School, Pre-School and Nursery Parties

School, Pre-School and Nursery Parties

enrapt children at mr banana head birthday magic show
Childrens Entertainer Berkhemsted Mr Banana Head with Mango the Monkey
Childrens Entertainer St Albans, Hertfordshire

This is generally for Christmas, Easter, Chanukah and end of Summer term parties but can be for any occasion really.

Everything is age-appropriate and very interactive. There’s plenty of opportunity for the children to get involved if they want to and the emphasis is always on fun for everyone. I know that sounds like the cliché of clichés but it’s true! The children are always the ones empowered to do the magic whilst I’m always the silly Banana Head.

There are three and a bit options when you book a Mr Banana Head party.


1. The One Hour Jamboree of Crazy Heads

delighted girls at Mr Banana Head birthday show

This is the most popular party for schools, nurseries and pre-schools. The one hour party has Mango the monkey, very silly magic, a game or two and then music and dancing with bubbles to finish.


"Hi Mr Banana Head, thank you for joining us for our end of year party. All our children (age 2-3½ ) enjoyed your show. You entertained them with Mango the monkey, magic and dance and they each had their balloon model to take home. Everyone smiled, laughed and had a fantastic time (staff included!) Thank you again for entertaining our pre-school, we would recommend you and book you again in the future."

Ann O'Brien (Jelly Tots Pre-School)

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2. The In-between Festival of Battenberg

delighted children at mr banana head birthday show

This lasts for 90 mins and doesn’t have a break in it for food. A typical party might be a show with Mango the monkey, very silly magic and some dancing with bubbles for approx 45 mins then walk around acting like a Turkey Head blowing balloons up for 45 mins. Other options are available, you just need to talk to me. What I'm trying to say is that where I can, I'm as flexible as the double jointed bendy flexible world champion, my sister Ethel Cabbage Brain Head. 


"Once again we have had a great party with the help of Mr Banana Head. What a fantastic children's entertainer, we had 78 children at our pre-school party ages raging from 2 to 4 and they all had a brilliant time, laughing, singing and dancing, the children really warmed to him. We will definitely be booking him again."

Elaine Barton, (Triangle Pre-School Stevenage)

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3. The Two-Hour Extravaganza of Silliness

laughing children at mr banana head birthday magic show

This has an hour show with Mango the monkey and very silly magic followed by a break for food. After the children have eaten and are completely hyper we have half an hour of games, music and dancing with bubbles to finish. My games are all inclusive so everyone can join in and no one's ever 'out’, because that’s just boring and no fun at all. The only thing you need to do is put the food out and relax, I'll take care of the rest. This may include sneakily eating some of the food if you have jam sandwiches, Battenberg or pizza.


"Mr Banana Head entertained 30 children at my kindergarten setting today. He was a WoW! with children and adults alike. Children aged from 3 - 4 1/2 yrs old. With no scary costumes or make up, the children loved all his puppets, magic, dancing and games. Very varied programme that all the children were engaged in. We will definitely invite him back again!"

Roz Levenson (Head Teacher) 

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3 1/2. The H.I.P.

children's entertainer mr banana head 2

The high-impact party has the best bits condensed down. I come in, say hello, poke myself in the eye and dance like a lunatic to Jump Around by House of Pain. I then leave. To be honest, it’s not very good value for money and my dancing is so bizarre it might traumatise the children for life. Only recommended for over 73 year olds.


"Hi, just to thank you for another very funny show. The children were all very entertained for the hour and belly laughed all through it. Will definitely be booking next year."

Lynn (4 Seasons Nursery)


delighted chaildren at mr banana head birthday show 4


"Hi Mr Banana Head, Thursday’s Purim party was fantastic, thank you so much! The children loved it and we’re spreading the word about you to all Little parents! The children were so engaged for the whole hour and the way that you reassured the two children that were unsure about the puppets was amazing. It wasn’t only the children that loved you - I tried to send some of the staff on breaks and at first they didn’t want to go because they were too busy enjoying the show!

I would heartily recommend you to anyone wanting a brilliant children’s party experience and catering for an age range of two to four year olds in a nursery proves you to be the best that there is! Thanks again for making Purim even more fun!"

Rochelle (Little Bicks Nursery Manager) 



"We booked Mr Banana Head for our nursery Christmas party, what a fantastic children's entertainer! Mr Banana  Head had our children, (and parents) totally engrossed and excited throughout the party. A fun-packed hour with lots of magic tricks, puppets, dancing, bubbles and general silliness. Mr Banana Head ensured a great day was had by all. We would definitely recommend him and will be using him for future events in our nursery."

Karen, parents, staff & children (Apples Nursery) 



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