FAQs (Flamingos Are Quirky)

Where Do You Expect Me To Stick This?

I get asked lots of questions at parties by both children and adults and wanted to put the most common ones here for all you little Banana Heads to read.

FAQs for Children

These are all genuine questions children have asked me at parties.


Is your real name Mr Banana Head?

Yes, it is and my birth certificate is available to view at all parties.


Are you married?

Yes, I am, to Mrs Banana Head.


Why is your nose so big?

It just is.


Why have you got a funny face?

How very dare you, this is my very handsome and beautiful face.


Where do you learn your magic tricks?

The Guggenheim & Banana Head School of Magic.


Can I go there to learn the same tricks?

I'm afraid not, you have to be a genuine Banana Head.


Why does your magic always go wrong?

Because Mango secretly sabotages it when I'm not looking.


What's Mango's favourite food?

He loves bananas, Marmite crisps, swings, slides and flowers.


Who's really in charge, you or Mango?

Mango's the boss, just like Mrs Banana Head. (She told me to say that too.)

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FAQs for Grown-ups

Why do you dance like a demented baboon?

How very dare you, I've worked very hard on my unique dancing style. I learned from the best, Betty the Batty Baboon from Basingstoke. 


Are you related in any way to Ben Stiller, David Schnider, Pete Sampras, Danny Wood from New Kids on the Block, or Ruud Van Nistelrooy the rather spiffing ex Man Utd player?  

Not at all, although I have been mistaken for all of them in the past along with Frankenstein and a Spitting Image puppet!


Is this your full time job or are you an accountant during the week? (why do people always assume I’m an accountant????)

I am a full time Banana Head and proud of it.



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