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Personalising Your Party

With every child being unique, Mr Banana Head birthday parties are personalised with the birthday boy or girl’s favourite films, programmes, characters, music and other likes.

birthday girl at Mr Banana Head birthday magic showThis means there will be elements of the party that are completely tailored to your son, daughter, grandchild or pet camel. This includes the extremely special Mr Banana Head certificate. I even laminate it for them so it doesn’t get ruined if it falls in the swimming pool or gets covered in raspberry jam. I’ll also ask about their personality to help ensure that they feel comfortable with everything.

Finally, I arrive 45 minutes before the party to set up but more importantly to spend some time getting to know them and chatting about the party. This is so important to me and ensures that when their friends arrive and the party starts, they feel relaxed, comfortable and raring to go. At all my birthday parties, the birthday boy/girl receives a card and present, either a bubble gun or a Beanie Boo monkey called Coconut.

"Mr Banana Head is clearly very passionate about what he does and really takes the time to ensure each party is personalised and unique to each child. He kept all of the children thoroughly engaged, in fact they looked entranced by him! Everyone had the most wonderful time and he kept the fantastic party atmosphere going! We are so grateful to have found him for our daughter's fourth birthday. Thank you for a wonderful party!"

Dominique (Ava's mummy)

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Memorable themes have included Paw Patrol, Lego Ninjago, Frozen, Arsenal, (very difficult for me as I support Liverpool and still haven't gotten over Michael Thomas' goal in 1989 that snatched the league title way from us), Spider Man, Star Wars and Scooby Doo. The last two are among my favourites as I do unbelievable impressions of Yoda and Scooby that have to be heard to be believed (not in a good way sadly!). I have also been told that my singing and dancing are breath taking, moving and unique. This unfortunately isn't a compliment as I sing and dance like a wobbly baboon but it's still very entertaining.

You can also add wonderfully splendiferous extra touches like the Mr Banana Head party bags or balloon models. Both are given to you when I arrive at the party all ready for you to hand out when the children leave. You can read more about them by clicking here.
All the above is to help ensure that your son, daughter, pet armadillo and even your cousin Eugine Felsnick have the party they've always wanted and will never forget, even when they are 103 years old.

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Birthday Party Options

Mr Banana Head birthday parties are suitable for children aged 4-7. Here are the two and a bit options available when you have a Mr Banana Head birthday party.

1. The Two-Hour Extravaganza of Silliness

bubbles and disco at mr banana head children's party 3

The most popular option is the full two-hour party. This has an hour show with Mango the Monkey and very silly magic followed by a break for food. (Read more about Mango's Adventures right here.)

amazed boy at Mr Banana Head birthday magic showAfter the children have eaten and are completely hyper, we have half an hour of games, music and dancing with bubbles to finish. My games are all-inclusive so everyone can join in and no one's ever 'out’, because that’s just boring and no fun at all.

The only thing you need to do is put the food out and relax, I'll take care of the rest. This may include sneakily eating some of the food if you have jam sandwiches, Battenberg or pizza.

2. The One-Hour Jamboree of Crazy Heads

amazed children

The one-hour party has Mango the Monkey, very silly magic, a game or two and then music and dancing with bubbles to finish.

"Hello Mr Banana Head! Many thanks for an amazing party. Anyone that can keep 40 kids happy for 2 hours deserves a medal!

Joseph and his friends had such a great time and Joseph loved his poster that you made for him. All the parents agreed, you and Mango made the day perfect so on behalf of Joseph and Toby, thank you so much!"

Suzanne (Joseph and Toby's mummy)

2 1/2. The Four-Minute Catastrophe of Lemons (aka The H.I.P.)

mr banana head performing comedy magic for childrenThe high-impact party has the best bits condensed down. I come in, say hello, poke myself in the eye and dance like a lunatic to Jump Around by House of Pain. I then leave. To be honest, it’s not very good value for money and my dancing is so bizarre it might traumatise the children for life. Only recommended for over 73-year-olds.

All options come complete with poking myself in the eye, a questionable impression of Scooby Doo and my haunting 8-second rendition of Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush.



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