Goodbye, and welcome to the ever so slightly bonkers world of Mr Banana Head, the ridiculously silly and occasionally odd children’s entertainer.

My parties and shows have a mixture of Mango the Monkey, very silly and average magic, games, music, dancing and bubbles, all complete with gibbon-like behaviour throughout.

I dance like a confused baboon and sing like a juggling gazelle. It’s not clever, it’s not pretty, but the children might laugh so much their heads fall off. Please note this is not guaranteed so you don’t need to worry unduly.

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Party Challenges And How To Stop Armageddon.

February 14, 2019

The one thing that parents say to me more than anything else is, "I could never do your job."...

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The Banana Head Christmas Times (They Are A Changing)

December 20, 2018

Christmas in the Banana Head household is very different now, compared to the heady days when the girls believed in everything....

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