr Banana Head for my four year old son's party, that he was sharing with 2 friends. He was fantastic. He kept all the kids captivated and laughing for the duration of the party. He made sure to find out a bit each child first, so he could include their interests and likes in the entertainment. He clearly loves his job (unlike some party entertainers I have seen). Very professional as well. Highly recommended by 3 happy mums."

Jane (Thomas' mummy) 22/12/14 via Netmums


"I don’t normally write recommendations but feel compelled to give Mr Banana Head a massive thumbs up from us. He was amazing from start to finish, he really is a natural at his job. Great communications from the start and he really took time to get to know my daughter to tailor the party to suit her.

We were new to the area so was looking around for recommendations and saw Mr Banana Head advertised on Netmums, so took a bit of a leap of faith in not actually having seen him at another party. From the first time I spoke to him I knew I had made the right decision. He quickly builds up a rapport with the children and really made them roar with laughter. The other Mums have come up to me since the party and have said how their child went home saying how funny Mr Banana Head was. I loved the adult participation too, certainly something for everyone to enjoy. Thanks again Mr B great party!!!"

Steph (Ruby's mummy) 9/12/14


"Mr Banana Head, you are just fantastic! You made a huge success of my son's 6th birthday party today. You totally captured the attention of all the children from start to finish. You are so funny that you had everyone in stitches. It was great to see all the children having such fun and joining in so much. My son loved you and Mango and said you were awesome. The certificate you gave him is a lovely keepsake and he has put it up in his bedroom. The party bags and balloons were great. The other parents loved you too. Now I'm hoping some of them will book you, so that my son and I can enjoy your show again soon."

Celia (Victor's mummy) 7/12/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head is simply the best! I was worried that I had invited too many children to my daughters party but nothing is too much for Mr Banana Head. He had all 36 children laughing their heads off from the time they arrived until the time they left. He personalised the party so well it made my daughter feel so special. I could not recommend more highly."

Natalie (Sophia's mummy) 7/12/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head entertained almost thirty 4 and 5 year olds at my son and daughter's joint 5th birthday party last weekend. He made the effort to find out about the birthday child(ren) beforehand so that he could plan suitable entertainment. He arrived early and had my children in stitches before the party had even started. Once the party started, he kept them all (boys and girls) thoroughly entertained for almost 2 hours - no mean feat!! They were singing, dancing, racing around and laughing for all that time. Thoroughly recommended."

Katharine (Adam & Olivia's mummy) 26/11/14 via Netmums


"I cannot praise Mr Banana Head enough, we are all - children and adults - still raving about him a week after my son's 4th bday party. I think what makes him so special is that Mr Banana Head is genuinely hilarious, he captivated 28 children and 20 adults for the entire two hours and no one felt like he was putting on an act!

The point is, not only is he naturally talented but he also takes time to know the child/children before the show - he arrived more than one hour before the party to meet us and play with the boys (my 2 year old was also a part of it!). His professionalism and dedication are impressive and we will definitely call him for our future bday parties! Oh and look no further for going home presents: the model balloons and party bags are amazing! Thank you Mr Banana Head for being such an amazing Banana Head and making our son feel so special on his 4th bday! Believe it or not he sleeps with his little banana certificate! See you soon and all the best!"

Audrey (Samuel's mummy) 24/11/14 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank-you so much for another amazing party, you really are an amazing children’s entertainer and I would definitely recommend you to everyone I know! This is the second time we have booked you for a birthday party and it was even better than last year. My daughter woke up this morning and gave me the biggest hug and said ‘thank-you for an amazing birthday party mummy, Mr Banana head is so funny I have laughing about him all night! I have had the best birthday ever!' Thank you again."

Emma (Arabella's mummy) 16/11/14


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you for an amazing party, everyone (kids and parents) was very impressed with the show and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lilia loved it as well and she really like the personalised certificate you prepared for her with all her favourite things. I work in an industry where personalised service and attention to detail matter a lot hence why I thought that was a great touch from your side! Once again many thanks and maybe we will see you at another party!"

Agata (Lilia's mummy) 11/11/14


"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head. You were truely fantastic. Edward had a really great time and feedback from all the parents was very positive. Everyone was very impressed with how you captured all the children's attention. You were very funny and brilliant with the kids. We will recommend you to everybody. Many thanks."

Sarah (Edward's mummy) 9/11/14

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"Oh my goodness ditto ditto ditto everything that has already been said about Mr Banana Head - He was absolutely brilliant!! I haven't had such a good time in ages!! (and I'm the mother!!) He entertained 30 children at my son's and daughter's birthdays (6 and 3yrs) and even though he had the task of entertaining different age groups, he still had their attention the whole time (2hrs!!). Book him - you will not regret it."

Helen (Christopher & Sophia's mummy) 3/11/14 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, we've just come back down to earth and recovered from the super charged fun that was Kitty's party on Tuesday. From the moment I spoke to you, I knew it was going to be a brilliant party. Although I was terrified about having 35 children to look after, you were completely relaxed and calm and gave me so much time to talk about my anxiety. Thank you for all your time and for the clear advice. I needn't have worried, the party flowed without a hitch.

You are wonderful with those children and seriously know how to work an excitable kiddie crowd. Thank you also for making Kitty feel so special. You knew her so well when you arrived and put her totally at ease. I thought she might be a little shy about being your assistant but thanks to you she was confident up there by your side and loved every minute of it. The show was wonderfully fresh and funny. The magic was brilliant too and loads of parents said to me afterwards "how did he do that?"

The party bags were gorgeous and went down a storm with the children. One of my friends told me how the magic wand helped to re-enact most of Mr Bananahead's tricks. Fun times!! I'm sure we will be seeing you again in the future at other friends parties and we will be spreading the word. Thank you so much for making it such a magical and happy event."

Holly (Kitty's mummy) 30/10/14


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for yesterday. Liba and the children absolutely loved it! You brought a great energy and as a parent I was able to relax because you were able to control and entertain the children so well. Apparently in school they have news where they write about the weekend and the teacher said everyone mentioned Mr Banana Head! Thanks again."

Orah (Liba's mummy) 28/10/14


"Thank you for such a wonderful party on Sunday. Sammy was beside himself with laughter throughout and all the other children had a great time too. We were particularly impressed with your ability to control a roomful of 5 year olds, and you made it a totally enjoyable experience for children and parents alike! You were totally professional in the lead up to the party and on the day itself and took all the stress away. Sammy will have very fond memories of his 5th birthday party for years to come!"

Karen (Sammy's mummy) 28/10/14


"This past weekend was my son Max's 5th Birthday celebration and a large part of his special day was dedicated to having a children's entertainer to keep 45 kids in check and having fun, Mr Banana Head delivered!! From start to finish he was fantastic, really involved the kids and made numerous references to Max and all his favourite things, especially the Angry Bird theme that we had for his special day. We received such great feedback from all the Mums & Dad's and most of all the children. We cannot thank you enough and will be spreading the word! Thanks Mr Banana Head you're a legend!"

Paul (Max's daddy) 13/10/14 via Facebook


"Mr Banana Head entertained at our sons 5th birthday yesterday for 25+ kids. We were so pleased with him and I would definitely recommend him and use him again for our younger son. The party was very much tailored to our son which gave it a really personal feel. What I liked most about Mr BH was that he came to the party earlier just to get to know our sons and chat to them. He'd done his homework as he could talk at length about their favourite things.

You can tell that he enjoys his job as he is very natural with the kids and happy to just be silly and the kids loved him and just sat there captivated for the whole of the 2 hour party. I've had so much good feedback from all the parents this morning too. Very happy."

Charley (Max's mummy) 5/10/14 via Netmums


"AWESOME!!! This Banana rocks!!! Some entertainers bore, drone on, same old same old....Mr Banana, you kept 30 kids totally captivated and all the adults in hysterics too, with some brilliant original magic and silliness...loved it and everyone else did too! You deserve the very best and thank you."

Suze (Marlon's mummy) 5/10/14 via Facebook


"I booked Mr Banana Head for my son's 5th birthday party which he had yesterday. From the moment Mr BH arrived he had my son and his 6 year old sister in hysterics. He kept 28 children thoroughly entertained throughout the whole party with games and magic. Before the party Mr BH had been in regular contact and wanted to know what sort of things my son was interested in and incorporated all these things in the party games. The last words from my son before he went to bed was thanks for the best party ever, I loved Mr BH, he was brilliant!! Would def recommend to anyone."

Caroline (Lewis' mummy) 25/8/14 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for making Drew & Cody's first party so very special and one to remember. They loved absolutely every minute of it. You were fantastic from start to finish. I did wonder how you would keep up the pace of entertaining the children for 2 hours but you had them totally engrossed the entire time.... absolutely fabulous!! Parent participation was brilliant 🙂 Had lots of positive feedback from parents who came and who also throughly enjoyed themselves. I'll be totally recommending you to friends. All the best & thank you again."

Karen (Drew and Cody's mummy) 23/8/14


"Our daughter had previously attended another child’s party at which Mr Banana Head was entertaining and throughout the following twelve months she regularly asked if he could come to her next birthday party. Knowing how fickle small children can be this was a true sign that he had really won her over!

We are huge fans of Mr Banana Head in our house. Not only is he a true professional in terms of the booking process / admin etc but he pays great attention to detail – enquiring about the child’s interests and ensuring that the party can run as smoothly as possible. Mr Banana Head is also absolutely hilarious and was a massive hit with the children at our daughter’s party. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him as a children’s entertainer for any special occasion – or if you just need an excuse to have a good giggle!

Polly (Elodee's mummy) 11/8/14


"Just like to leave a message to say a big thanks for entertaining at my daughter Jessica's birthday. When you arrived, you couldn't have done more to put Shorty at ease, finding her favourite films, favourite songs and of course, what made her laugh. I must admit, when watching the first fifteen minutes, I really believed you'd never keep up that pace, and the children's attention and laughter for the whole two hours, but sometimes its great to be wrong....

Jessica absolutely loved her party, and will remember it, and you for a very long time, and that is priceless.... When speaking to you afterwards, about the show, the pace and the children's complete attention and immersement into your wacky world , you told me you loved what you do. That Mr B is absolutely obvious, and what makes you so good at what you do."

Dean (Jessica's daddy) 06/08/14 via Facebook


"We booked Mr Banana Head for my daughter's 5th birthday party last Saturday and were all thoroughly happy we did. He made the party fabulous with lots of silliness and laughs - which really appealed to us as a family! I think children are the best judges so here are some words from my daughter Scarlett! 'Mr Banana Head is so funny. He looks banana-ry. My favourite bit was when I pumped Daddy's arm (!). When I'm 6 can you tell Mr Banana Head to come to party again?'

I also keep hearing from other parents that their children went home full of funny stories and are still talking about the party now 3 days on, which I think speaks volumes. Thank you Mr Banana Head, you were great! Oh, and the party bags and balloons were lovely, well-stocked and good value too!"

Zoe (Scarlett's mummy) 29/7/14 via Netmums


"Fantastic! Mr Banana Head entertained over 30 kids at my sons 5th birthday party today. Great from start to finish. Excellent communication at booking stage. Took time to find out what our children liked/disliked, which meant the party had a lovely personal touch to it. My son normally hates children's entertainers and will shy away at the thought of joining in party games. Mr Banana Head won him over in the first 5 mins! Can't rate highly enough. Fantastic!"

Claire (Thomas' mummy) 20/7/14 via Netmums

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"Mr Banana Head entertained over 30 children for our son's 5th birthday party and he made it unforgettable for our son. He tailor made it to include all our son's favourite things so it was very personal. All children were kept enthralled and laughed so much. I have had lots of positive comments from parents. As he was so organised and well prepared beforehand we did not have to worry about anything and were able to relax and enjoy the show. We highly recommend him!"

Kanan (Dax's mummy) 18/7/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head did a wonderful job entertaining around 30 5 year old's at my daughter and her friend's joint party last week. He did a lot of work ahead of the party to understand what things the girls were into, and used this information to build a rapport with them ahead of the start of the party. He also tailored his magic tricks around their favourite topic (Frozen!). He was friendly and pleasant to deal with, and was also flexible, and was able to change our booking when a family event meant our original booked slot was no longer possible. I received lots of positive feedback from children and parents, and would absolutely recommend him to others."

Leonie (Emma's mummy) 12/7/14


"A huge thank you for making William's party on Saturday such a successful and happy party. From the moment you arrived you had the children mesmerised. Amazing to see 40 children glued to their bottoms with smiles on their faces. We hope to see you again soon, The Charltons (Clare, Nick, Ella & William)"

Clare (William's mummy) 10/7/14 via Facebook


"A fabulous party for my son's 6th party. Anyone who can keep 22 six year olds enthralled for 2 hours is great in my book. Lots of positive feedback from the kids via their mums when they got home. My son was chuffed to bits that Mr Banana Head knew all his fave stuff (great research Mr BH). Highly recommend."

Claire (Charlie's mummy) 29/6/14 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, we just wanted to say a massive thank you for doing Bailey & Dan's party on Saturday 14th June. You were amazing and Bailey & Dan had so much fun, you gave them a lovely time and made them feel very special for their joint 5th birthday party. We've had such positive feedback about your show from all the Mums & children and they all really enjoyed it and said what a great party it was. So thank you very much, we are so glad we booked you. I will definitely use you again in the future for my 3 year old. Brilliant!"

Jo (Daniel's mummy) 18/6/14


"Well what can I say!! My daughter had a joint 4th birthday party with 30+ friends. Mr Banana Head captivated them so well. They were all engrossed the entire time. He was absolutely fabulous. He spend time with the birthday girl and boy prior to the party starting which was great and they felt at ease with him. The parent participation was great. The parents commented at how good he was and they were all impressed with him. He is as mad as a box of frogs!

I would highly recommend him for a party. We were so pleased with the whole afternoon. Thank you so much Mr Banana Head."

Jaki (Anya's mummy) 15/6/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head did a fabulously silly and fun job of keeping 40+ kids entertained at my son's 5th birthday party last week. The party was joint with a school friend and most of their class came, along with little and big siblings - all had a thoroughly great time. (I have also had many thanks from parents who said their kids went to bed the earliest ever after being so tired out!). Recommended. "

Charlotte (Edward's mummy) 10/6/14 via Netmums


"My 4 year old enjoyed a fantastic birthday party last week thanks to the wonderful Mr Banana Head. He kept all 30 children entertained and laughing out loud the whole time, and even the adults were entertained! Thoroughly recommended for a fun-filled kids party."

Maria (Jacob's mummy) 8/6/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head did our son's 4th birthday party on Sunday 1st June. He was fantastic from the minute he stepped out of his car to the minute he left our house. He had my son giggling for 2 hours. He entertained 20 children and a few babies. He was very funny and the children loved the silly dancing. Book him you wont be disappointed."

Kerry (Luke's mummy) 5/6/14 via Netmums


"Our daughter, Isabella, had a joint 6th birthday party with her school friend yesterday. Mr BH was hilarious and enthralled all 35+ children. It is the second year running Mr BH has done a party for our daughter and we knew it was going to be a huge success... with everyone. I had parents coming up to me at the school gates today saying how much their child loved the entertainer... and so did they! So thank you Mr BH for bringing some laughs to the parents and children of Northwood."

Niki (Isabella's mummy) 3/6/14 via Facebook


"We had Mr Banana Head for our sons 5th birthday party in April. It was a joint party with one of his school friends with 20 plus 5 years olds. He was fantastic. He really engaged all the children and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the party. He spent some time with the birthday boys before the party began and had them both in fits of giggles and totally understood what made them laugh. A great party was had by all."

Louise (Charlie's mummy) 23/5/14 via Netmums


"We booked Mr Banana Head for our son's 5th birthday and would highly recommend him. He kept 30 children from ages 3 to 8 entertained and very happy the entire time. His performance was well paced and perfectly pitched at the audience, engaging and entertaining all the children and making our son feel it was his special day. The feedback from the parents of our son's friends was very positive with one of them saying their son hadn't stopped talking about Mr Banana Head four days later. We were certainly pleased we booked Mr Banana Head.

As well as being a brilliant entertainer Mr Banana Head was very professional. He communicated well in the lead up to the party and made sure he knew what our son was interested in so he could tailor his performance appropriately. Mr Banana Head arrived exactly when he said he would and was set up and ready to go right on time. We could not have asked for more and Mr Banana Head was worth every penny.''

Dominic (Alex's daddy) 17/5/14


"We are so very pleased that we booked Mr Banana Head for our daughter's 3rd birthday. We had seen him at a friend's party and our little girl talked about him nonstop until we booked him for her party. He was very quick to respond and very well organised with the booking. On the day itself we had a big change of plan in the morning (our venue was flooded!) but Mr Banana Head dealt with it all calmly and professionally.

He arrived early to set up properly and spend some time with our daughter, and he then put on a great show for all of her friends. There were jokes, magic, party games and dancing, all personalised for our little girl, and she loved every minute of it. We couldn't recommend him enough he truly made our daughter's party a day to remember!"

Georgina (Abbie's mummy) 16/5/14 via Netmums


"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head. You managed to entertain 45 (!) 4 and 5 year olds brilliantly. They hardly moved for an hour, they were transfixed. You have a fantastic rapport with the kids and they thought you were hilarious, as did the mums and dads. You made our daughters birthday party very special which is what all parents hope. Excellent value for money and I would highly recommend you. 10 out of 10!"

Sarah (Tilly's mummy) 11/5/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head entertained 30 children at my daughter's 4th birthday party. Contact prior to the party was excellent and details were taken so that the party could be tailor made. He arrived early to set up and spent time with my daughter, putting her at ease before the party started. Mr Banana Head had the avid attention of all of the children (aged 3-8) and there was non-stop laughter and squeals of delight the whole way through. Most of the parents had stayed and afterwards all said how much they had enjoyed the show. Some of the adults were asked to join in and made to look very silly to the delight of the children.

The whole show was very professional, but appeared seamless and most importantly the kids loved it. Lots of jokes, lots of slapstick, dancing, games, Mango the monkey and lots of magic. One of the children has even decided he wants to be a magician after seeing Mr Banana Head! There is nothing better after spending so much time preparing for a party than to just sit back and relax for two hours and enjoy children's laughter. Will book you again, Mr Banana Head and will continue to recommend you!! Many thanks."

Kim (Hattie's mummy) 10/5/14 via Netmums


"We recently hired Mr Banana Head for my daughters 4th birthday party and he was truly excellent and worth every penny! He successfully held the attention of over 30 children for the duration and all laughed, sang, danced and took part in games and magic tricks. He even managed to include some adults in his show, much to the delight of the audience of mums and dads! He took time to find out some details about my daughter so that the party incorporated the things she likes and she was made to feel very special throughout the party.

The kids thought he was funny and cool and the adults said that they had really enjoyed the party. The party bags were also good quality and were gratefully received. All in all, a great entertainer who I would highly recommend. Thanks Mr Banana Head."

Carly (Tabitha's mummy) 5/5/14 via Netmums

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"We booked Mr Banana Head for my son Henry's 5th birthday party and he was absolutely fantastic! Henry is normally shy with entertainers but Mr Banana Head was brilliant with him and Henry loved the whole party. All of the kids had a great time, and the adults did to. Very funny and very entertaining, definitely the best entertainer we have seen. He's also a really nice guy. Thanks for a great party."

Helena and Gavin (Henry's mummy and daddy) 13/4/14


"Thank you so much for a fab party for Frankie today. He had a really great time. All the kids loved it and were entertained from start to finish. You were great and all the adults were entertained too! Particularly loved the frozen renditions. Thanks once again. "

Vicki (Frankie's mummy) 12/4/14 via Facebook


"Hello Mr Banana Head, well, what can we say. Thank you doesn’t seem enough. Oliver had the most amazing party. Tracey and I are agreed that Saturday was a milestone for him, he came out of his shell and we believe that is because he warmed to you because you made the time to understand him and connect with him before the party. The amount of effort you went in to in preparing for his party was evident and we are very very grateful to you for that. He is very sensitive and you picked up on that and managed it so very well when he started to get a little upset when I was at the front participating. We had very high praise from other parents there too.

Once again, sincere thanks for all your hard work and for putting on a truly magical show for Oliver. We are so proud of Oliver and very happy that he enjoyed his special day and we owe you a huge thanks for making it so special. We look forward to Toby's 5th Birthday in 3 years time where we would love Mr Banana Head to play a big part once again."

Stuart & Tracey (Oliver's mummy and dadddy) 7/4/14


"I booked Mr Banana Head for a joint 5th Birthday party on the 29th March 2014 and all I can say is brilliant!! I would recommend to everyone if you want to have the best possible party for your little ones!! simply one word!! FANTASTIC"!! He made my daughter feel really special and she hasn't stopped asking about him since!"

Catherine (Freya's mummy) 1/4/14 via Netmums


"I would highly recommend Mr Banana Head for any child's birthday party. He kept the children on track and well entertained. They could not wait to see what he would do next and could of sat there for hours more. All the adults were also laughing."

Jennifer (Jake's mummy) 26/3/14 via Facebook


"We booked Mr Banana Head for my son's 7th birthday. He had quite a tough challenge with 35 very exited children to entertain and he kept their focus the whole time. He was great at controlling the crowd of children and the adults enjoyed the party too. My husband and I were going to do the party ourselves but we are so pleased we hired Mr Banana Head, he is worth every penny and would highly recommend him."

Toni (Frankie's mummy) 26/3/14


"Hi Mr Banana Head, we all want to say a big thank you for a fantastic party and for all your enthusiasm, energy and fabulous range of tricks! Amaya and Freddy had a brilliant time as did all the other children and grown ups. The party was the talk of the playground. I have had so many comments on how great you were and how you kept the kids entertained throughout....most entertainers lose the childrens interest in the last half an hour but they were hooked throughout.

I think the parent participation was also a great feature of the show and got everyone involved...Alex's compromising pictures wearing a pink sequined shower cap have already made their way around Facebook! Thanks again and hope to see you again soon."

Shreya (Amaya's mummy) 11/3/14


"Would just like to say that Mr Banana Head is super duper!!! He came along to entertain over 40 children aged between 4 and 5 years old and completely held their attention for 2 hours with non stop high energy fun entertainment. He arrived early to introduce himself and get to know the party boy and made a real effort to make my son feel very special. I would highly recommend Mr Banana Head ............he is BANANA FANTASTIC !!!!!"

Patricia (Harvey's mummy) 11/3/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head was absolutely amazing at my son Naman's 5th birthday party. Having seen him already at a previous event Naman was so eagerly looking forward to having Mr BH at his own party and was not disappointed at all! Special kudos to Mr BH for making the time and effort to learn all about Naman's interests and tailoring the show accordingly. Holding the attention of 35 five year olds for 2 hours is no mean achievement! It's been 3 days since the party and the mums say that the children still can't stop talking about Mr BH and Mango! We would gladly recommend Mr Banana Head without hesitation."

Nagaraj (Naman's daddy) 10/3/14 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks again for the excellent party you ran for my son Samuel yesterday. Everyone had an amazing time. I'm not sure how you kept 35 4yr olds entertained for so long, but you did. Amazing entertainer, so glad we booked you."

Dan (Samuel's daddy) 2/3/14 via Netmums


"Thanks very much to Mr Banana Head for making our son Haydon's party so exciting, such great fun and above all

memorable. I think every child was enthralled and amazed by your tricks and really enjoyed the few hours you were with them which flew past way too quickly! Even the adults seemed entertained! We were especially impressed by the level of detail you requested beforehand on customising the party and making things more personal and special for the birthday boy! We'd definitely recommend you to others."

Brandon (Hayden's daddy) 1/3/14 via Facebook


"Mr Banana Head was superb this morning at my son's 5th birthday party. He did a number of really impressive things: he arrived early and spent time chatting to my son and making him laugh which was great to build a rapport ahead of the party starting. He personalised the party, making numerous references to Marco's favourite things and this made us feel like it was really a show just for us. Everything was then captured in the laminated certificate that he handed out to Marco at the end.

The show itself was hilarious without being too loud and he got 30 children really involved and engaged from the word go. They were all absolutely glued to him and it was a 2 hours of fun packed action filled jokes and games. Mr Banana Head really went out of his way and many mums complemented me later for the quality and originality of the show. Thoroughly recommended! Thank you Mr Banana Head, and see you soon!"

Sandra (Marco's mummy) 23/2/14 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, Oliver had a fabulous party and everyone was commenting on how fabulous you were. I've had texts, phone calls and emails today mentioning how impressed the kids (and adults) were with you, thank you. After a few years of doing parties for Oliver, I've realised that if you have an entertainer that you can just leave to 'get on' with it that's the majority of the party taken care of and you certainly enabled that.

I could tell straight away that Oliver was going to hit it off with you, he so enjoyed talking 'Star Wars' with you before the guests arrived and that quiet time with just the two of you chatting was great, thank you for that too. Ben didn't mind volunteering at all and it was only when I looked at pics last night that I realised how hilarious the three of us looked all dressed up at the front! Such a laugh and memories in photos to keep.

As I write this, a mum (from party yesterday) has sent me a text saying her child wants Mr Banana Head for her party next year! Thanks once again."

Chantal (Oliver's mummy) 23/2/14


"Well, he did it - again! This was the 2nd year that we called upon the services of Mr Banana Head to keep 50 rowdy kids entertained for 2 hours. No mean feat, it was a joint 5th birthday for 3 superhero boys and the excitement levels were rather high... We particularly enjoyed the new addition of the game in the second half designed to make 4 mummies & daddies look very silly indeed! Great job Mr Banana Head, thank you!"

Melanie (Jaden's mummy) 21/2/14 via Netmums


"Well what can I say, absolutely amazing! We had Mr Banana Head for my sons 5th bday after reading such great reviews and recommendations! He captured my lo's attention as soon as he walked through the door and started setting up for the party. The kids were mesmerised for 2hrs and the parents too. Mr Banana Head not only involved the children in his games and magic but also the adults too (mum & dad) and my lo loved it seeing daddy being dressed up. I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending and also hiring mr Banana Head again! Great show!"

Rita (Hayden's mummy) 18/2/14 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for all your great work yesterday. You did a fantastic job and the children had a wonderful time. Nathan was so happy and Charlie loved the party too. I can’t wait for next year! I gave your details to all the mum’s so hopefully you’ll get some work through them too. Continued good luck with all your wonderful work."

Elisa (Nathan's mummy) 17/2/14


"Mr Banana Head - thank you so much for being the focus or my sons party and for making it so special. You truly are brilliant and I appreciate your help. Truly a great entertainer - everyone loved it, including the adults. Would highly recc you to anyone!"

Francesca (Ethan's mummy) 15/2/14 via Facebook 


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks a lot for yesterday. Joseph had an amazing time and he hasn't stopped talking about you and Mango the monkey. I am very impressed that you managed to captivate an audience of 3 year olds for an hour and had them all in stitches. I would definitely recommend you. All the best and thanks again."

Laura (Joseph's mummy) 10/2/14


"Mr Banana Head was first rate and professional, very well organised in advance of the party and on the day, adding personal touches that made the party feel special for my son's 5th birthday. All the children found him very funny and entertaining through out the whole party and parents liked him too! Would definitely recommend him to anyone considering an entertainer very pleased we chose Mr Banana Head."

Lois (Jake's mummy) 28/1/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head was fantastic. Fun, full of energy and totally engaged the children. Dexter had a wonderful birthday party much of which was down to him! Would highly recommend and will definitely be booking again for future parties."

Caroline (Dexter's mummy) 26/1/14


"Mr B, thank you for making Jessica & Ellen's joint 5th birthday party so entertaining and enjoyable for them! They have asked us to book you for next year already! You had the attention of every child there, parents participation also created a lot of laughs. Completely professional with magic, fun, music and bubbles provided the girls with a fantastic & memorable 5th birthday. Thank You. Can't recommend you highly enough!!!"

Colin (Jessica and Ellen's daddy) 22/1/14 via Facebook

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"Thank you Mr Banana Head for a truly wonderful 4th birthday party for our son Stanley. He's usually shy & never joins in at parties but Mr Banana Head changed this. Thank you for arriving early to share some of your time with Stanley whilst setting up, this definitely ensured he warmed to you & felt entirely comfortable with you & then went on to enjoy his party as much as he could! He had a fantastic time and we all think you're GREAT. The children were transfixed from start to finish, as were the adults. Thanks again."

Vicki (Stanley's mummy) 11/01/14 via Facebook


"We hired Mr Banana Head to do a party for our 2 girls (aged 2 and 4) in a local hall, he was brilliant. He arrived 45 mins before the party to set everything up and during this time put our girls (and us) at ease. Most importantly though, all the kids loved his show. He did a great routine and had all 30 of the children totally engaged. They were in fits of laughter when Mango the monkey made an appearance. The party bags were a big hit too, great value and quality. I would definitely recommend him for a party!"

Juliet (Poppy and Florence's mummy) 8/1/14 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head was fabulous at my son's birthday party and I couldn't recommend him enough. How he managed to keep 24 three year olds engaged for an hour is beyond me but he did!!! I had slight reservations that at 3 they might have been a little young for an entertainer but this was not the case and the structure really worked.

The jokes, magic and games were pitched just right for the target audience (and the adults too). I really couldn't have hoped for a better reaction from my son. He was absolutely thrilled at being the centre of attention and Mr Banana Head ensured he felt really special on his day, he has talked about it countless times since. Thank you so much Mr Banana Head for making his first proper Birthday party so memorable!"

Rachelle (Zachary's mummy) 7/1/14 via Netmums


"A huge thank you to Mr Banana Head for making Thomas' 5th birthday party so much fun. Mr Banana Head is BRILLIANT. Very professional which took all the stress out of organising a party. He called a week before to discuss details including finding out all about Thomas which meant the entertainment felt very personalised.

He arrived 45 minutes before the party started to spend a bit of time with Thomas which Thomas loved and then he kept 25 four and five year olds completely enthralled and in hysterics for an hour and a half. Before long all the adults were watching too. Thank you for making Thomas' party one to remember."

Vicky (Thomas' mummy) 23/12/13 via Netmums


"Dear Mr Banana Head, what a brilliant party - the children were captivated by you (and Mango) from start to finish, and all the grown ups watching had smiles on their faces too. Our friends had told us that you were a class act, and they were quite right. We were very impressed by how you kept the focus throughout the party, even with a few over-excited children, to ensure that a magical time was had by one and all. The 6 year old birthday girls had a ball. We'd have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends."

Helen (Annabel's mummy) 9/12/13


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for a fantastic party today. You engaged all of the boys and girls and we all loved that you incorporated the family and friends. You made my daughter feel very special and she has not stopped talking about it all night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

Karen (Elsie's mummy) 7/12/13 via Netmums


"Thank you for a great party today Mr Banana Head! Arthur absolutely loved it! When we booked his party he only wanted YOU to "join" his party! No one else! We've seen you at so many parties before and each and every one was a hoot! You're very very good at what you do! Don't stop!"

Chantal (Arthur's mummy) 4/12/13 via Facebook


"Mr Banana head was an absolute star at my son's 5th birthday party! He had the children's full attention the whole time and the kids never stopped laughing. All the parents agreed this was the best entertainer they'd seen and finally, what a lovely man!"

Caroline (Elliot's mummy) 29/11/13 via Netmums


"My son told me he wanted "a funny man" as his entertainer at his 5th birthday party, and when I came across Mr Banana Head on netmums - and the countless glowing reviews of his parties - I had a feeling I'd found the right one. My son's party was yesterday and Mr Banana Head wasn't just funny, he was hilarious! All the children at the party were hooked from the start (as were the parents) and they literally loved every minute. Mr Banana Head's entertainment was not only full of genuinely funny jokes and humour, it was surprising, original and best of all, personalised to my son and all of his favourite things.

The show wasn't one he'd do for every child, it was a show for my child - and that's where Mr Banana Head makes his mark as a truly wonderful entertainer. Both my 5 year old son and my older son have today written letters and drawn pictures to send to Mr Banana Head to thank him. He deserves every award he gets, If you're looking for an entertainer, book Mr Banana Head, you won't be disappointed!"

Jo (Harry's mummy) 25/11/13 via Netmums


"We had a 5th birthday party at the weekend for my youngest daughter and chose Mr Banana Head on recommendation from trusted friends. I am so delighted we did! The party was a great success and all the children had a fab time. Mr Banana Head was incredibly conscientious, efficient and lovely from the very first point of contact all the way through. With 2 older children, I've booked and used my fair share of entertainers over the past 12 years and can honestly say, Mr Banana Head tops the list of all I've dealt with! I would not hesitate to recommend!"

Jayne (Sadie's mummy) 19/11/13 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, just a quick one to say a huge THANK YOU for the party on Friday. Keeping 30+ 5 year olds entertained is a tall order and you managed it with great hilarity and ease. The kids absolutely loved it, and were all still talking about it at school this morning.

Your care and attention to what my daughters favourite songs, characters etc were didn’t go unnoticed and really helped to make the party special for her. She’s can be a bit shy but you wouldn’t have known it when she was up at the front with you – which shows how well you connected with her. Thanks again, very memorable! I’ve had quite a few of the parents tell me you were really good too – so hats off to you!"

Nichola (Isla's mummy) 11/11/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks so much for a great party. You had all the kids totally entertained for the whole time and that's a real skill in itself! Max, Raffy and Mia had a ball and I think plenty more bookings will follow from my friends as they were so impressed. Thanks you again for making Max's party such a hit, a truly great job and really appreciated by the whole family."

Helen (Max's mummy) 10/11/13


"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head! You really exceeded our expectations today and had a room of normally hyperactive 3-4 year olds (and their parents) enthralled at Tom's birthday party today. Huge hit: big smiles all round!"

Peter (Tom's daddy) 9/11/13 via Facebook


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mr Banana Head for the entertainment at my daughter Amelia's 5th birthday party on the 29th October. The party was absolutely fantastic and the children had such a great time. Full on fun with dancing, magic and lots of laughter. Even the parents have commented saying their children have not stopped mentioning the party. Can only say 10 out of 10 for Mr Banana Head. Thank you."

Ashley (Amelia's daddy) 6/11/13 via Facebook


"What a fabulous morning's entertainment from the brilliant Mr Banana Head! Somehow he managed to keep 25 little monsters enthralled (I'm not being mean - it was a Halloween themed party!), and that's not counting the adults who were chuckling away. Although to be fair, they might have been laughing at my Bruce Lee shirt and swanky octopus hat. Don't settle for a boring old clown or a few magic tricks, book Mr Banana Head and experience the true madness of the Banana Head experience!"

Susan (Harry's mummy) 27/10/13 via Facebook

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"What can I say, the man is brilliant, this was the second time we booked Mr Banana Head as our daughter had not stopped talking about her last party where Mr Banana Head came two years ago! We weren't disappointed in fact this year was even better. The kids loved him, they were totally entranced in the show and laughed and screamed at everything he did. Mum and dad got involved as did a few innocent bystanders, but it all added to the fun. My daughter said it best, "Best party ever daddy."

Eric (Angel's daddy) 22/10/13 via Netmums


"Mr Banana Head thank you, thank you, thank you. You definitely made Sophia's 5th birthday party at the weekend! From the moment you arrived at the hall you engaged with the children that were there and made each child feel involved from the moment they joined the party, and I think the fact that you managed to keep 30 plus children of varying ages entertained from start to finish without losing their attention speaks for itself!

The other parents were also thoroughly impressed and the children all had an amazing time. Sophia especially loved how you personalised it to her, she couldn't understand how you know all of her favourite characters and pop stars! a true professional from start to finish. Thank you for making her party truly special, we will recommend you time and time again!"

Louise (Sophia's mummy) 14/10/13 via Netmums


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for Felix's party today. The children thought you were hilarious and the parents loved watching the adult participation. Felix says 'you are very silly and have eyes made out of bananas'! I think that means he loved the show! Thanks again, it really was a fantastic and unforgettable afternoon."

Victoria (Felix's mummy) 29/9/13


"My daughter insisted on having Mr Banana Head after going to a party, I completely agreed with her as, after attending several childrens parties, Mr Banana Head is by far the funniest. He certainly didn't let us down at my daughters 5th birthday party, he was hilarious and engaged with the children brilliantly, he is definitely on their wavelength! The kids laughter was electrifying, it was really satisfying to see them all having a fantastic time.

Mr Banana Head made a special effort to make my daughter feel really special at her party, he took time to research the characters my daughter likes which made the party really personal. Honestly he was amazing and really professional. Definitely recommended. Book well in advance, you won't regret it!"

Manisha (Sara's mummy) 28/9/13 via Netmums


"I would like to thank Mr Banana Head for the absolutely amazing show he put on for my twin girls at the weekend. The amount of effort he puts into his act is astounding. He likes to find out a lot of details about the children and slots them into his act. The children were laughing so much and on some occasions the adults were laughing harder.

I took a huge amount of photos and there is one little boy who sat opened mouth throughout the show and clearly had a great time. I can most certainly recommend Mr Banana Head for your child's party and wish him all the luck and look forward to possibly booking him for my 40th birthday celebrations!"

Carl (Rosie and Jessica's daddy) 24/9/13 via Facebook


"Mr Banana Head entertained over 30 children on Sunday at Victors party and he was phenomenal!!!! A real entertainer. He kept the children engaged and they could not stop laughing!!! Most importantly Victor said he was the best and loved all his jokes and games. He felt very comfortable with him as Mr Banana Head took the time to talk to Victor before the party started and included everything he liked in the party! Even the parents got involved and wanted to stay and watch because he was so interesting!

Even as a person, he is a genuinely lovely person to talk to and I felt very reassured over the phone that I had just simply found the best entertainer for my son! Don't waste time searching, just pick up the phone and call him and I am sure that all of you will feel the same! Thank you Mr Banana Head for making Victor feel like the star of the party, it really did make his day and we shall hope to see you again soon!!!"

Litsa (Victor's mummy) 18/9/13 via Netmums


"We hired Mr Banana Head for our daughters 5th birthday party with approximately 20 children. My daughter and all her friends (and parents) loved it!! The routine was soooo funny, well organised and professional. It really took any stress away from me and my husband and made it such a memorable enjoyable day. I couldn't recommend Mr Banana Head enough!"

Paula (Charlotte's mummy) 15/9/13


"Mr Banana Head entertained my son Dylan and friends today for his 5th birthday and no-one's better placed to testify to his magnificence than Dylan who says 'Mr Banana head is the best entertainer in the world' and '10 out of 10 for nuttiness'! I second that! Totally recommend him!"

Anju (Dylan's mummy) 8/9/13 via Netmums


"Hi Mr BH, just a little note to say a big thank you for making Katie and Amelies party such a success. The kids loved you, especially the birthday girls. Also as parents we loved you too, you were our first experience of booking a children's entertainer. You were super professional, great communication and more than happy to answer my numerous questions about the format, getting to know the girls etc, just superb! Thank you again and I'm sure we will see you again next year :-)"

Lisa (Amelie's mum) 5/9/13


"I came across Mr Banana Head's website and knew we had to have him - the girls giggled, the boys were silly and the parents were mesmerised. What a super entertainer to keep everyone happy!"

Sonia (Lyra's mum) 1/9/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank-you for such an amazing party yesterday, Luciana had a fabulous birthday and everyone commented on how fantastic you were. You really made the party a WOW and we were so impressed with all the added extras, Luciana loved her personalised little Banana Head card. Thanks again for everything.

Julie (Luciana's mummy) 1/9/13


"Mr Banana Head did an absolutely outstanding job of entertaining both the children and adults at my daughter's 5th birthday party this weekend. The kids were hanging off his every word and all dancing like demented chickens by the end! The party was completely tailored to all my daughter's favourite things and she was left feeling like the star of the show. All her friends left with massive smiles on their faces and the parents left thinking Mr Banana Head was the best thing since sliced bread! I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Mr Banana head and Mango too."

Jumana (Maariya's mummy) 18/8/13 via Netmums


"I was thoroughly impressed with Mr Banana Head. It was a high octane show that kept the kids captivated. Mr Banana Head personalised his performance to suit the birthday boy and girl and the screams were evidence of just how much the kids enjoyed the show. Everyone had a chance to get involved (even the parents) and all was conducted in great humour. Thanks Mr Banana Head, you've given us some great memories."

Aileen (Sophie and Tom's mummy) 18/11/13


"Mr Banana Head entertained 26 children for 2 hours at our son (2nd) and daughter's (4th) birthday party on Saturday. He was absolutely amazing and had the children eating out of his hands. He arrived early to get to know our children and put them at ease and had the children (and adults) in hysterics for most of the party. A number of parents asked me afterwards for his contact details because they said he was the best party entertainer they had seen! I would definitely recommend him for a party to remember!"

Sarah (Jemima & Lawrence's mummy) 11/8/13 via Netmums


"Wow, what an amazing children's entertainer! Mr Banana Head entertained 30 children for two hours at my daughters 4th birthday party on Sunday. The children didn't stop laughing, and I definitely saw the parents laughing too!! I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Banana Head, he really took on board the information we gave him in terms of what our daughter liked to watch, listen to etc and used that well in his 'act'. He put her at ease when he met her, and made her feel very special on her special day."

Jane (Katie's mummy) 6/8/13 via Netmums

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"I would like to leave a highly positive review of Mr Banana Head, but he is getting so busy I'm worried he won't be available next time I need him. We have now had 3 Mr Banana Head birthday parties (a 4th and two 5ths) for my girls and they still want more. He is AMAZING, efficient and business like in arrangements and totally hilarious and engaging at the party. The only problem now is finding a window in his diary. Book him before you even think about halls etc."

Emily (Sophie and Maddie's mummy) 30/7/13 via Netmums


"Hi Mr Banana Head, Daniel had a fantastic time at the party & so did all the other children. He loved the way that you involved the adults & was over the moon to have helped do a magic trick. We would highly recommend you to anyone else who wants their child to have a party that is fun, entertaining & easy for the parents. Thanks for everything"

Jo (Daniel's mummy) 28/7/13


"We saw Mr Banana Head at another party and it was the first time that our daughter forgot her shyness and joined in.

At our daughter's party he took time to get to know her and make her feel at ease and during the party I have never heard 20 children laugh so much it was by far the best party she has ever had. I would recommend him wholeheartedly he is a great entertainer."

Simon and Tracey (Olivia's parents) 26/7/13


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for Emma's party back on the 6th July. Even nearly 3 weeks later, mum's are still telling me that their children are still ranting and raving about you. You were definitely a hit with all the kids even if I did have an age range from 2 to 11! A special thank you also for making Emma feel special at her party - she can be shy at times but she loved every minute of it. I would highly recommend you to any parent looking for a fun packed and stress free (well from the entertainment anyway) party."

Lorna (Emma's mummy) 23/7/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for yesterday, Harry had the most wonderful time and truly did not stop talking about you all evening. As a parent it is a wonderful experience to be to able to enjoy the party as much as the children and not worry at all about anything other than the food.... or the possibility of milk being poured on your head (but even that I even enjoyed!!) Thanks again for being completely brilliant and helping me provide Harry with such a fab party."

Shelley (Harry's mummy) 22/7/13


"Hello Mr Banana Head, thanks again for making Sofia’s party such fun! To a man, every parent said it was a fantastic party and how much they’d enjoyed it. When attending parties as a parent, one is always ‘on duty’; but it was fantastic for our guests to be able to relax knowing the kids were not only well entertained, but engrossed. Your communication when booking was first class and the whole process a breeze. Thanks again"

Andy  (Sofia's daddy) 20/7/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks so much for a great party for our year two leavers, they had an amazing time. You pitched it just right and keeping the attention of nearly 90, seven year olds in 30+ degrees is no mean feat! Well done and thank you. I don't know how you do it!!!"

Karen (Wheatfields School) 19/7/13


"Once again we have had a great party with the help of Mr Banana Head. What a fantastic children's entertainer, we had 78 children at our pre-school party ages raging from 2 to 4 and they all had a brilliant time, laughing, singing and dancing, the children really warmed to him. We will definitely be booking him again."

Elaine Barton (Triangle pre-school Stevenage) 19/7/13


"Thank you so much for yet another fantastic party Mr Banana Head. My 4yr old son and his friend Lois loved it to bits. You have a fantastic way with kids of all ages and really know what they like. It was worth every penny and I'd definitely recommend you."

Jo (Reece's mummy) 7/7/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, Elodie and her friends had a fantastic time at her party with you and Mango the Monkey (who kept misbehaving) ... and so did the parents! Great entertainment all round!"

Nathalie (Elodie's mummy) 7/7/13


"A giant banana shaped thank you Mr Banana Head for making Maia's day so special. She is still giggling at your silly jokes almost a week on! All the children had a great time and especially enjoyed your magic tricks. We certainly won't forget Maia's Banana party, it was fantastic!"

Antonia (Maia's mummy) 7/7/13


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for entertaining thirty 4 year olds so wonderfully last Sunday. You really took on board our specific requirements and tailored the party to the personalities and interests of our twins, Max and Hannah. Even before the party proper began you engaged really well with them and they effectively had their own 'before' party. Once the party began you drew all the children in to your world effortlessly but also without resorting to loud music or other gimmicks and the pleasure on the kids faces was brilliant to see. All in all a great couple of hours."

Laura (Max and Hannah's mummy) 25/6/13


"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head for coming to Fin's 5th birthday party and making it a day to remember. Fin and his friends (all 30 of them) absolutely loved every minute. I was especially impressed by the fact you tailor made it to include all his favourite things and that you took time to get to know him and to warm him up before everyone else arrived! All the mums and dads kept saying how impressed they were and I certainly wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to anyone. Thanks again for a great afternoon."

Jessica (Fin's mummy) 24/6/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for a brilliant party. U really are the best entertainer I have seen! Jayden loved his party,  so many parents have said they will be recommending you and I have had lots of emails thanking me for a great party. I only wished i could have joined in the party as that is soooooooo my humour!"

Gee (Jayden's mummy) 22/6/13


"Wow Mr Banana Head, what can we say? Ollie and Sophie's joint birthday party was brilliant. With 30 five year olds to entertain for 2 hours- boy did you deliver! You were professional, child focused, patient, energetic and above all else ...... Fun and hilarious! You truly engaged all of the audience, children and parents alike with your fantastic magic, games, music and dancing. We would highly recommend you to all of our family and friends."

Zoe (Ollie's mummy) 17/6/13


"Mr Banana Head had all 19 kids eating out of his hand. They adored him and there was not one tear, tantrum or drama for the entire two hour party. He was funny, creative, engaging and so much fun. My very shy and reserved five year old was leaping all over the place and he even got her to agree to be his magician's helper. Can't think of a better entertainer for this age group - thank you Mr BH."

Niki (Isabella's mummy) 9/6/13


"Mr Banana Head was fantastic. The children were occupied throughout the time he was entertaining, sat still and had a fabulous time. I was also chilled which was super for me. The kids loved the going home bags which Mr Banana Head provided which took the stress off me. Well worth booking."

Sara (Lee's mummy) 9/6/13

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"A great party today with Mr Banana Head, who was able to keep twenty-five three and four year olds under his spell for two hours. He really prepared his show to make sure that he included aspects of the girl's favourite movies and songs. He also spent time with my older boys during the tea break to teach them how to balloon model. Mr Banana Head, thank you for a memorable birthday party for Emma."

Dana (Emma's mummy) 9/6/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank-you for an amazing time at Jasmine’s party, you really made Jasmine so, so happy and she was buzzing about it for days! You also made the party and everything be so wonderful. Tim & I were so impressed with Mr Banana Head, you really go the extra mile, and for that I am very grateful. Furthermore all the mum’s & dads who came were also very impressed with you. Well done & thank you."

Emma (Jasmine's mummy) 3/6/13


"This is the first time we have used Mr Banana Head and we were so impressed with him in every way. He is a natural with the kids and they all loved him – many of them declared it was the best party they have ever been to! It made my son's 4th birthday so easy as all the kids were captivated (including my 18 month old) which enabled the parents to have some time to chat too. His magic tricks were so good that everyone was talking about them afterwards.

We were especially impressed with the regular contact we had with Mr Banana Head in the run up to the party and the fact he had taken the time and care to tailor the party exactly to my son's interests. The party bags he provided were also some of the best we have seen and all the kids loved the balloon swords. We will definitely use Mr Banana Head again."

Laura (Elias' mummy) 18/05/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks for your brilliant entertainment at Amy's 5th birthday party, she and her friends had a fabulous time! We booked you for Amy's 4th birthday party last year which was equally good and she was very keen that we book you again this year despite having seen several other entertainers at her friends' parties. I think you could tell how excited Amy and her little brother were when you arrived, they couldn't leave you alone when you were trying to set up your equipment! Sorry. Amy's school friends hadn't heard of you before the party, but they've been talking about you all week.

I particularly liked the parachute games part of the party and the Gangnam Style finale! I forgot to tell you that was Amy's favourite song! I just wished I'd filmed them all dancing madly doing the horse riding moves! Looking forward to seeing you for Wilf's 4th Birthday!"

Mel (Amy's mummy) 17/5/13


"This is the second time we have used Mr Banana Head – the first time for a large family gathering with a mixed age range of children from 2 – 10 years, and the second time for my youngest son’s birthday party (aged 4). He did a fantastic job on both occasions with different acts, keeping children entranced throughout. He's full of energy and kept the children thoroughly entertained and happy throughout the whole party, it made life very easy for us parents! He tailors his act to the child with thoughtful little touches like certificates for the birthday child which are covered in pictures of their favourite things – my son absolutely loved his and all the other children crowded around to take a look which was really cute. I'd highly recommend  Mr Banana Head."

Heidi (Casper's mummy) 16/5/13


"Thanks Mr Banana Head for a great party for Iona. It was a joy to leave the entertainment to a professional. All the children had a fantastic time and lots of mothers have said to me how much their children enjoyed themselves. Daddy hasn't quite recovered from the milk trick though and our two year old is still expecting milk to pour out of his brain at any moment ...... !!"

Prunella (Iona's mummy) 16/5/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, it was fantastic meeting you the other day! Our experience started as soon as you arrived, putting my two kids at ease before you even entered the house! The kids (and parents mind you) absolutely loved your show, so much so, I have had numerous parents ask for your details! I think that says it all. Thank you for making my little girl's special day happen so smoothly. We will be seeing you again shortly at a couple of other parties! In the meantime, take care."

Clair (Mikayla's mummy) 15/5/13


"Cameron and Nathan enjoyed a superb 4th birthday party with Mr Banana Head yesterday. He entertained all ages even the grown ups!! Will defo book you again. Thank you so much. Xx"

Monique (Cameron and Nathan's mummy) 12/5/13


"We booked Mr Banana Head for our son's 5th birthday party and weren't disappointed! It was a really nice touch that he emailed us before the party to find out about Jack's likes & dislikes - this enabled him to personalise the party and the special keepsake that he presented Jack with. He also spent some time with Jack before the other guests arrived chatting to him and making him laugh - this was a real ice-breaker as Jack can be a little shy.

He managed to keep 27 children aged between 2 and 5 fully engaged and entertained throughout the duration of his act - they were fully focused on him (and Mango the Monkey!) and there were belly laughs a plenty! We took lots of photos of Mr Banana Head and of the children whilst they were enjoying the show ... the smiles on their faces says it all really - the man is a complete natural with kids and really has a knack of getting down on their level with his humour, magic, dancing and very amusing 'singing!'

I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who needs a reliable and extremely talented entertainer to keep their children amused, he was absolutely brilliant - even the mums and dads were giggling away!"

Lisa (Jack's mummy) 7/5/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you again for giving Harry and Millie a great party today, all the children really enjoyed themselves and the energy, laughter and excitement around the room earlier was brilliant. I thought the magic trick involving the dads was very clever and looked very effective from the audience perspective, David was more than happy to help.

I'm more than happy to recommend you, you were an excellent recommendation and we are very pleased with the success of the party. I forgot to say as well in my Facebook post about the personal touches which were so good. The was you came early to get to know the party children and put them at ease, the personalised themes throughout the party reflecting their interests and the certificate they have to keep with pictures of their favourite things. Such a lovely keepsake and thoughtful gesture.

I expect you are very tired tonight with all the energy you used (amazing!), so I wish you a very relaxing long weekend and thank you again."

Jo (Harry's mummy) 4/5/13


"Mr Banana Head, I would like to say I had amazing feedback from the parents on Saturday, they thought you were amazing and all asked when you would be in again. They said you were nuts, but a good nuts! They all loved how much the kids loved you so hopefully in the future we will be booking you again. Thank you so much for a great day."

Sarah (Old Red Lion Pub) 28/4/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I can't thank you enough for a fantastic 4th birthday party for Martha. All the children had the most fantastic time. I have a very happy 6 year and more importantly a very, very happy birthday girl. A knackered old mum but happy kids and that's what it's all about!"

Erica (Martha's mummy) 27/4/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks for making Zac's party such a success. He really enjoyed it as did his friends as I have had a lot of messages from parents saying what a wonderful time the kids had.

Zac particularly liked having grandad participate and seems to still be mulling over how you did some of the tricks. He also loved having all his favourite film and tv characters included in the party and the disco at the end was the icing on the cake. Thanks again, we will be happy to recommend you and I'm glad you liked the cake!"

Sarah (Zac's mummy) 22/4/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks again for making Harry's party such a fantastic success. About 15 of the kids there had another party in the morning with a different entertainer and I noticed a lot of them were sitting with their parents while at Harry's party each and every child was fully engrossed in your show. We had a few children there who didn't know anyone and they too were completely enthralled and their parents said they had so much fun.

I received numerous comments from my friends about how good you were and that they had never seen their children enjoy an entertainer so much. Additionally one of the boys has never enjoyed an entertainer before but his mum commented to me that he was having such a great time and she is even considering changing his soft play party now for an entertainer one. Harry had the best party and we just loved how you tailored songs and games to TV shows and characters that he likes."

Francesca (Harry's mummy) 14/4/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, Jessie, Connie and Elsie had an amazing time at their party on Saturday. All of the parents were impressed with your magic as well as the way that you handled the kids- the right mix of fun and firmness..they were putty in your hands! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants a fun, personalised party with magic and fun!"

Jo (Jessie's mummy) 14/4/13


"Thanks a million for a really great party! Hector was radiating happiness. You can fly a mission with us any time!"

Gemma (Hector's mummy) 13/4/13


"Mr Banana Head you are to children's entertainment what Zoolander is to the world of modelling - the best! The party was tailored to include all of my daughter's favourite things and the adults had just as much fun as the children. An absolute delight, we are thinking of adopting children into our old age just so you can continue to entertain us! If you are having a party Mr Banana head is a must!"

Jamie (Darcey's daddy) 30/3/13

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"Hi Mr Banana Head, a huge thank you for Harry's party yesterday and entertaining 20+ 5/6 year olds with crazy giggles and fun. Despite Harry not feeling 100% he had a great time and so did us adults so thanks again."

Jo (Harry's mummy) 30/3/13


"Hey Mr Banana Head - thank you, thank you for a fantastic party for Joe and Lucas on Sunday. They of course loved it! Joe will forever talk about Mango washing your face with a toothbrush and I think Lucas will be able to laugh at his Daddy being dressed up in Banana Head clothes forever too!

We had a lot of kids there (+30) and your crowd control was amazing. They were hooked the whole way through.

Very professional approach and prep - this made us feel comfortable for the day that you knew who the boys were and when you would arrive etc. When all else is chaos these things all help! THANK YOU!"

Carolyn (Joe's mummy) 26/3/13


"Hello Mr Banana Head, thanks for helping Aurelia and her friends have such a fun filled birthday party. Thank you also for making the party so enjoyable for myself and my family who helped organise it. You took the stress out of entertaining twenty, 3 year olds….. to be able to captivate and engage that many toddlers for over an hour is no mean feat!

We thought the whole process from start to finish was professional and personal – you took time to find out Aurelia’s interests and weaved them into your show, much to her delight. Aurelia still talks about her super birthday party and proudly states that she is now a “little Banana Head!”

Marisha (Aurelia's mummy) 26/3/13


"Amazing personality, amazing show, amazing afternoon. Nothing but praise for your fantastic entertainment, Mr Banana Head. The whole experience has been very professional, but so personal and so worth recommending to anyone. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our daughter's interests which made her birthday party so much more touching. Amelia has been talking about you all night and asked if she could get you a present (!) for how you made her happy. You had great engagement with all 15 kids throughout the whole show. Thank you!"

Gosia & Derek (Amelia's parents) 23/3/13


"Thank you very much for the super entertainment. Everyone said they had a great time and Nicole said you were brilliant. I loved the milk trick and great job for getting Daddio involved. Have a good weekend."

Sam (Nicole's mummy) 23/3/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I wanted to tell you our thoughts on why we're glad we booked you for our party. You took the time to chat to our son before other children arrived which really put him at ease. You managed to captivate a group of children aged between 2 and 10 for a full, fun-packed hour and there was even some parent humiliation thrown in which kept the adults amused! You're professional, built a great rapport with the kids and your magic tricks were genuinely impressive. Finally, booking was straightforward with great communication and preparation. Thanks again for a great show on Sunday."

Nicola (Matthew's mummy) 19/3/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, Lucy and Lexie had a wonderful party and you did an amazing job keeping nearly 30 four years old completely enthralled for over an hour- absolutely brilliant- and the kids loved the balloons animals etc at the end. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanks again."

Jo (Lucy's mummy) 18/3/13


"Wow, all the children had a fabulous time. Have been at your party's before and today you certainly didn't disappoint! The best part was Harry's dad donning the shower cap, ski goggles and waistcoat, haven't laughed so much in a long time! Thank you for entertaining all the kids and adults, funny, crazy and full of laughs. You are the best entertainer I have seen, thank you again and Harry says "you're crazy Mr Banana Head"

Sarah (Harry's mummy) 16/3/13


"Mr Banana Head was fantastic. From the moment he started all of the children were absolutely transfixed and were really laughing for the whole hour. We've had quite a few of the other parents tell us since that they've never seen their child 'leave their lap' or enjoy themselves so much at a party. Anat had tears of laughter in her eyes too - although that might have been milk! All the children were really happy with the balloons too. Eden has a message too, which is "thank you for coming, it was fun!, and thank you for the balloons"

Glen (Eden's daddy) 9/3/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head. Thanks for making today really special for Martha. Although we had some quite young toddlers at the party, every child was really engaged for the entire time, and the birthday girls were made to feel extra special. It says a lot that many of the parents were astounded that we managed to transform the back end of the hall into a party meal during your act without them even noticing!!! I will be recommending you to anyone in need of a children's entertainer (and a few who aren't, but should be!) Thanks again."

Juliet (Martha's mummy) 9/3/13


"Dear Mr Banana Head.....WOW! You did an amazing job at my son's 5th Birthday Party in half term. He had an amazing time and all of his friends had a great time too. All of the parents commented on how great you were keeping all of the kids entertained for 2 hours! We were all in awe of your energy and stamina! Thank you once again and I will be recommending you to all of the other mums at his school...we may be seeing you a lot more in the future! x"

Danielle (Sebastian's mummy) 5/3/13


"A huge thank you Mr Banana Head for making Imogen's birthday so special. She and all the kids had a great time and laughed the whole afternoon. Loved the way you made Imogen feel very important and involved lots of the other children too. Oh, and also including Imogen's uncle into the act was very amusing. Many thanks once again and keep up the great work!"

Jody (Imogen's mummy) 2/3/13


"Tallulah and all her friends enjoyed your show immensely. Amazing that you kept a bunch of 4 year olds' attention for so long! I think they particularly enjoyed the bubble dancing and Gangnam song at the end! Thank you."

Leah (Tallulah's mummy) 26/2/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for a truly brilliant party on Saturday. I have no idea how you did it, but you were able to keep 25 four & five year olds totally captivated for ninety minutes. All the parents were pretty engrossed too and what a finale! Several parents commented at the end how amazed they were that their children, who were usually quite clingy at parties, had felt comfortable joining in with everything. You built a particularly good rapport with Zach from the outset and made him feel very special. We're all looking forward to the next Mr Banana Head party we get invited to!"

Esther (Zach's mummy) 18/2/13


"Thank you for coming to my party. I don't think my dad was very happy when the milk went into his brain. My favourite bit was when you made birthday bubbles fall all over me!"

Zach 18/2/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for yesterday. I have had a lot of great feedback from the other parents about you and I know the kids had a ball. You made Sammy's party very memorable!"

Luci (Sammy's mummy) 11/2/13


"Thank you very much for your wonderful entertaining. The kids enjoyed it and I think Moshe also. You were really great and will bear you in mind for the future."

Shona (Moshe's mummy) 3/2/13

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"Thank you so so much for Sunday, Jack had a wonderful time. To keep 25 children captivated and entertained really is amazing. All of the children had a fantastic time and thought Mr Banana Head was 'fantastic and very funny'. Daddy has just about recovered!!! Thanks again for making Jack's party so special."

Lucie (Jack's mummy) 30/1/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I'd really love to say thank you for managing to keep the attention of 20, 3 year olds today, not an easy thing to do. My daughter loved her party and lots of mums said they want your number... So hats off, well done..Thank you and see you in the future...."

Sam (Tabitha's mummy) 27/1/13


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for coming to Isabelle's 5th Birthday party. It was so nice of you to include all her favourite tv characters, it made it all the more personal and special. The kids were mesmerised from the moment you stepped through the door even before the show started and I've never heard them all laugh so much even the ones I didn't think would get involved! Thanks again and sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye it was manic, think I'll book a hall and have you for the 2 hrs next time."

Natalie (Isabelle's mummy) 25/1/13


"Thank you so very much for a fantastic party and as expected everyone was raving about Mr Banana Head. Alicia was so excited that you were coming to her party, having met you at a previous party. We were amazed at your ability to keep so many children engrossed for two hours, which is certainly no mean feat! We also received many comments from parents as to how much they personally enjoyed the entertainment.

Your ability to put Alicia and her friends at ease meant that we could not only get on with organising the party food, but could sit down and enjoy the party ourselves. The mix of tricks, jokes and dancing was absolutely perfect and one of the many things that sets you apart from other entertainers is keeping the entertainment going for the entire party. It was clear how much Alicia enjoyed her party from the look on her face in all the photographs and from all the happy looks on her friends faces. Thank you again."

Anna (Alicia's mummy) 22/1/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks so much for putting on such an excellent party for our 4 year old and his friends. They really enjoyed themselves from start to finish - we could tell that they immediately warmed to you and started giggling within seconds! They absolutely loved all the slapstick stuff and the dancing and games were just as popular. The other parents thought you were great, and one said that the first thing her daughter said when she woke up the next day was "Mr Banana Head is so funny!".

We were very impressed with how organised you were - always quick to reply to emails and you made contact in advance of the party to discuss details and, importantly, to say that you would be able to navigate the snow with your winter tyres! All very reassuring for a parent wanting a child's party to work out well! Thanks very much again and you may be hearing from us again this time next year!"

Catherine (Arthur's mummy) 22/1/13


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! We all had such a wonderful time and Seth and his guests thought you were hilarious. I've had loads of texts and emails today telling me how much the children enjoyed your show and how funny you are. One of the highlights for me was how you personalised the show for Seth and for the things he likes, that was a great touch. Seth's grandma says she thought it was excellent how you were obviously enjoying yourself as well! I expect after this we will see you at some more parties in St Albans. Thanks again."

Ella (Seth's mummy) 19/1/13


‘’Mr Banana Head is a real hit – The first time he came was for the birthday of our eldest boy who was 5 and a few days ago for our youngest who was turning 4. The kids probably wouldn’t allow us to choose anyone else even if we wanted to. From the moment he arrives until the moment he leaves he is 'on the job'; this means as parents we can relax and trust him to deliver the party!

The best testament to Mr Banana Head is of course the reaction of the kids; it starts before he arrives and last long after the party. He generates so much excitement and fun but he is always conscious and in control. We can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you very much Mr Banana Head."

Emanuela (Edoardo's mummy) 14/1/13


"Mr Banana Head is an absolutely hilarious act who captivates children (and parents) with his wonderful show! We are thrilled that he was able to make our son's 4th birthday one to always remember. Thanks again for exceeding our expectations, we are so pleased to have met you and will recommend you to all our friends!!"

Melissa (Rohan's mummy) 13/1/13


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you ever so much for entertaining the troops at Callum's 4th birthday party today. I knew that you had the injury as you were kind enough to inform before Xmas, but it wasn't an issue, the magic never stopped. Hats off to you for entertaining 20 children for an hour and a half, they were amazed by your magic and laughed at your humour. Even the adults were entertained and want to employ you on a daily basis as they were all impressed that their 'little darlings' sat still for so long.

Everyone said how good you were, and as children were leaving we heard, "I want a Mr Banana Head party". Thank you for the communication prior to the party, responses were always prompt, and made the party personal to Callum because of your requests for information. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for making Callum's day so special. I would highly recommend you, and would be prepared to speak to any parent thinking of hiring you. X"

Jo (Callum's mummy) 7/1/13


"I just want to say a big thank you to Mr Banana Head (and of course Mango the Monkey) for making my son Jake, and all of his friends including all their parents, laugh so much yesterday at Jake's 3rd birthday party. They had a great time and I highly recommend Mr Banana Head to everyone. Thank you again!"

Giselle (Jake's mummy 23/12/12


"Mr Banana Head was simply brilliant. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more the children or the adults...but if this isn't testament to his show, one child laughed so much he wet himself! I would recommend him to anyone who wants their children to have a really memorable time at their parties."

Lucie (Rosie and Holly's mummy) 20/12/12


"Hi, just to thank you for another very funny show, the children were all very entertained for the hour and belly laughed all through it. Will definitely be booking next year.

Wishing you a happy Christmas and Happy New year from all the team and children at Four seasons x"

Lynn (4 Seasons Nursery) 20/12/12


"Thank you for doing such a brilliant party for Ilan and Jesse today, Ilan had been asking for you again pretty much daily since his party last year and he loved it as much this year!!! You were obviously in pain after your fall but you are a true professional and did not let it show.The way you can engage such a large group of children is like no other entertainer I have seen, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rachel (Ilan's mummy) 16/12/12


"We booked Mr Banana Head after my little boy met him at a friend's party and couldn't stop talking about him and Mango the monkey! We were very glad we did.

Successfully entertaining a group of 4-8 year olds for two hours is a tall order but Mr BH had us all in hysterics and kept the kids interested, excited and giggling from start to finish. We especially appreciated how much effort he made to incorporate our son's favourite characters, songs and interests into the party themes. There was never a dull moment with a good balance of magic, slapstick, games and dancing and our little boy (and his guests) enjoyed a fantastic party! Thank you very much Mr BH!"

Abbi (Leo's mummy) 16/12/12


"Mr Banana Head really kept the children entertained and thoroughly amused. Thank you for making the party lots of fun."

Louise (Jessica's mummy) 16/12/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you so much. I had never seen you at a party before, I went on recommendations of complete strangers on Facebook & thought 6-8 mums couldn't all be wrong & they weren't! You had 36 kids all entertained for an hour, if only as a mum I had your skills!

I would certainly recommend you to others. Thanks again."

Sharon (Sam's mummy) 9/12/12


"I just wanted to say thank you for the party on Saturday. Everyone (including the adults) had a great time! I have had positive fed back from everyone who was there and would 100% recommend you to anyone as you thoroughly captivated the children's attention for the whole time and took the pressure off me as a parent so I had only the food to look after! William wants me to frame his Mr Banana Head certificate and put it on his wall! He loved the bit where you put "William Banana Head" and can't wait until his birthday next year! Once again a very BIG thank you and wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year!"

Nikki (William's mummy) 4/12/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks for a fantastic party, you were amazing!! You had 30 children between 3 and 5 years of age captivated for an hour and a half (should mention quite a few adults too!). I certainly would recommend you to anyone. A fantastic service from the minute I booked through to your incredible show. I don't know how you do it, the children said it was the best party ever! I'm sure we will be seeing you again soon as we will certainly be booking you again for our children's party. Thank you..."

Alex (Sophia and Austin's mummy) 2/12/12


“Mr Banana Head was an instant winner with all the kids. I have never seen my boys or my friends’ children laugh so much for the whole duration of a party. Not a single child wondered off or lost interest. They were truly engaged and actively participated in all the funny, silly jokes, magic and music. My birthday boy also loved when his daddy became Mr Banana Head’s helper so he could perform all sorts of mischief on him. The humour part worked extremely well to the delight of the kids who loved Mr Banana Head's cheekiness and it wasn’t just the kids! We, the boring grown-ups had the best time too! Highly recommended and  will also book for my other son’s birthday.”

Alex (Jake's mummy) 26/11/12

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"Hi there Mr Banana Head. Thanks so so much for yesterday, you made the party very special and memorable for us all. Leo and Lotte just loved meeting you and the whole experience and I know that all the other parents couldn't believe how focused and behaved the kids were. They were completely entranced and and the parents enjoyed it too. So, a big thank you for making Leo's birthday very special and for enabling us to have a lovely afternoon of celebrations with our family and friends. Will be recommending you to everyone. My grandma is still raving about you and I will show her your lovely post on Facebook."

Chloe (Leo's mummy) 26/11/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I said to Thomas, did you enjoy your party? He said 'I didn't enjoy it when Mr Banana Head wasn't there'. Thank you for a great party, how you keep 25 x 4 year olds entertained for 1 hour is beyond me!"

Alice (Thomas' mummy) 24/11/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head! Thanks for your entertainment for Luke and Auden's birthday party on Sunday. Luke is still talking about it nearly a week later and actually slept with your certificate the night of the party! Thanks also for including Esme and Sadie in the festivities. They really enjoyed the fact that they got called up in front of the party at their big brothers party! We will recommend you to our friends for sure. Keep the laughs coming and make sure that Mango behaves himself!"

Richard (Luke's daddy) 21/11/12


"A big thank you to Mr Banana Head for providing some fabulous entertainment for my son's 5th birthday party on Saturday. You kept the guests captivated and your energy and enthusiasm is incredible. Seeing my husband dressed up as a tea pot in a sparkly pink hat and goggles is a sight that will stay with me forever! The balloon swords and flowers were a big hit with the guests."

Clare (Adam's mummy) 19/11/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I think you were absolutely fantastic!

Leon was loving your performance, as was my daughter who watched you non stop for an hour- mesmerised! Never seen her still for one second never mind an hour!

All the feedback has been really positive- to keep one child interested is a mission, as a teacher id know about that, so keeping 15 plus interested is nothing short of a small miracle at this young age of 4. You have a great connection with the kids, you come down to their level, make them feel comfortable and most importantly make them laugh. Well done, that is a talent.

I would certainly recommend you to any of my friends not only for the party but for the help and guidance you offered us before, at the prospect of having to cancel/change when Leon broke his foot. You were understanding and professional, more like a friend than someone wed never met before.

The party was a success, plenty of happy children smiling from your jokes and Mango's cheekiness. A job well done and we hope to meet you again at plenty more parties."

Nicola (Leon's mummy) 11/11/12


"Thanks so much Mr Banana Head, the party was great. The kids really enjoyed it and were interested throughout. I have lots of photos of their laughing faces should you need any for your website!" Kate

(Leo's mummy) 11/11/12


"Just a note to say thank you for the fun and games at the Karate Party last night the kids loved every minute and they were glued to the spot watching Mango the Monkey.

Would recommend you to anyone for a great do! Thanks again Mr Banana Head!"

Danielle 11/11/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, we just wanted to say what a great birthday you gave Loucas last week and that everyone had a brilliant time. We are all now confirmed members of the Banana Head appreciation club and would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a super children's entertainer. Many Thanks, Cathy & Nick xx"

Cathy and Nick (Loucas' mummy and daddy) 7/11/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you very much for yesterday. Hetty had such a fun time, you put her at ease straight away. From the moment you entered the room before the party had even been set up, you had the birthday girls laughing, at ease, and ready to enjoy the magic. All the parents have told me what fun the children had at the party and how much they enjoyed it. To entertain 39, 4-5 year olds is no easy matter but you made it look effortless. Thank you."

Rachel (Hetty's mummy) 5/11/12


"Thanks Mr Banana Head for your hilarious show this past weekend! The kids were in fits of giggles during and after - they loved the magic tricks, silliness, disco games and bubbles - it was the highlight of the day and Evan and Martha loved their special certificates. You really helped us out in a pickle and were fantastic - we had so many parents singing your praises too! We can't wait to see you again at a friend's party, or our own next year!"

Claire (Evan's mummy) 5/11/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for making Charlotte's 4th birthday party such a fantastic success. From the first minute, you had the children (and parents) utterly captivated and roaring with laughter. You put Charlotte at ease straight away so that she felt relaxed and confident, able to participate fully and play the part of the birthday girl. We were so impressed with the way you personalised the act to include references to so many of Charlotte's favourite things, which undoubtedly got her on side and made the whole thing even more fun for her.

The mix of entertainment worked brilliantly and meant the children never got restless or lost interest. The children were delighted with their party bags - Charlotte even took her magic wand to bed with her. After the party, Charlotte said to me "I wish Mr Banana Head was in our family." That says it all!! Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again soon."

Rebecca (Charlotte's mummy) 4/11/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for a great party, my daughter and all her friends had a fabulous time. You were so different to anything I've ever seen before and also very varied. I would definately recommend you to anyone that asks. Many thanks again."

Marie (Chloe's mummy) 4/11/12


"Daisy absolutely loved her birthday party because Mr Banana Head was there making everyone fall about laughing! Having already seen you at a previous party the anticipation of her party, once she knew you were coming, was huge! After the party I had several messages from parents saying how much their children had enjoyed themselves!

We had a party the next day (with another entertainer) and Daisy whispered to me afterwards that she thought she wasn't very funny compared with Mr Banana Head!! Anyway, thank you very much for your contribution to the party. I thought it was great and you did a fantastic job of keeping so many kids under control!"

Louise (Daisy's mummy) 31/10/12


"Mr Banana Head, you made Annie's party today! She had an amazing time and thank you so much for making it a really special day. The kids loved you and the adults were laughing as well! Thanks again!"

Rochelle (Annie's mummy) 21/10/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, we can't thank you enough for making Ella's birthday party so special. I have never seen an entertainer capture the attention of 15 children (aged 2-6) for an entire hour like you did. Plus even the parents enjoyed your show - I've been to parties before where the entertainers voice has driven me to wait outside! You are a great talent and I couldn't recommend you enough!"

Sarah (Ella's mummy) 20/10/12


"Mr Banana Head was accommodating, easy to work with and friendly. His act had the kids laughing, mesmerised and entertained from start to finish. In the words of my 4 year old birthday boy, it was "the best party ever."

Diana (Xander's mummy) 19/10/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for the party. Having you there to entertain the boys, even as they were arriving, made everything go so smoothly. I loved hearing the boys roar with laughter and be amazed by the magic. Matthew came home to tell all his neighbours about it. He has also played with every item in the party bag - even before opening any gifts! All in all, very successful."

Lisa (Matthew's mummy) 17/10/12

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"Thanks Mr Banana Head for doing my son's party today. I can guarantee that all 31 children loved every minute and so did all the parents. My kids have been buzzing all day. Thanks again. It was FAB. X"

Dana (Max's mummy) 14/10/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, just a quick email to say thank you for providing such fantastic entertainment at our party. Although we brought you in to entertain the kids so that the adults could relax for a while (which you certainly did - no mean feat given the age range of the group from 1 to 10 year olds), you also had a crowd of adults enjoying the show too! Thanks for the fun and energy you brought to the party - it was worth every penny and I would highly recommend you."

Heidi (the BBQ host) 13/10/12


"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for entertaining at Amy's 4th birthday party! She and her friends absolutely loved it and you were FAB! They were all literally laughing hysterically for the whole hour lol! As was I when you called my hubby up to be your assistant...very funny!! Your tricks left them bewildered and they loved your funny dancing too 🙂 Once again thank you so so much and I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends!"

Jo (Amy's mummy) 9/10/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head! Huge thank you for making Margarita's party such a success! It was her first "big" birthday and I am so happy and relieved that I booked you. Otherwise I do not know what I would have done with 15 children - 4 and 3 year olds. You made such a difference. I even had an opportunity to sit, relax and enjoy the party myself. I was also impressed that Margarita was so at ease with you - recently she has been quite shy and cautious with strangers. I would strongly recommend any parent to book you. I wish you all success in the future."

Irina (Margarita's mummy) 1/10/12


"Thank you so much Mr Banana Head for Alice's totally top banana-tastic 5th birthday party, we will remember it for a long time! Alice is very shy but you put her at ease straight away by spending time with her before the party started. She absolutely loved the magic tricks, especially the clever one with the milk that Mummy (AKA Banana Chops) helped with, all the children are still asking me how you did it! You kept twenty-five four and five-year-olds completely spellbound for the best part of two hours, it was brilliant and they really loved it, you are so good with children.

There was a really good mix of magic, games, dancing (and of course monkey mischief!) along with a whole lot more. I also loved that you tailored the party to Alice's interests and included her favourite songs. You were punctual and professional and everything ran so smoothly, it was a pleasure doing business with you. The cost was entirely reasonable given the amount of effort you put into the party and I am already recommending you to everyone I know and would definitely ask you to come again, in fact I will in a few years for my son!"

Katherine (Alice's mummy) 1/10/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for providing another birthday party treat for Ruby at her 5th birthday party. She and her friends absolutely loved your show, especially when Ruby’s dad was your ‘helper’! Mango the monkey also went down a storm as usual. All the mums and dads commented on how good your show is and how you connect so well with the little ones."

Jessica (Ruby's mummy) 1/10/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, you were great at Tai's party today. All the kids really enjoyed, and the parents too. A lot of people came to me to say that the entertainer was great. You really were. Just gave Tai your thank you message and she said 'I can't wait to see Mr Banana head again, he was funny'. Will definitely be booking again for future parties. Thanks again."

Sarah (Tai's mummy) 30/9/12


"James loved Mr Banana Head and didn't stop laughing! Wants to know when we are going to have him again! Thank you :)"

Caroline (James' mummy) 30/9/12


"Mr Banana Head made my children's christening a fantastic day. The kids were aged from 3-8yrs but he managed to appeal to all and keep them captivated for the best part of 2 hours with magic, games and dancing. Of course it was great for us as it meant we could relax a bit more too! My daughter is still talking about it over a week later. Would highly recommend a visit from Mr Banana Head."

Rachel (Molly's mummy) 25/9/12


"Thank you so much for entertaining Tammy and all her friends and family at her party, she had an amazing time. I couldn't get her to stop talking about how great you were. It was great to see and hear all the children so excited to see their parents so they could tell them all about you. Apparently it's way cooler to have Mr Banana Head than a bouncy castle! Tammy can't wait to get to school in the morning just so she can talk to her friends about you again 🙂 I will most certainly recommend you and will be booking you for Kacie's party. I can't thank you enough for making my baby girls party so fantastic."

Jessica (Tammy's mummy) 24/9/12


"Great party - the kids absolutely loved it and much more reasonable in cost than other entertainers. I really appreciated how you tailored it to my son's interests."

Santhi (Sacha's mummy) 24/9/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for such a fantastic party. Both William and George couldn't have been happier and more excited with your show and I know all the parents thought you were absolutely brilliant too - fun, energetic and with a real knack for keeping all the children totally rapt."

Becky (William's mummy) 17/9/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, I would like to 'thank you' for your wonderful show for my daughters 6th birthday party. My daughter is a shy little girl and you brought her completely out of her shell so that she had a fantastic time. It was great that you spent time with her and her little brother before her guests arrived. I loved watching her take part in your magic show.

I was amazed by your magic and so to were the 25 five and six year olds. You really managed to keep their attention and I loved hearing their laughter! So, thank you for helping make my daughter's 6th birthday party so much fun and for entertaining all her guests and us parents too. I would not hesitate to recommend you, in fact I already have!"

Lisa (Imogen's mummy) 16/9/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I have never seen 30 children sit still for so long! You had them completely captivated. All week mums have been telling me how great you were and that their girls haven't stopped talking about you. At our end Toby keeps randomly shouting MR BANANA HEAD!!!!!! Thanks so much, I'm just waiting for Toby to start school now so see you again in a couple of years!!"

Nicola (Ella's mummy) 15/9/12


"Hello Mr Banana Head! Many thanks for an amazing party, anyone that can keep 40 kids happy for 2 hours deserves a medal!!!

Joseph and his friends had such a great time and Joseph loved his poster that you made for him. All the parents agreed, you and Mango made the day perfect so on behalf of Joseph and Toby thank you so much!!!"

Suzanne (Joseph and Toby's mummy) 10/9/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you from Sami to you and Ben 10, he and his friends had a wonderful time yesterday; Sami really loved the naughty monkey! Thank you too for the manner and approach you had with Sami, we thought at one point he was going to wet himself he was laughing so much :-)"

Tracy (Sami's mummy) 3/9/12


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for entertaining at Isabella's party yesterday. All the children had a fantastic time especially Isabella. They all enjoyed it from start to finish and I will highly recommend you to anyone that asks."

Katie (Isabella's mummy) 3/9/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for providing the entertainment at our son's birthday party. You brilliantly kept all the children (and their parents) entertained for a full hour and they appeared to be captivated by you and your show. We particularly liked the way you interacted with all of the children and the way that you pitched your act so that all age ranges (1-5 year olds) were catered for. Our children loved the fact that you personalised their party by incorporating within your act their favourite TV programmes and characters. Thank you. We have plenty of brilliant photos that we can email/ upload for you if you would like!!"

Rachel (Joshua and Oliver's mummy) 3/9/12


"I booked Mr Banana Head on the basis that he was a bit different to the other entertainers I had spoken to. He took the time to find out what my 2 boys (5 & 3) were interested in and incorporated this into the show. He had 16 children laughing and joining in and was so engaging that there was no real need for crowd control. I would recommend Mr Banana Head without hesitation, we had a fantastic party and he was professional, funny and considerate."

Kerry (Mayowa and Deji's mummy) 31/8/12


"Dear Mr BH, just a quick note to say .... THANK YOU, we ALL loved our Tom's 5th Birthday Party! .... Loved the Milk Trick, Grandad Michael was such a good sport for joining in. Emily loved seeing you again and felt really proud you asked her to help with some of the tricks. The hall was rammed! 42 kids you entertained for us and that's not including the 30 adults, so when you say it like that - it really was a massive fun "Top Banana" Party. Thank you again and hope to see you another time at a future party!

P.s. anyone reading this - I would recommend Mr Banana Head. He really is great and the attention to detail is spot on. Kind Wishes Clare & Barry, Tom, Emily, Fay, Grandad Michael & Grandma Helen x x x x x x x x and 72 others!"

Clare (Tom's mummy) 26/8/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, just to say many thanks for being at Poppy's party, she and all her friends had a wonderful time with you entertaining them. All the children were totally captivated and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends."

Louise (Poppy's mummy) 25/8/12

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"Hello Mr Banana Head, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for making Rosie’s 4th birthday party so very successful. The time that you took to make her comfortable before the show was so important and meant that it worked so well. It allowed her to enjoy the show as much as the other children and the adults. We are still playing Mr Banana Head games at home and Mango is still talked about! We would recommend your services so very wholeheartedly to anyone who wants an entertainer who is focussed, above all else, on the enjoyment of the children. Thank you again."

Richard (Rosie's daddy) 20/8/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for making Oliver's birthday party one to remember. He really enjoyed himself & his friends had a fantastic time, one used the word 'awesome'! Thanks again it was fab!!"

Ayse (Oliver's mummy) 5/8/12


"My 5 year old insisted we have Mr Banana Head at his party after he came to his 3 year old brother's party just a month before! With lots of personal touches, great magic tricks, games and dancing, all the children had a fabulous time! Thanks."

Lorraine (Louis's mummy) 4/8/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for a great party, the boys had an amazing time. You included all their favourite songs & remembered everything they were into which made it all the more magical for them. Thank you again!"

Natasha (Sami's mummy) 4/8/12


"We booked Mr Banana Head for my son's 5th birthday party, he absolutely loved Mr Banana Head! He was so entertaining and made all the children laugh and also kept their attention for the whole time. Mr Banana Head did a great job of doing lots of fun tricks, but also he incorporated characters that my son really loves, such as Moshi Monsters, Ben 10, which was great. There was a great variety of magic tricks, jokes, games, disco and bubbles - which the children all loved. My older son, who is 7, now wants to book Mr Banana Head for his party next year! Thanks for a great party Mr Banana Head!"

Debbie (Gabriel's mummy) 19/7/12


“Mr Banana Head performed at our daughter Poppy’s 4th birthday and all 30 children loved every minute of it. They laughed and giggled, joined in all the games, tricks and silly dancing, and made a lot of noise. Several of the parents told me their kiddies said it was the best party they had ever been to. On top of this Mr Banana Head is professional and courteous, well organised and punctual. Definitely hire Mr Banana Head for a party to remember!”

David (Poppy's daddy) 19/7/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, just a quick note to say thank you so much for Saturday night. The kids absolutely adored you and I have had nothing but positive reports and thanks from the parents. Mr Banana Head rocked!"

Rebecca (the bride) 9/7/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, fantastic, you were brilliant, the children loved every minute and I have never seen 4 year olds so engaged. You kept them interested and involved and they really loved it. I think that the bubbles at the end were really good too and I noticed that you sat on the floor which I thought was really good as children relate to you that way. I think that you will be getting many more bookings from our party. Thank you so much for making the day and Daddy especially loved the trick with the milk!!!"

Astri (Katie and Sophie's mummy) 9/7/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head,thank you so much for coming to Zoe's party yesterday - she had a brilliant time and so did all her friends. Zoe declared it the best party ever and at least one of the mums has already told me she's going to try and book you! Thank you for being so easy and efficient to deal with and for making Zoe's fourth birthday party such fun."

Sara (Zoe's mum) 2/7/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks for making Poppy's party so fantastic. She really loved it and wasn’t shy at all about joining in. Everything was absolutely perfect and your balloons and party bags had lots of compliments after you left (when the party truly descended into toddler madness!) Thanks again."

Kate (Poppy's mummy) 18/7/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, Oliver had a fantastic day! From the moment you came into the hall the kids were excited! How you managed to keep them all memorised was amazing! Oliver loved the magic especially when you pulled the tissue out of your mouth! He especially liked that Daddy was part of the fun too! It was a fantastic day with lots of laughter from both the adults and children! I would highly recommend a Mr Banana Head Party to anyone of any age!"

Laura (Oliver's mummy) 15/7/12


"Mr Banana Head was a huge success at my son's 5th birthday and entertained the kids and the adults the entire time. I would definitely use him again and would highly recommend him. He was very organised in his preparation and what I really liked was his tailoring to the birthday boy's/girls's preferences i.e films/songs/characters. Made a lovely change from a generic show."

Louise (Leo's mummy) 13/7/12


"Gracie and her friends had the most wonderful time at her 5th birthday party. Mr Banana Head had a fantastic connection with the children who found his combination of magic, puppets and games incredibly engaging. Thank you for all your help Mr Banana Head."

David (Gracie's daddy) 2/7/12


"Mr Banana Head engages with the children fantastically well and the girls laughed for the whole party. Maya loved being a helper and the 2 hour party just whizzed by with a lot of giggling. Many thanks."

Lucie (Maya’s mummy) 28/6/12


"Mr Banana Head entertained at our 3 year old's party. All the children had a great time and laughed throughout the show. He has a great way with the children and they all loved Mango the Monkey and Mr Banana Head's magic tricks. We really loved his personal touch...tailoring the show to include music which Ethan loves and a lovely memento with all his favourite characters on. He was a pleasure to deal with and now my 5 year old wants him for his party too!"

Lorraine (Ethan's mummy) 27/6/12


"Thank you Mr Banana Head, Charlie and Avi had a fantastic time at their party and couldn't have been happier! Feel free to quote me on that!"

Jo (Charlie's mummy) 23/6/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks ever so much for yesterday. You were fan-fruity-tastic! Thoroughly entertaining and the talk of the class! Jeannie had a great time and her party was a hit, our work is done!  I will spread the word."

Rae (Jeannie's mummy)  12/6/12


"Hi Mr B, thanks very much for helping to celebrate Freddie's birthday in such a special way that only Mr Banana Head can do! Even when you were unloading your car, the children were getting so excited. I have never seen so many children so excited and happy for so long. Thanks again and I will definitely be recommending you to friends."

Liz (Freddie's mummy) 9/6/12


"Thank you very much for your fab show Mr Banana Head and for keeping magic real!!! All the children had a wonderful time and so did many of the adults!!!"

Zuzanna 5/6/12


"Thank you SO MUCH Mr Banana Head for coming to Raya's party! You had both adults and children in giggles! Raya, Radan and all their cousins really enjoyed your show...thank you once again! Will definitely be recommending you to all our friends and relatives!"

Prasharnie (Raya's mummy) 5/6/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for a brilliant show, you kept our children amused all the time and us adults too lol! Would recommend to any one, well worth it. Everyone had a lovely time and the whole event was a success."

Kim Barrett (Post Office Sports & Social Club) 4/6/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thanks sooooo much for today- you were totally fantastic and Carys thoroughly enjoyed herself as did all her friends. Being a primary school teacher myself I am a harsh critic for children's entertainers and I thought you were fabulous! You were wonderful with the children and they were mesmerised by you and your funny antics! You even left a few of the adults wondering how you performed those tricks!

We were all very impressed by your energy and manner with the children- I particularly loved the fact that you made every effort to make it personal to Carys including her favourite princesses and interests. Thank you for making Carys's 4th birthday so special and for creating a lasting memory for us all."

Caroline (Cary's mummy) 2/6/12


"Mr Banana Head is a fantastic children's entertainer. We booked the two hour party for our son's fourth birthday and he loved every minute. Great rapport with the kids, Mr Banana Head was able to keep them smiling and laughing throughout. Would highly recommend Mr Banana Head."

Scott (Elliott's daddy) 30/5/12

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"Hi Mr Banana Head, I wanted to write and say thank you so much for making Tom and Ben's birthday party so special and memorable. The boys and all their friends had an absolutely brilliant time and this was totally down to your entertaining and highly energetic show! It was so refreshing to see an entertainer who was able to capture the imagination of both children and adults and keep the children fully engaged for the whole party.

They loved meeting Mango the monkey, found your jokes and humour hilarious, were mesmerised by your tricks and the adults found your trick involving Tom's Dad very funny indeed (I believe the photographic evidence of this is already on Facebook!). The dancing and games at the end brought the party to a great close. It made for a very stress-free party for the organising adults too. I shall most definitely be recommending you to friends and hope to see you again!"

Emma (Tom's mummy) 20/5/12


"I chose Mr Banana Head for the 5th birthday of our son after seeing him at a different party. I invited the whole classroom and they all loved it! Mr Banana Head‘s party was 2 hours of great fun, with magic, humour and music. It was fantastic and I can’t think of a better entertainer for kids. They were still talking about the party a few days later."

Carine (Liam's mummy) 19/5/12


"Mr Banana Head was fantastic! He kept the children entertained the whole time and had complete control. Thank you for helping us create the perfect party!"

Chrissi (Olivia's mummy) 16/5/12


"My son had a fantastic 5th birthday party with Mr Banana Head. The kids all had such a great time and really enjoyed all the silliness and fun, especially the experiment with Louis' daddy involving pretending to pour a jug of milk over his head - the kids were all enthralled, and so were the adults! Louis' class are all still talking about it. The games, the dancing, the silly jokes, Mango the monkey and just how special he made the party boy feel by personalising the party with all his favourite things - all combine to make a wonderfully refreshing party with an entertainer that makes such a change from the usual contenders! Thanks for such a memorable party and for providing exactly what the birthday boy wanted."

Joanna (Louis' mummy) 14/5/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I must tell you that you are the best entertainer I have met. Oh my God, you carried along those large numbers of kids without any difficulty. You were amazing, my kids wouldn't stop talking about your performance and I have had a lot of beautiful testimonies from the parents & kids that were present at the party.

You've done very well, I'm proud to have hired you and thanks a million."

Olu (Sam, Dan and Debra's mummy) 30/4/12


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for providing such brilliant entertainment at my daughter Amy's 4th birthday party. We were impressed by the way you introduced yourself to her before everyone arrived and had her giggling instantly. Amy's usually quite shy, but she was more than happy to stand up in front of all her friends and help you with your magic. We overheard lots of parents saying it was the best children's party they'd been to! I particularly enjoyed your party games and watching 20 children dancing madly round the room! Amy has already requested that we have Mr Banana Head at her brother's 3rd birthday party and her 5th!"

Mel (Amy's mummy) 30/4/12


"Mr Banana Head had everyone in fits of laughter for the whole party ( adults included!). Really attentive and stupidly funny, a definite recommendation for any child's party. Caspar, Gina and Eva cannot stop talking about what a great time they had. Absolutely brilliant! Thank-you."

Sonia (Caspar and Gina's mummy) 29/4/12


"Funny, entertaining, charismatic and professional, Mr Banana Head really made the party great. He turned up early in character to meet our daughter before the party started and ensured everything was gauged at the perfect level for the children. We received extremely positive feedback from the other parents present and hope to use him again for future parties. We strongly recommend him."

Adam (Abigail's daddy) 27/4/12


"Snap! You are a silly banana. You are cheeky. You are really silly. Thank you for making my party so special."

Abigail (4) 27/4/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for a great party on Sunday. All three of the joint party children loved your show and we have had great feedback from the parents too. Your professionalism has been exceptional and it was great that you were able to personalise the party by including the childrens' favourite songs and characters into your act. We would not hesitate to recommend you to other parents who are looking for a wonderful entertainer for their children's parties. Thank you again and we hope to see you again soon."

Jackie, Mireille and Sam (Sophie, Calista and Nathan's mummys) 26/4/12


"Mr Banana Head was entertaining from the start. He made my three year old daughter feel at ease and interacted well with all the children. I thought it would be difficult to hold the attention of thirty, three year olds for an hour but Mr Banana Head managed it with no difficulty. He had the children laughing, joining in and really enjoying themselves. I would highly recommend Mr Banana Head - my daughter was still talking about him and Mango the Monkey for days after her party!"

Teri (Avril's mummy) 25/4/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thanks so very much for entertaining Ellen and all of her little friends on her big day. The children all had lots of fun and Megan told her mummy that she wants you to do her party next year. It was nice that you asked so many questions to personalise the party for Ellen and included her favourite songs in the playlist. I saw you in action pre booking Ellen's party and can truly say that you lived up to my high expectations with the children. Love the glasses by the way and thanks once again."

Sarah (Ellen's mummy) 23/4/12


"If you want your child's party to be a success and for the children attending to be demanding that they have the same entertainer at their party then use Mr Banana Head! He had 25 of my six year old's friends completely engaged in his act for 2 hours. I would highly recommend."

Caitlin (Harry's mummy) 23/4/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you very much for Sofia's party on Saturday. She really enjoyed herself and has been repeating your magic tricks around the house all weekend (with not much effect!) It is quite an achievement to keep the attention of 5 year olds for the whole show. Thanks again."

Martyn (Sofia's daddy) 22/4/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for helping us with the party. Our little man felt really special and knew that it was his special day, it was a real pleasure to see how he beamed with joy. He also could not stop giggling when you commanded his daddy in front of everyone and his little friends were all mesmerised by your magical tricks. (Needless to say it was a subject of lots of pondering amongst the grown up part of the audience...) It was also a real pleasure to see all the kids enjoying themselves.

The program was well thought through allowing for a sit down as well as getting in a proper party mode, and the logistics and timing were impeccable. We all thoroughly enjoyed the party and your contribution made it that extra bit special. Thank you once again."

Elena (Benji's mummy) 17/4/12


“Mr Banana Head and his sidekick Mango the monkey had a room of 35+ four and five year old superhero children utterly transfixed, engaged and in fits of giggles and bewilderment at his magic tricks. His attention to detail and pre-preparation was amazing, making a totally personalised experience for my little boy.”

Nathan (Eden's daddy) 16/4/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I would just like to say a big thank you for yesterday, I think you were amazing with the kids. The children really enjoyed it and my daughter said it was the best bit about the party so you came first over the bouncy castle and face painting lol. I have had a lot of feedback from the other parents saying how much their children enjoyed your entertainment. If I'm honest I did actually wonder whether you could keep the children entertained for that length of time and was pleasantly amazed. Even the children who I considered to have a short concentration span were entertained.

My favourite bit had to be your magic trick on me. I must say this not only entertained the children, but the adults too. Only thing is I have to live with the embarrassing pictures of me for life lol! Thank you so much for making my son's christening and birthday one to remember. You will definitely be hearing from me again next year. Oh, and all my friends too! Take care and thanks again. By the way, the children loved the model balloons.

Dennita (Nya's mummy) 16/4/12


"Mr Banana Head is a natural and the best all-round entertainer we've had. Our three-year old daughter was on top of the world and we would recommend him without reservation."

Richard (Grace's daddy) 2/4/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I just wanted to repeat my thanks for Sat; you were superb from the start to the end; I think the kids' reaction to you (and ease with you) says it all."

"At the end of the party Alessandro came to me and my husband and said: Mamma, daddy this was my best day ever! He kept telling us how wonderful the party was and how much fun all his friends had. It was a real joy for us adults to watch all the kids being so well engaged. They didn't stop laughing, dancing and participating to your show. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the event so much fun!!!"

Emanuela & Richard (Alessandro's mummy & daddy) 2/4/12


"Hello Mr Banana Head. I'm sitting here with Sophie and she is still talking about how wonderful a time she had at her party on Tuesday. All her friends are still talking about the fun that they had too and wondering how Mango the monkey is? Thank you Mr Banana Head. My only problem now is how do we match the fun and entertainment that we had with you next year??"

Tom and Rebecca (Sophie's mummy and daddy) 31/3/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, just a short note to say thank you for doing such a superb job in keeping the 40 youngsters entertained last Sunday. It was a pleasure to see the children enjoying themselves so much and even entertaining the parents who stayed with their children throughout the party. Yishai and Sarah have not stopped talking about what a great time they had at the party and how you made them both feel so special."

Laurence (Yishai's daddy) 30/3/12


"Thank you Mr Banana Head! Frankie said he thought it was very funny when Mango bit you! The children all loved it  and I had comments from other parents saying you're  the best party entertainer they've seen. My sister in-law is now going to book you for October. Great party bags and balloons, all done so well. Frankie is very proud of his certificate so well done and thank you!"

Toni (Frankie's mummy) 29/3/12


“Mr Banana Head was very easy and nice to deal with. At the party he captivated and made 35 4yr old kids laugh for an hour and he helped make it a fantastic party. Thank you!”

Lisa (Sarah's mummy) 29/3/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, I'd like to begin by saying a warm thank you for entertaining at Valentino's christening and Tia's birthday. The children and the adults were so entertained. My children still talk about you and we also received a very good response from our guests.

Your show was great and we'd never heard children laugh so much, they loved the magic tricks, your balloons and your child friendly humour. Thank you once again, we would certainly recommend you to our friends and family."

Asti (Valentino and Tia's mummy) 27/3/12

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"Hi Mr Banana Head, Luke and Alannah had a brilliant time and really enjoyed being your little helpers, Caroline also enjoyed being part of the show! I asked some of the other mums what they thought of your act and replies were; fantastic entertainment, magical show, ideal for kids from 3-7 years, good all round entertainment. All the little ones went home tired but happy and next day in school told their teacher all about Mr Banana Head!"

Martina (Luke & Alannah's mummy) 27/3/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, I just wanted to thank you so much for coming and creating such a fun party for Rafi. I really appreciated the time you took to talk to Rafi before the party started (as he can be a bit shy) which made him feel at ease. He and his friends loved every minute and he still can’t work out how you managed to get milk out of his mummy’s fingers! They all really loved the sword balloons as well as going home presents – perfect for boys! Thank you again, we will definitely recommend you to friends."

Liz (Rafi's mummy) 26/3/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a fantastic party! Lexi has not stopped talking about the magic tricks and it was so lovely seeing how happy she was and hearing her laughing out so loudly at what you were doing, she said it was the best party ever! You did a wonderful job keeping all 28 children entertained, there was something for everyone from my 9 month old baby who was mesmerised by you, the 3 and 4 year olds and the older children who are still trying to work out how you do some of the tricks, I think even the adults were entertained too! Thank you so much for making Lexi's day so special."

Samantha ( Lexi's mummy) 25/3/12


"I booked Mr Banana Head for my son's 7th birthday party yesterday and have to say I was very impressed. The party was huge, nearly 30 kids all crammed into our smallish house and of course chaos ensued. Mr Banana Head was very professional and dealt with them amazingly  (even the more challenging guests!)

Lots of interactive games, magic, fun and dancing and I was told at school this morning that you could hear the kids in the next street they were laughing and shouting so loudly! Everyone had a great time, I have a happy son and he has lots of happy friends. Highly recommended by me, you won't be disappointed, best ever, thanks Mr Banana Head."

Una (Max's mummy) 21/3/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I would like to say a huge thank you to yourself and Mango. Jakob and Tomas had a brilliant time thanks to you. All the children that attended the party had a fantastic time and it was great to see 27 smiling happy faces. The children and adults are still talking about the party and how good it was. I will be happy to recommend you to lots of parents. Jakob and Tomas say hi and want a birthday every week, they loved it. Many thanks again"

Jane (Jakob and Tomas's mummy) 18/3/12


"Thanks so much, we all had a fantastic time. The kids (and grown ups!) thought you were brilliant and very entertaining. We loved the balloons too! Will email you some photos. Thanks once again."

Vicki (Freddie's mummy) 18/3/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a great job at the party today! The kids were mesmerised and all had such a great time! I'm still smiling thinking of them all chasing the bubbles around the room! Thank you so much again and hope to see you again soon."

Melody (Harry's mummy) 18/3/12


"Mr Banana Head was fantastic at my daughter's 5th birthday party. He had all the children fully engaged and the parents were able to sit back and relax. I got lots of positive feedback from the other parents too. He not only had the children laughing but the parents as well."

Rina (Reha's mummy) 18/3/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for such a fun performance and for keeping eight very excited five year old boys entertained for so long with great magic and laughter. I will certainly recommend you as an entertainer to my local school community. Thanks again and hope to see your show again."

Julie (Ray's mummy) 16/3/12


"Mr Banana Head came to our 3 year old's party and managed to keep all of the children entertained with lots of silliness! A good mix of magic, dancing and puppetry kept them interested which meant that the parents could relax a bit too. Our son can be quite shy so it took him a while to come round but he enjoyed himself in the end and the other children certainly joined in the fun. It definitely made for a enjoyable party and the children loved the bubbles and balloons, thank you!"

Kate (Daniel's mummy) 12/3/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, Thursday’s Purim party was fantastic, thank you so much! The children loved it and we’re spreading the word about you to all Little parents! The children were so engaged for the whole hour and the way that you reassured the two children that were unsure about the puppets was amazing. It wasn’t only the children that loved you - I tried to send some of the staff on breaks and at first they didn’t want to go because they were too busy enjoying the show!

I would heartily recommend you to anyone wanting a brilliant children’s party experience and catering for an age range of two to four year olds in a nursery proves you to be the best that there is! Thanks again for making Purim even more fun!"

Rochelle (Little Bicks Nursery Manager) 11/3/12


"Thank you for a great party yesterday. Freddy keeps saying "Mr Banana is very funny". Mango the monkey, magic tricks and dancing went down a treat with kids and and adults alike, we really enjoyed."

Katherine (Freddy's mummy) 5/3/12


"Mr Banana Head did a fantastic job of giving our four year old boys a wonderful party. He took time to make them feel comfortable from the moment he walked into the room – way before all their friends arrived for the party. Our children can be quite shy but he talked to them about their interests and made them chuckle even before the party started.

The children were captivated by Mr Banana Head. They were constantly shouting, laughing and joining in whilst he showed them his magic tricks. They were all in their element when laughing, dancing, running around and chasing his bubbles towards the end and I can honestly say that the children left the party happy clutching their special balloons provided by Mr Banana Head with smiles on their faces. Many parents told me that their children had a really brilliant time. I was so pleased that I booked him, I couldn’t have asked for better. Thanks for making their 4th birthday really special."

Michelle (Jack and Oscar's mummy) 2/3/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for making Lilah's 6th Birthday party so special. The kids loved you and I have had lots of messages to say how fantastic you were. The adults thought you were silly & funny just as much as the kids did. It is magic how you kept over 20 kids from age 6 months to 8 entertained and in one place for an hour.

Lilah thought you were brilliant and is still trying to work out your magic tricks. She loved the dancing part with her friends too. I'd definitely recommend you Mr Banana Head! In fact I all ready have. Thank you so much again."

Rebecca (Lilah's mum) 27/2/12


"I'm so glad we booked Mr Banana Head - all the children loved him and he involved everyone in his tricks. I've also had other parents comment on how good he was and the children cannot stop talking about him. Well done Mr Banana Head and thank you for making the party very special."

Sarah (Taio's mummy) 26/2/12


"Hello Mr Bananahead! What can I say? Hamish and Eve loved the show and so did all the other children - I've had lots of texts from other mums saying that their children found you hilarious (one pair of siblings have even spent the whole weekend fighting over your flyer). Richard and I were really impressed with your act, and (and this is praise indeed) you're the only party entertainer I've experienced where every single child has sat, riveted, throughout the whole performance.

You took a load of stress off our shoulders, and I can't thank you enough for that. Hurrah for Mr Banana Head!

It goes without saying that I would highly recommend you!"

Claire (Hamish and Eve's mummy) 13/2/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I thought that you were amazing with the children (and adults!) and you kept them completely entertained for the whole 2 hours. When talking with the other parents, they all said how good you were and as for the children, their teacher informed me that Felicity's party was all they spoke about for days!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done and for the extra mile that you go to, to get to know the birthday child. Take care and keep being silly. I have recommended you to lots of my friends!"

Jackie (Felicity's mummy) 13/2/12


"Thank you so much for an awesome party today! Jacob & his friends really enjoyed themselves and thought you & Mango were hilarious! You really made Jacob's 3rd birthday very special. Great show, well done!"

Janinne (Jacob's mummy) 9/2/12


"Mr Banana Head came highly recommended and I am pleased to say he exceeded all our expectations! We knew he was going to be good but he was excellent. He arrived 30 minutes before the party, helped us get ready and welcomed the children when they arrived. He entertained over 35 children and all the adults - a great, and very talented guy! - thanks Mr Banana Head for a fantastic stress free party."

Noriece (Sayidah's mummy) 7/2/12


"We booked Mr Banana Head for our daughter's 5th birthday party after reading his funny website with it's child friendly approach, I'm VERY happy we did. Everything was very professional and well organised, he asked me about some personal favourites of my daughter- movies, characters, etc so he could personalise her party. From the moment he came in to set everything up, he captured our kids attention and they were fascinated by him. There were supposed to be 10, 5 year olds but we ended up having 16 kids between 2-7 years old ( lots of siblings) and Mr. Banana Head managed to capture every single ones attention for an hour and a half. They were laughing their heart out-grown ups included!

All the mums were asking me afterwards where I got him from and they tell me now that even 5 days after the party, the children still talk about Mr. Banana Head and his magic tricks.

Would I recommend him....YES i would!!! He was really amazing. You can tell that he loves to work with children and make them laugh. Mr Banana Head, Hristo, I and especially all the children loved you and think you did an amazing job!"

Nadine (Maya's mummy) 6/2/12


"Dear Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for organising all the entertainment for Ava's party. She was absolutely delighted with her party and all of the children had lots of fun. I had a few comments from parent onlookers who told me that 'their child doesn't normally join in at parties'. Someone else also commented how fantastic that there wasn't ever a 'winner' during any of the games - she said that has caused a number of fights between her sons at the same party if one wins and the other doesn't! Someone else also commented how the entertainment suited all ages (age 2 - 6) at the party. A few parents were chuckling too!

Everything was very well organised and I always felt you were totally reliable, which was proved to be true when you arrived at the venue before we did (45 mins before the party) - with the threat of snow imminent and our location on a hill in a little village! Thank you once again - I would definitely recommend you to friends and will absolutely be looking to book you again!"

Natalie (Ava's mummy) 5/2/12

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"Thank you so much for today and thanks for making it in the arctic conditions. All the kids had a great time, (just watched the video as I was in the kitchen cooking the whole time) and all the parents said you were excellent so I think you may have a few bookings coming your way in the future. Thanks again!"

Sarah (Dylan's mummy) 5/2/12


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for helping make my daughter's party so much fun! We weren't sure what to expect with a 30 minute booking, but we can definitely say your act was the highlight of the party! She and her friends have not stopped talking about Mango the monkey and your 'silly magic' tricks! Thanks once again."

Tunde (Motunrayo's daddy) 1/2/12


"Hello Mr Banana Head, thank you once again for your fantastic performance at Jake's party. All the children were enthralled with the variety of entertainment, loving the magic, balloons, music and dancing and general banana mayhem mania, even the boys gave you their attention for the whole time. The party bags were definitely a hit and the parents who came have been commenting on the quality of these as well as your show. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and the whole Banana Head experience."

Simon (Jake's daddy) 30/1/12


"We would like to send you a BIG Banana Thanks, you had all the kids laughing as well as the parents. You are a fantastic, talented entertainer. It was lovely to meet you and Diya looks forward to seeing you at Reha's party."

Anita (Diya's mummy) 29/1/12


"We were totally impressed with everything from your website to the booking process and the actual party was just brill, the children (and adults) really enjoyed your show and I felt completely relaxed that you had one and all captivated! The party bags and balloons you provided were fab too! A tip top complete service and at very good rates too! We are really pleased someone recommended you to us and would definitely spread the good word about you! Thanks ever so!"

Rachel (Brandon and Callum's mummy) 19/1/12


"Thank you so much Mr. Banana Head for making Joni's 5th birthday party such fun. She had seen you before at a friends party and we were really keen to book you. From the first point of contact I felt confident and relaxed about the entertainment. You're act went down a storm and it was lovely to hear such laughter and fun coming from all the kids. Mango the Monkey is a legend! We are still talking about it and laughing nearly a week later, Joni had a ball.

Loved the magic tricks as well.....even the most grumpy adults watching couldn't help but laugh and wonder how you did them, but that's magic I guess! The whole service was brilliant and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others or indeed book you again."

Paul (Joni's daddy) 18/1/12


"Just a big thanks for superb entertainment session on Sunday. It's been a few days now and the kids are still raving about it. On a more personal note it was the first time we had called out an entertainer and any apprehension was gone as soon as you arrived. A natural in getting the kids on side. The personal touches went a great way in making it a great day especially for the birthday boy! That Amplifier tune (Mohammed's favourite song that you played) was a master stroke! You had 20 of us thoroughly enjoying the show which was real value for money. Great job and definitely be seeing you again!"

Bash (Mohammed's daddy) 17/1/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for your hard work at Thomas and Katie's party. Having dreaded doing the party, I had nothing to worry about because all the children (and parents!) were kept thoroughly entertained by you, despite there being nearly 50 children. I have since had many comments from children and parents about how good you were and how they really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend a Mr Banana Head party!"

Emma (Thomas's mummy) 9/1/12


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you SO much for making Ariella's 3rd birthday such a success!!! All the parents thought you were brilliant, (and the kids thought you were pretty funny too)!!! My little girl has not stopped talking about you and Mango since the party and we watch video clips of the day on my phone when we are out and I need to distract her!!!-and she STILL laughs! Really can't thank you enough for making it a wonderful, stress free occasion and can't wait to see you again at our birthday parties in the future!"

Lisa (Ariella's mummy) 28/12/11


"We booked Mr Banana Head for our nursery Christmas party, what a fantastic children's entertainer! Mr Banana  Head had our children, (and parents) totally engrossed and excited throughout the party. A funpacked hour with lots of magic tricks, puppets, dancing, bubbles and general sillyness. Mr Banana Head ensured a great day was had by all. We would definately recommend him and will be using him for future events in our nursery."

Karen, parents, staff & children (Apples Nursery) 22/12/11


"I used the hilarious Mr Banana Head for my daughter's 3rd birthday party. He managed to engage 47 children with his magic, jokes, crazy dancing and entertainment. I highly recommend anyone to use Mr Banana Head and his companion Mango the monkey for their childrens' parties!"

Jodi (Indie's mummy) 19/12/2011


"Thank you for a brilliant party, you were fantastic. Connor and all the kids had a brilliant time."

Sarah (Connor's mummy) 17/12/11


"I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic 3rd birthday party you did for Ilan and Indie on Sunday, they both had an absolute ball as did all their friends. You are a fantastic entertainer, it was no easy task with 47 kids but you made it look easy, I would recommend you to anyone asking!"

Rachel (Ilan's mummy) 14/12/11


"Hi Mr Banana Head, I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time Ailee had at her birthday party thanks to you - she and Beth had a really fun time and so did all their friends. We were really impressed with your energy and the fantastic rapore you had with the children, so thank you very much for making Ailee and Beths party one to remember. I will cartainly be recommending you to friends (in fact I already have!)."

Abi (Ailee's mummy) 12/12/11


"Brilliant party, Lily had a fantastic time and loved being Mr Banana Head's assistant. Great to see everyone from our 15 month old nephew to grandparents having fun. The party bags were also a big hit especially the magic wands. Thanks for arranging such a full on fun party. Hopefully Lily will stop talking about it all the time before her 6th birthday party!  At present she's gone "Banana Head barmy" about her party!

Anna (Lily's mummy) 12/12/11


"Mr Banana Head entertained the children at our school winter fair. This was no easy gig as it was an open door policy where children were able to come in and out during his acts. For both his sessions the room was completely packed and Mr Banana Head kept all the children and parents in stitches of laughter. Organising a school function for hundreds of people is not easy, but I knew I was in safe hands leaving the entertainment up to Mr Banana Head"

Lois Allon, (chair PTA Woofson Hillel School) 11/12/11


"We booked Mr Banana Head for a joint 5th birthday for 3 boys Jack, Jose and Elliot. He was fab and all the 38 kids loved it !! I would definately book him again in the future and recommend him to other people looking for a great kids entertainer!!! Thank you Mr Banana Head you were great."

Sarah (Jack's mummy) 4/12/11


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for a fantastic party. Lilly Anne and Chelsie had such a fantastic time as did all their friends. The children were completely mesmerised by you and your silly antics. I must admit I had my concerns that you would be able to entertain all twenty six of them but you did and I think most of the adults too! I would have no hesitation in booking you again, it was simple silly fun but fantastic! Thank you once again for a stress free and fun party!"

Charlie (Lilly Anne's mummy) 1/12/11


"I was initially worried whether the party would be a success as the children were all very young (all aged 2-3 years), but from the moment Mr Banana Head arrived, he had my 3 year old in stitches with his antics, and from thereon in, it just got better and better – the children absolutely LOVED it ! I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr Banana Head, and will definitely use him again in the future. Don’t even bother reading the testimonials, just book the party... he was fantastic !"

Gaynor (Lucy's mummy) 5/11/11


"My daughter and her friends absolutely loved Mr Banana Head. When I asked my 4 year old what we could say about Mr Banana head she said, "I love him, and my friends love him and thank you for coming to my birthday." I can honestly say that both the adults and kids alike had a great time watching Mr Banana Head's show and we would have no doubt recommending him. We will be booking Mr Banana Head again!"

Eric (Angel's daddy) 30/10/11


"Thanks very much for entertaining Mia and her friends last week, they all really enjoyed it !!"

Rachel (Mia's mummy) 26/10/11


"Thank you so much for yesterday. Daniel says it was the best party ever because of you. He absolutely loved Mango the monkey, the magic and the games at the end as did all his friends. When he was helping you with your tricks he was the happiest I've ever seen him. He is quite a shy little boy usually but you really brought him out of his shell - he was jumping up and down with excitement with a massive smile on his face.

I especially appreciate your efforts to find out about Daniel's likes and dislikes in advance and incorporate them into your act. The certificate you gave him with all his favourite characters on it was lovely and he was absolutely amazed when you used a picture of Bugsy (the guinea pig from his favourite film) in your act. It was all absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for all your efforts. I have recommended you to all the other mums."

Alina (Daniel's mummy) 23/10/11

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"I would like to thank you for such a fantastic party. It was the least stressful party I have ever organised. You kept all of the children entertained like I have never seen before. Thanks again."

Emma (Molly's mummy) 16/10/11


"Thank you for being brilliant with all the kids....they had a fab time. I would recommend Mr Banana Head to anyone, my daughter and her friends have not stopped talking about him...he kept everyone smiling, laughing and having fun!"

Jenny (Lucy's mummy) 8/10/11


"Thank you for making the party enjoyable for the children. I got parents telling me how much their child had enjoyed themselves which is always a good feeling."

Saira (Ali's mummy) 4/10/11


"Hi Mr Banana Head, well a huge thank-you to you for a great party!!! Ellis and Connie had so much fun, they thought you were really great. All the children were really enjoying themselves and there was lots of laughter which is what it is all about. We also thought that you earned every single penny that you charge and more and appreciated that you seemed to really enjoy being with the children as well as talking with them. I have seen entertainers who don't appear to like the children and can be short and sharp with them.

I was worried about the mix of ages but it all worked out really well and all the children were included and involved.

We were late for school this morning as so many of the mums were stopping me to say what a fun time their children had yesterday! So again a huge thanks for all your effort and energy and we would recommend you 100%."

Jennie (Ellis and Connie's mummy) 3/10/11


"Thank you so much for a fab party today, Ellie had a fantastic time and really enjoyed herself!! Definitely recommend Mr Banana Head 100% x"

Kerry (Ellie's mummy) 2/10/11


"Thank you so much. There were lots of happy, excited children thanks to Mr Banana Head and his antics! Ruby loved it as did the kids and parents."

Jessica (Ruby's mummy) 26/9/11


"Thank you so much for yesterday Mr Banana Head. Great fun. My Dad enjoyed it so much he accidentally swore in front of all the other parents. Whooops! Lily and Ava have been telling everyone all about your magic tricks and I think Ava wants to see you again at her party.....she'll have to wait until she's 6 though as that's the rule in this house. Brilliant. Thank you."

Lynda (Lily and Ava's mummy) 26/9/11


"Thanks very much for today. Katie & all her friends loved it. If anyone is looking in and thinking about hiring this guy for their children's party then do it. All the kids loved it, very entertaining !!"

Chris (Katie's daddy) 18/9/11


"A heart felt thank you to Mr Banana Head for saving my party. After leaving things to the last minute (4 days before) he thoroughly entertained a curious group of 3 year olds, some of whom were very excited to see him and a few others less so. I didn’t have to worry about this as he captured their attention and soon had them all in stitches. Thoroughly recommended – even for the parents!”

Pauline (Isabelle's mummy) 11/9/11


"Mr Banana Head came to my 3 year old son’s birthday party a few weeks ago and was absolutely fantastic! It is no easy task to keep a group of 3 year olds entertained for an hour but Mr Banana Head managed it! All the kids were amazed by the tricks and jokes and they all had a ball. I even had emails from some of the parents afterwards telling me what a great time their kids had had. I would recommend Mr Banana Head to anyone and will definitely be booking again! Thank you for a great party!’

Emma (Matti’s mummy) 8/9/11


"Hi Mr Banana Head, a big thank you for doing such a fantastic job for my Ella's 5th birthday party. She enjoyed it so much and so did all of her friends. You have a great way with kids, they warm to you instantly. Ella can be quite shy but you greeted her first so nicely and made her feel so special. You are very talented and certainly know how to make kids laugh and keep their interest. I'd highly recommend you to anyone. You are professional, friendly, very funny and great with kids. Thanks again, Ella went back to school today and all her friends were still talking about it. Keep up the good work."

Jo (Ella's mummy) 5/9/11


"The boys and their friends really thought you were very funny. Well done for keeping them under control, you made it look easy! "

Kelly (Zac & Elliots mummy.) 15/8/11


"Mr Banana Head came to our school summer fair to entertain the children. He spent 1 1/2 hours with us doing his show in the main hall and then wandered around the school field doing balloon modelling. From our point of view Mr Banana Head was a great support to our fund raising event as he provided great entertainment for all who came along, providing a lively and colourful show."

Gillian Hudnott (Park Street School Association) 8/8/11


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for joining us for our end of year party. All our children (age 2-3½ ) enjoyed your show. You entertained them with Mango the monkey, magic and dance and they each had their balloon model to take home. Everyone smiled, laughed and had a fantastic time (staff included!) Thank you again for entertaining our pre-school, we would recommend you and book you again in the future."

Ann O'Brien (Jelly Tots Pre-School) 26/7/11


"All the kids loved the entertainment. You are really great with this age group. I was watching the event and saw how each child was engaged, not a mean feat! Some of the children who joined in are often very shy when an entertainer comes. Will be in touch for another party later in the year."

Roz Levenson (Alonim Pre-School Nursery) 22/7/11


"Mr Banana Head is a great entertainer who kept 30 five year olds laughing and mesmerised for two hours. Money well spent."

Ruth (Finn's mummy.) 18/7/11


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you so much for making Frankie's birthday party even better than he could have dreamed. The children loved you and thought you were absolutely hilarious - the adults thought you were too. It was lovely for us to be able to enjoy our son's 5th birthday without all the stress of entertaining nearly 30 children for two hours. It can be very stressful organising a children's party, but you made it feel like a piece of birthday cake! Speak soon and once again, a massive THANK YOU!"

Heidi (Frankie's mummy) 23/6/11


"My little boy Nathan saw Mr Banana Head at a party a few months ago. Ever since then, he had been asking me on an almost daily basis - when was Mr Banana Head coming to his party? By the time his third birthday came around, I wondered if he might not be a little disappointed. I needn't have worried as Nathan, as well as most of his friends, spent an hour or so in stitches. It was real bellyache laughter! Mr Banana Head was a real hit, as was his furry sidekick Mango. I think we'll be having them back next year.

Lianne (Nathan's mummy) 20/6/11


"I didn't get to see much of your performance as I was busy but you managed to keep all the kids sitting down in one place and amuse them for over an hour! I know Reili really enjoyed herself and getting involved in the act + she was chuffed to get a certificate for helping in the magic show. Some of the other parents said they thought you were really good + you managed to make my mother in law laugh hysterically the whole way through so job well done I would say!"

Julie (Reili's mummy) 17/6/11 


"Hi Mr Banana Head, you were great. The kids were enthralled and the adults just as much so a big thank you!"

Siobhan (Ciara's mummy) 5/6/11


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for joining us at The High Oak for our royal wedding party. We all enjoyed your entertaining including the adults!!! You had your work cut out not knowing how many kids there were going to be or what ages as it was an open house.The kids loved it,and when I heard you making them laugh raucously I knew it was a success! 10/10 Mr Banana Head THANK YOU!"

Linda Lovett (High Oak pub, Ware) 3/5/11


"Hi Mr Banana Head, it was good to meet you on Friday and thank you so much for entertaining the children at Kate's 4th Birthday Party. Kate really enjoyed the magic show and dancing and all the other children have been talking about you and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Mango the Monkey was a real hit too!"

Gemma (Kate's mummy) 25/4/11


"Thanks for yesterday, it all went very well and you went down a storm with the children. Keeping 27 children, mainly 4 year old boys, entertained for an hour is not easy! Cameron was thrilled and has been talking about how he was your helper and got a certificate. He even asked for your story to be read to him at bedtime. The personal touches were so thoughtful and you had obviously done your preparation well before the party. Many thanks for helping to make his 5th birthday very memorable."

Helen (Cameron's mummy) 21/4/11


"Mr Banana Head entertained 30 children at my kindergarten setting today. He was a WoW! with children and adults alike. Children aged from 3 - 4 1/2 yrs old. With no scary costumes or make up, the children loved all his puppets, magic, dancing and games. Very varied programme that all the children were engaged in. We will definitely invite him back again!"

Roz Levenson (Head Teacher) 21/3/11


"Well, my son has officially named you as the best bit of his party today! Even better than his new Pirate Hat.. so trust me thats high praise!!Just wanted to say a big thanks! I think that was a pretty tough ask today with so many birthday children to cope with - and the noise from the parents chatting made it even harder! So well done!!Thanks again, you certainly made Adam's afternoon really special!"

Chris (Adam's mummy) 13/3/11


"Dear Mr Banana Head, on behalf of all the children and their parents, we would like to thank you for your incredible commitment and fantastic entertainment during the party. We appreciate it wasn’t easy to create a programme that would suit different age groups (children as little as 2 years old and as big as 9 and there were about 40 of them all together)! Without a doubt your MAGIC made it work really well! Our children enjoyed every single minute of the party-including the unforgettable Mango the Monkey, disco dancing, games and even the parachute attempt! The party would not be the same without your help! Wielkie dzieki [Many thanks in Polish]"

Aneta (St Albans Polish Association] 8/3/11


"Mr Banana Head is quite simply fantastic. I have been to so many children's parties, but have to say that the care and attention to detail that Mr Banana Head put into Jake's party was astounding. He was very aware of our son's personality, taste and needs; the whole party was tailor made,with some very unique personal touches - simply wonderful and we would highly recommend him."

The Murphy Family - Jake's 5th Birthday Party 12/2/11

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"An energetic Mr Banana Head engaged, enthralled and entertained Abbey School children with a fun-packed show of magic, puppetry and balloon modelling at our Christmas Fair. This proved to be the perfect recipe for a children's party as lots of giggling rang out around the School."

Gayle Ball, Chair- Abbey School Friends' Association


"For my daughter’s 6th birthday we wanted an entertainer that ticked all the boxes and Mr Banana Head did just that! The party began with 12 very excited children and Mr Banana Head had them all captivated with his fun and games for the full 2 hours. Before long the room was filled with laughter and tears of joy. I couldn’t recommend Mr Banana Head enough! Fantastic – worth every penny! My daughter Amy summed it up by saying, "Mr Banan Head is sooooo cool."

Mo (Amy's mummy)


"I have been to a lot of children’s parties in my time, but I've never seen the kids looking so transfixed as they did at my son’s 4th birthday party. They couldn’t keep their eyes off Mr Banana Head and all his zany antics. They thought his crazy hat and cuddly props were hilarious. He managed to keep them entertained throughout, and involved and included almost every child at some point during the afternoon. Mr Banana Head also read out a brilliant story, which he scripted and personalised for my son’s big day. Everyone had a brilliant time and we would highly recommend him."

Lianne (Gadi's mummy)


"Mr Banana Head came to the school to entertain the nursery and reception classes. His zany sense of humour and comical nature kept everyone amused and engaged from start to finish. They particularly loved Mango the monkey. He clearly has a natural rapport with children and this showed throughout. Although there were close to fifty children there, he did his best to interact with as many of them as possible. When there were games that involved music he was in the middle of the floor with his disco glasses on dancing away. He held their attention the whole time and that's not easy! Thank you Mr Banana Head and hope to see you again soon."

Jeanette (Parkside Primary School)

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