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award-winning kids entertainer Mr Banana HeadHi, I’m Mr Banana Head but I guess you’ve figured that as you’re on my website, doh! Here’s a picture of me smiling like a true Banana Head after winning the WAM Children’s Entertainer of the Year competition. Please note I’m not as hairy as I look in the photo! Did I mention that I’m multi award winning?*

I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire with my wife, two daughters, Honey the dog and Mango the Monkey. I love pizza, Nandos, bananas, Marmite and jam sandwiches and crazy dancing. No matter how hard I try, I always seem to end up wearing odd socks at parties.

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“Snap! You are a silly banana. You are cheeky. You are really silly. Thank you for making my party so special.”

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delighted children at mr banana head magic show

Maybe you’ve come here to find out about the real me so you can decide if I’m the best person for your party and to make sure I’m not too odd. Well, ok then here goes.

delighted children at mr banana head kids showI have a mental age of around 5 and find it hard to be serious most of the time. I’m awkward with strangers and hate shaking hands (just like Dr No) as I find it so formal. I prefer hugs but understand it’s not always socially acceptable with people you’ve just met!

When I come to your party and meet you, I’ll most likely just say hello, nod and smile weirdly. I love Kate Bush so much I listen to her every day. In fact, I might just be her number one fan. Not in a Kathy Bates in Misery scary way but in a totally appropriate and healthy way. Hurrah for Kate.

“Hi Mr Banana Head. Thank you for a brilliant party. You really are the best entertainer I have seen! Jayden loved his party. So many parents have said they will be recommending you and I have had lots of emails thanking me for a great party. I only wished I could have joined in the party as that is soooooooo my humour!”

Gee (Jayden’s mummy)

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laughing child at magic show

Mango told me you might want to know I have a whopping £10m Public Liability Insurance. I’m also a member of Equity and a big baboon head.

mr banana head with mango the monkey puppetYou may have also seen me in memorable films such as “Mr Banana Head eats macaroni cheese” and “Mr Banana Head scratches his elbow.” True classics they’re not and are about as entertaining as looking at a plant. Hello for now!

“Wow Mr Banana Head, what can we say? Ollie and Sophie’s joint birthday party was brilliant. With 30 five year olds to entertain for 2 hours–boy did you deliver! You were professional, child-focused, patient, energetic and above all else …… fun and hilarious! You truly engaged all of the audience, children and parents alike, with your fantastic magic, games, music and dancing. We would highly recommend you to all of our family and friends.”

Zoe (Ollie’s mummy)

* Awards include 1st place in the 1983 Edgware and District under 14’s table tennis competition (true), hairiest nose of the year competition 2017 (slightly untrue but if it had actually taken place I could have been a contender), 2nd place in a Ben Stiller lookalike competition (completely false) and many more equally stellar achievements.

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