The Very Generous Presents

The Very Generous Presents

At all my birthday parties the birthday boy/girl receives presents from me. Did I mention they were very generous?

Just to clarify, when I say generous I mean that the presents are very nice/almost priceless (if you’re very easily pleased). I don’t mean that the presents pay for you and your family to go on holiday to Disney World.

kids entertainer mr banana head giving party favorFirstly, they get a certificate with a picture of me and Mango, their name and then pictures of all their favourite things on. I even laminate it so it might last til the end of time.

They also get a balloon model which is normally a pirate sword or flower. No life size Minions or Avengers I’m afraid, although I might be that good and be able to make them by 2057.

Finally, and maybe most exciting is that they receive either a bubble gun or a Beanie Boo monkey called “Coconut”.

Please don’t think these unspeakably kind gifts are given out for any other reason than because I’m generous and like making up certificates.

You can see more on these by watching the video below.

Ok, that’s all. Goodbye for now.