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Events covers everything outside of birthdays, schools, preschools and nurseries. This might be fairs, fetes, christenings, weddings and annual meetings of the Hi Di Hi fan club, Sidcup branch. It might be for Christmas, Easter, Chanukah, Diwali, Pancake Day, Left-Handed Postman Day, anything really.

fun kids party with mr banana head children's entertainmentIt’s normal for these type of events to have a mixed-age group of children. If the majority of the children are 3-7, then I’m your Banana Head. If however the majority of the children are older (i.e., 8-12) or newborn babies, then booking me might prove to be an unmitigated disaster.

Everything is age-appropriate and very interactive. There’s plenty of opportunity for the children to get involved if they want to and the emphasis is always on fun for everyone. I know that sounds like the winner of the cliché of the year competition but it’s true. The children are always the ones who are empowered to do the magic whilst I’m always the silly Banana Head.

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"Mr Banana Head, I would like to say I had amazing feedback from the parents on Saturday. They thought you were amazing and all asked when you would be in again. They said you were nuts, but a good nuts! They all loved how much the kids loved you so hopefully in the future we will be booking you again. Thank you so much for a great day."

Sarah (Old Red Lion Pub) 

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There are three and a bit options when you book a Mr Banana Head party.


1. The Two-Hour Extravaganza of Silliness

enrapt audience at a Mr Banana Head kids magic showThis has an hour show with Mango the monkey and very silly magic followed by a break for food. After the children have eaten and are completely hyper we have half an hour of games, music and dancing with bubbles to finish. My games are all inclusive so everyone can join in and no one's ever 'out’, because that’s just boring and no fun at all. The only thing you need to do is put the food out and relax, I'll take care of the rest. This may include sneakily eating some of the food if you have jam sandwiches, Battenberg or pizza. 


"Hi Mr Banana Head, just a quick email to say thank you for providing such fantastic entertainment at our party. Although we brought you in to entertain the kids so that the adults could relax for a while (which you certainly did - no mean feat given the age range of the group from 1 to 10 year olds), you also had a crowd of adults enjoying the show too! Thanks for the fun and energy you brought to the party - it was worth every penny and I would highly recommend you."

Heidi (the BBQ host)

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2. The One-Hour Jamboree of Crazy Heads

delighted children at mr banana head birthday show 2

The one hour party has Mango the monkey, very silly magic, a game or two and then music and dancing with bubbles to finish.


"Thank you Mr Banana Head for joining us at The High Oak for our royal wedding party. We all enjoyed your entertaining including the adults! You had your work cut out not knowing how many kids there were going to be or what ages as it was an open house. The kids loved it, and when I heard you making them laugh raucously I knew it was a success! 10/10 Mr Banana Head. THANK YOU!"

Linda Lovett (High Oak pub, Ware) 

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3. The In-between Festival of Battenberg

family entertainer mr banana head doing a magic trick with adult volunteer at an events show

This lasts for 90 mins and doesn’t have a break in it for food. A typical party might be a show with Mango the monkey, very silly magic and some dancing with bubbles for approx 45 mins then walk around acting like a Turkey Head blowing balloons up for 45 mins. Other options are available, you just need to talk to me. What I'm trying to say is that where I can, I'm as flexible as the double-jointed bendy flexible world champion, my sister Ethel Cabbage Brain Head. 


"Hi Mr Banana Head. Thank you for a brilliant show, You kept our children amused all the time and us adults too lol! Would recommend to anyone. Well worth it. Everyone had a lovely time and the whole event was a success."

Kim Barrett (Post Office Sports & Social Club)


3 1/2. The Four-Minute Catastrophe of Lemons (aka the H.I.P.)

kids laughing at mr banana head magic showThe high-impact party has the best bits condensed down. I come in, say hello, poke myself in the eye and dance like a lunatic to Jump Around by House of Pain. I then leave. To be honest, it’s not very good value for money and my dancing is so bizarre it might traumatise the children for life. Only recommended for over 73 year olds. All options come complete with total buffoonery throughout the whole party.


"Dear Mr Banana Head, on behalf of all the children and their parents, we would like to thank you for your incredible commitment and fantastic entertainment during the party. We appreciate it wasn’t easy to create a programme that would suit different age groups (children as little as 2 years old and as big as 9 and there were about 40 of them all together)! Without a doubt, your MAGIC made it work really well! Our children enjoyed every single minute of the party-including the unforgettable Mango the Monkey, disco dancing, games and even the parachute attempt! The party would not be the same without your help! Wielkie dzieki [Many thanks in Polish]."

Aneta (St Albans Polish Association)   



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